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Monolithic staircase - an indispensable attribute of a private houseMonolithic staircase - an indispensable attribute of the private staircase domeMonolitnye have several advantages over prefabricated. When properly produced calculations such ladder will last for decades. When designing a monolithic stairs need to know whether or not to make the reinforcing cage, a number of steps will be optimal as possible in appearance to decorate a ladder and more. The answers to these questions, read in the article.

Durable monolithic reinforced concrete stairs

Monolithic structures made of reinforced concrete - one of the most widespread and classic versions outdoor stairs.

The advantages of monolithic reinforced concrete stairs:

  1. The durability and abrasion resistance;
  2. Not deteriorate by changes in temperature, humidity and other climatic conditions;
  3. Fireproof, there is no need to cover the flame-retardant mixture;
  4. The wide possibility of realization of architectural ideas;
  5. Suited to houses made of any material and any finishing.

Monolithic reinforced concrete stairs durable and reliableMonolithic reinforced concrete stairs durable and reliable

Monolithic stairs can be finished with decorative materials, thus making the design even more interesting.

In suburban homes and cottages on the popular decoration in wood and stone. In urban, municipal institutions such clearance is not always acceptable, so often used granite and agglomerate. In addition, the ladder can be painted in any desired color.

Monolithic stairs with his hands: installation instructions

Reinforced concrete stairs get to build your own, if you already have experience in working with welding, concrete and exterior trim. Otherwise, better to seek help from a construction crew.

Stages of construction of monolithic stairs:

  1.  Designing the future of the stairs. In a first step all take measurements: height, width, length, rotation of the ladder, the number of stages. For these measurements do the drawing. The drawings should be done in dwg format;
  2. Dig a hole for the foundation of the future of the porch;
  3. Put the formwork and enjoy a reinforcement cage;
  4. Mixing concrete;
  5. Exterior trim.

Monolithic ladder you can build with their own handsMonolithic ladder you can build with their own hands

Remember that the concrete for the construction of the ladder should be not less than the M300 brand.

Proper production of monolithic stairs: the right advice

If you decide to make your own ladder made of reinforced concrete, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances that will help to get a quality end result.

What to consider in the process of manufacturing of concrete stairs:

  1. Design future ladder kindly. To start with, calculate all the necessary parameters: the number of steps, the length, the height of the ladder, etc., and then make them drawing.
  2. If the soil on the territory of the future staircase hard enough, the reinforcing cage can not do: staircase and so is strong. Accordingly, the worse the soil - the more will have to work with a skeleton.
  3. Do not forget to correct irregularities after each pouring concrete into the form, and when will fill the entire structure - once again review and izgladte all ugly place.

Designing the future ladder must be thought out beforehandDesigning the future ladder must be thought out beforehand

The easiest option monolithic stairs - marching model. But no less beautiful will look monolithic stairs with various twists and spiral pattern.

Prefabricated monolithic stairs: what is the difference

We should also mention the practical differences between the model kits from monolithic, as well as their pros and cons.

The advantages of monolithic concrete stairs in front of the teams:

  1. Strength. Compared with model kits, monolithic more durable and resistant to mechanical stress, since the smaller parts and the structural integrity - so it is more reliable.
  2. Wear resistance. Monolithic ladder will last you longer than teams. Even with the active use, solid models are usually more than 50 years.
  3. Solidity. Needless property ladder - has its advantages. This staircase looks really holistically, can not see any inconsistencies, gaps and defects details.
  4. Fire safety. Evacuation stairs are made of reinforced concrete is due to the fire resistance properties, which have no wooden model kits.
  5. Reinforced concrete stairs are not afraid of any corrosion, which is exposed to the metal and the process of decay, which is typical for wooden stairs.
  6. Monolithic products - a storehouse for the architectural designer, since there are no restrictions on the possible forms.

Despite the undoubted advantages of concrete stairs, they also have their shortcomings in front of assembled products.

National monolithic stairs possess a number of advantagesNational monolithic stairs possess a number of advantages

Disadvantages monolithic stairs:

  1. Hard-hitting appearance. Typically, monolithic staircase look roughest before modern composite models.
  2. The need for external finishing. Since reinforced concrete staircase is not as beautiful as a prefabricated model, it is necessary to adjust its appearance using MDF or wood trim. This option, of course, does not fit in the construction of emergency stairs.
  3. Installation. Construction of concrete stairs - a complex process, which can hardly cope novice in the construction business. In this regard, the composite model win, as it is attached to the instructions for assembly.
  4. Long drying of. complete concrete drying process may last for a month. And while walking up the stairs could be a few days, to make the finish, will have to be postponed until a complete drying.
  5. Required for the construction of a wide range of skills. If you want to get high-quality reinforced concrete stairs, you need skills in the welding business, pouring concrete and the exterior.
  6. Weight stairs. Concrete products are heavy and massive.

If you need to eliminate reinforced concrete stairs, then again you have to work hard - to destroy the concrete quality is not so easy to own.

Beautiful finish monolithic staircase wood: veneer options

Finishing concrete stairs - an interesting and creative process. You can embellish a faceless concrete, and the staircase will be more beautiful.

Options monolithic lining the stairs:

  1. Facing a tree. The most common option if fire regulations permit to resort to it. The finished and half wet concrete product finishing superimposed wooden elements. The most popular species are oak, ash and beech. Oak - the most popular is because of its durability, ash has a more saturated color, and in a beautiful beech homogeneous texture. You can also make wood trim exotic species: Merab, ebony, etc., but it comes out more and to have a good result to hire designers professionals.
  2. concrete painting. If the budget is limited to the ladder or fire regulations dictate the rules, you can simply paint the stairs in any desired color.

Facing monolithic staircase looks very impressiveFacing monolithic staircase looks very impressive

If you decide to decorate the tree reinforced concrete stairs, remember that moisture breed should not exceed 12%. Fresh wood is also not suitable for such work.

Setup and installation of monolithic stairs in the house

Installing concrete stairs made immediately at the point of construction, as the large weight of the product does not allow it to carry.

When calculating compound nodes metal reinforced concrete slab beams lean on p.5.16 * snip "steel structures". Qualitatively designed unit - the key to your safety.

Installing concrete stairs should be made directly on the site of its constructionInstalling concrete stairs should be made directly on the site of its construction

Before a device stairs, consider that the average human step - 63 cm. Repellent of this figure in the calculation of the number of necessary steps.

How to calculate the monolithic stairs alone

To the ladder was sturdy and comfortable at the first stage of the design need to calculate everything thoroughly.

Calculation of the monolithic staircase:

  1. stairs;
  2. Width;
  3. Length;
  4. The thickness of the stages;
  5. Number of stages.

To the ladder was reliable, it is necessary to make calculationsTo the ladder was reliable, it is necessary to make calculations 

If the project involves in addition to the landing-steps, it is necessary to calculate and thickness to the length.

Outdoor monolithic staircase in house order with a construction company

If you do not have experience in construction work, but you need to put a reinforced concrete staircase, you can use the services of construction companies. One of the well-known companies - Belstep.

First of all, read the reviews about the selected company on multiple sites-otzovikah and learn experience of the company, which should be indicated on the official website.

The company must have the appropriate certificates and access to construction works.

Installation of reinforced concrete monolithic stairs are engaged in construction companiesInstallation of reinforced concrete monolithic stairs are engaged in construction companies

Construction companies will help you with the calculations of the future staircase in the lyre, creating formwork, reinforcing cage and all other stages. Specify in advance the standards and terms of operation.

You might want to ladder with any peculiarities: with zabezhnymi steps, turns, hatch, inserts for further finishing, etc. And it is possible that all your best option will be mirrored staircase - double model with adjoining inner lining.

Proper construction of monolithic stairs at the cottage

The very process of construction of concrete stairs in the country is no different from the same home.

However, there are features in the exterior. And the most important of them: whether it is necessary to coat the stairs tree? Will you so often in the country that will be able to monitor the condition of a tree, at the right time to cover it with an antiseptic solution? Perhaps the country's better just to paint the stairs in harmony with the house color.

There are several options for finishing monolithic stairs at the cottageThere are several options for finishing monolithic stairs at the cottage

Remember, reinforced concrete stairs it is important to tie the overlapping area and it guarantees your safety. And in order to do everything right, do not neglect the first step - make drawings from the top view, side view, in cross section. This will allow to observe all the features of your design, and not to make mistakes during the construction.

As mounted monolithic stairs with his hands (video)

To build a ladder - not so difficult, if you already have experience in construction work. You just need to calculate dimensions, see drawings and examples to determine the structure for its further use. Tolerances must necessarily be indicated in the drawings. If not - then all of you will do the construction company is not the first time dealing with this, and who know exactly how to design a beautiful and safe.

Reliable monolithic staircase in the house (photo examples)


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