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Repair - a difficult task that requires both money and investments, and your laborRepair - a difficult task that requires both money and investments, and your trudaK Unfortunately, a lot of repairs from a series of "quick, simple, and with his own hands," concludes defects, which subsequently have to be corrected. And all because of repair broken technology. For example, little attention is paid to surface preparation or skipped some times.

Plastered ceilings for painting: what is

If you answer correctly, you should see all kinds of ceiling coverings, which have to putty.

Luting the following surfaces:

  • Old plaster. If plastered ceiling for a long time, these defects are inevitable. Temperature and humidity swings, mechanical injury - and plaster flaking, cracks and potholes. Because the surface prior to painting definitely need otshpaklevat. In some cases, the plaster is removed completely. But if the ceiling is very uneven, it makes sense to replace all the painting hanging design.
  • New plaster. And in new ceilings are imperfect. First, the house shrinks - these processes lead to cracks. Besides new plaster is very rough coating, which is based on ordinary river sand. To the touch it rough. Caulking the same fine-grained, that it is necessary to ensure that the surface was smooth.
  • Plasterboard. Sheets though glued tightly between them still remain gaps which should fill putty. Moreover, if the ceiling is shaped, the curved line will remain broken and plaster and paint will make them more flexible and soft.

ceiling alignment - a necessary procedure before paintingceiling alignment - a necessary procedure before painting

In short, almost Shpatlevanie necessary before any painting the ceiling. Is that if you repaint wallpaper that even in good quality, this step can be skipped.

The putty before painting the ceiling: what material to choose

Putty made on a different basis, differ in their characteristics. You have to choose the putty, which will correspond to the peculiarities of the room. For example, in the bathroom and the kitchen, choose water-resistant putty, as the renovated room is high humidity. And paint the ceiling is better to paint with the same water-repellent composition.

Can be purchased as a plaster gypsum-based or cement. But the composition of cement harder wearing. Choose putty can marking, water-resistant is designated LR +, but ordinary KR.

Plaster - one of the basic materials of the ceiling before painting processingPlaster - one of the basic materials of the ceiling before painting processing

The repairs will require a mixture of both starting and finishing. With regard to the type of mixture (finished or dry), experts advise to buy dry yet, because the composition is rapidly solidified.

Plaster ceilings painted walls: pre-treatment

Work begins with cleaning the ceiling. Old paint, flaking plaster must necessarily shoot.

Cleaned ceiling in two stages:

  • The ceiling is moistened with water two or three times better. Simply make it a paint roller or conventional spray. At the same time protect the furniture and other interior elements.
  • Then take a steel spatula, remove all Nabeul from the surface, and cracked plaster. If there are areas affected by fungus, these coatings must be removed.

The next step is priming the surface. It strengthens the surface, permeates the concrete and the plaster that remained, liquid polymers. As they solidify, the ceiling is formed thick and strong layer, and temperature variations, as well as "moods" humidity, it will not collapse.

must be cleaned before the filler from the ceiling of his all material previously depositedmust be cleaned before the filler from the ceiling of his all material previously deposited

Penetrating primer enhance adhesion surface with putty composition. But the porous coating, moreover, seriously reduces the paint consumption.

How to putty before painting the ceiling: the start of work

First of all you put recesses starting putty, do it better spatula medium width. Caulking is required to give a little shrinkage. Because in the deep recesses of the procedure repeated three times. Before each subsequent filler let dry first layer.

After that, the ceiling is usually polished. This can be done manually or by a special sander. Remove all the visible defects. When it comes to drywall seams sheets it is necessary to glue paper tape.

Well, and then proceed to the final or finishing putty.

Alignment of the ceiling start filler (video)

Finishing plaster ceiling for painting: how it's done

First of all do not forget to prepare the respirator, any work must be carried out with the necessary protection for the respiratory system.

Sandpaper surface must be clean to better contact with the plaster surface. It is applied with one or two layers, each layer is approximately 1 mm. Making it easier a wide spatula.

Very often sealed with putty finish only defective places, but experts advise all the same to putty the entire ceiling to coat was smooth and uniform.

Completes the process of preparing for painting the ceiling grinding and re-coating. When the surface is dry, you can paint without fear that the paint will fall off.

Putties must be applied quickly and with a thin layerPutties must be applied quickly and with a thin layer

How to seal the joints of gypsum boards

To perform this task, armed with two spatulas: medium and wide. Many people prefer to work with a trowel and float, but with respect to the drywall can be said that this is not very convenient.

Shpaklyuyut joints are as follows:

  • First, the joints are reinforced sheets to left rough and uneven;
  • Then cruciform manner shpaklyuyut screws - the mixture is applied along and transversely to better fill the grooves caps screws, completely hide their heads;
  • Further shpaklyuyut angles, first one side of the angle puttied standard, when dry half seam puttied second half angle.

In addition to the tools and materials arm yourself with patience, and repair will be excellent.

Putty before painting the ceiling a mandatory procedure, which will provide a new coating durability and longevity.

Plaster ceiling with his hands under painting (video)

Ideally, if you select the materials of one brand, not to have to question their compatibility.

Good repair!

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