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Beautiful embroidered rooster will be a wonderful decoration for the kitchenBeautiful embroidered rooster will be a wonderful decoration for your kitchen design kuhniEsli made in country style, the interior is very organically fit colorful towels and panels, especially if they shows cock: cross-stitch schemes such products will always be relevant. After all embroidery cockerels appreciated not only in the year, which is a symbol of this bird.

Rooster is revered in many cultures, and its image is a real talisman, as well as a magnet for happiness.

Modern cross-stitch: cock Riolis

Lovers of contemporary embroidery Riolis appreciate the company's products. It is a ready-made set of all the necessary materials to complete the picture.

These include:

  • Sewing thread;
  • Needle;
  • Colored canvas;
  • Booklet with a color scheme.

Firm Firm "Riolis" produces high-quality embroidery kits, in particular, with the image of the rooster

The company produces various articles, embroidery "Rooster" is # 1479. Size will web 30 x 40 cm Number of colors in Scheme -. 22 shade.

Such kits are convenient in that by selecting it - there is no need further to go shopping in search of a suitable tissue, pick up the thread. Everything you need is contained in one package.

Guide to embroidery is written in Russian and several other common foreign languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian. Before you get started, it should be observed, as the embroidery contains a cross and half-cross and the thread will need to wield in one and two, and three in addition. Thanks to this picture looks volumetric and rooster surrounded by wildflowers - as a living.

Cross Stitch: rooster and hen

When the order is not possible to set a ready, can be downloaded from the network any other scheme to your taste for free. This gives more freedom for creativity, but at the same time preparatory work will take longer. Indeed, in this case, have to pick their own tissue, to find the necessary threads, ensure that the shades of the selected colors are combined with each other.

Especially popular among needlewomen scheme uses a beautiful cock and chickenEspecially popular among needlewomen scheme uses a beautiful cock and chicken

For example, a large demand scheme, which depicts a couple such as rooster and chicken. The composition turned a harmonious, embroidered rooster need a bright thread: yellow, green, red, blue, orange. And for chicken feathers is better to choose shades of brown. gray tones also fit her.

Scheme better print to her it was possible to make a mark. If you have a black and white drawing, the scheme is better to decorate with crayons - so it is more convenient to operate than a symbol.

After the printed circuit, do not immediately remove the copy stored on the computer. Perhaps, they still have to go back, if the print some characters are difficult to distinguish and scale need to be increased.

In the process of stitching when working with the downloaded sequence scheme might be:

  1. In Scheme performed markings on the squares, in which the horizontal and vertical stitches 10 is placed on a cross.
  2. The same layout should be transferred onto fabric - pencil or baste a thread.
  3. Root better embroidery of the central part of the circuit - this will be the starting point from which the composition will gradually fill an entire web.
  4. Embroider cockerel horizontal or vertical rows will be extremely uncomfortable, because such schemes usually contain dozens of shades, and continually replace them is not from the hand. Therefore, each element in stages filled first with one color, then the adjacent - thread of another hue.
  5. When all elements of the scheme are embroidered figures foreground - rooster and chicken - is necessary to sheathe bekstichem.
  6. Also stitch "back needle" black thread isolated wings and several individual feathers rooster tail.
  7. To make bulk embroidery, seam bekstich additionally allocate some blades of grass on a background depicting a bird. This is done only on one side blades to create a shadow effect of the sun's light.

When embroidering the rooster cross, can be guided by master classes or special schemesWhen embroidering the rooster cross, can be guided by master classes or special schemes

At the end of the auxiliary pulled thread embroidery washed and stripped. Even with the most careful work thread is spoiled, and the fabric is stretched on a hoop.

Often, cross-stitch combined with other interesting techniques. For example, when the composition of the diagram depicts the night - cock under the moon - stars in the sky can be performed by French knots. Fruzelki also used to refer to the birds-eye or embroidery blooming plants around the males.

Vintage embroidery stitch diagrams cocks

Vintage embroidery scheme can be very useful if your family made to adhere to the people's customs and traditions in a great family holiday. But even if it is not, they will become a worthy ornament of a kitchen.

The main difference between the old embroideries from the modern that our time schemes are more detailed. They clearly distinguish torso covered feathers, tail and wings, paws with claws and head with a comb, eyes, beak. On the old schemes, these items are often conditional, and embroidery is not so picturesque.

Even ancient embroidery with roosters will be a perfect decoration elementEven ancient embroidery with roosters will be a perfect decoration element

To create embroidery antique, need not so many materials and tools:

  • A suitable tissue;
  • Red thread;
  • the hoop;
  • A needle and scissors;
  • Scheme.

To decorate this embroidery cookware will need a mini silhouette scheme cockerel and a simple motive to curb. The latter may consist of lozenges, crosses, spiders, stylized grapes or cranberries.

If you are embroidered towels, a border along the narrow edges, and males should be embroidered on it - a few pieces at the same distance from each other. When these patterns decorate tablecloths or napkins, embroidery on canvas make the perimeter.

To decor looked old decorations, not necessarily to do embroidery and monochrome only in red. A good pair will serve him black, blue, blue, burgundy or white thread.

Year of the rooster: cross-stitch symbol year

In 2017, to replace the fiery red monkey comes a year under the auspices of the fiery red rooster. For those who are fond of Eastern horoscopes, will be pleased to receive a gift of a souvenir as embroidered symbol of the year.

Embroidered cockerel on a cloth or pillow is a perfect gift for friends or relativesEmbroidered cockerel on a cloth or pillow is a perfect gift for friends or relatives

This can present a present in different forms:

  • As a decorative pillow with embroidery;
  • As the wall panel in the frame;
  • Having embroidered tea towels or other supplies.

Hack to become a memorable gift, next to the cockerel can be embroidered figures of the year. And the heights of excellence - to create a calendar on the canvas with a needle and thread.

When the house has a small child, it will please embroidery, which will present a fairy tale motif. For example, The Golden Cockerel of the eponymous fairy tale.

Embroidered rooster cross (video)

rooster cross-stitch has a long tradition. And it will be very interesting to join the story, creating your own masterpiece using canvas, needle and thread. Created with love embroidery, if not draw instant happiness, it will certainly please you and your family with its brilliant views.

Beautiful embroidery roosters cross (photo)

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