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Attention to detail repairs in the narrow hallway is able to make a fairly functional roomAttention to detail repairs in the narrow hallway is able to make a fairly functional pomescheniePrihozhaya - is the calling card of any home, whether it's a private house or apartment in a block of "anthill". As people meet on clothes, and apartment are met and evaluate the corridor, because it is here the person gets, the first time they came to visit you, and from this experience and views will depend very much, after all, for you a first impression itself can be built relatively on which you host. Many modern people understand it, they understand how important quality and repair of an apartment as a whole and of the corridor, in particular the hallway.

Entrance hall to a narrow corridor

As many of you know firsthand, to make such a functional corridor, while not curtailing critical so small in size, it is very difficult to width. But what to do when a big family, it is necessary that the hall was at least a wardrobe or clothes racks, benches and shelves for shoes, which will last for all households. At the same time, all such functional things quite trim area of ​​the narrow room. Sometimes it turns out that the free pass is only one person, while two of them will have a very narrow, and the three of us go through the hallway to the front door to the living room can become altogether impossible.

Young parents who have several children of the same age, same age, children are well aware that every child wants to be the first and even the lack of width of the room can cause babies scandal or a tantrum.

And what about the fact that everyone wants to be an entrance, how would not be small its dimensions, was stylish to the hallway corridor was not only convenient, functional, but also beautiful to feast for the eyes, returning from work or human studies , forced to smile and you can plunge into the doorway in a homelike atmosphere. That is why modern fashionable interior designers every year develop for you the unique design of the hallway. This allows you to turn an ordinary and unremarkable narrow corridor in her apartment into a work of art, and then be happy to realize that friends and visitors thrilled with the progress of your design.

An entrance to a narrow band may be formed in virtually any styleAn entrance to a narrow band may be formed in virtually any style

We like to emphasize that some envy how you can make the interior:

  1. Cozy. As you know, comfort - the most important thing in every home, it is trying to get every woman.
  2. Elegant. This hall will be able to emphasize the taste of the owners home.
  3. Fantastic. If you taste the interiors in the style of a fairy tale, in a fantasy or sci-fi style, even such ideas can be implemented.

Thus, the following are some tricks to be repaired, it is possible to achieve a completely unique results. It all depends on your imagination and the imagination of the designer, who will entrust to the owners to create a project of a new hall in the house or apartment with a narrow corridor.

Narrow Hallways: Ideas for repair and color

As you know, color is one of the important components of any design, be it interior design, clothing, toys, or something else, the color gamut will perform a variety of functions.

For example:

  1. Highlight key points, that is, using well chosen combination of multiple colors, you can emphasize one or another part of the room.
  2. Zoning corridor - color can visually divide the space in the corridor area that you need. For example it may be shoe upper zone and a zone of clothing, or for children and adults often hallway.
  3. Visually expand a small corridor of the apartment. That is, using a combination of colors, special colors, you can visually enlarge the size of the hall.

With the help of design tips you can visually enlarge the space of a narrow hallwayWith the help of design tips you can visually enlarge the space of a narrow hallway

Numerous options to combine shades of colors means painting as a mere wall or ceiling and all walls to emphasize the ceiling.

Small narrow corridor: design and lighting for the long hall

Lighting solutions in the design of the hall and the hall have a role no less than the color scheme of the walls and ceiling.

The light can be represented by a number of lighting devices:

  1. Spotlights on the ceiling. Especially good it looks when in the house ceilings, and in which are mounted luminaires.
  2. Hiding behind baseboards lighting ceiling.
  3. Hiding behind baseboards lighting on perimeter of the floor. Very unusual decision for an apartment, but when the floor is lit, it creates a feeling of floating in the air and the walls creates a fantastic atmosphere. Great if you want to issue the hallway in outer space theme.
  4. Wall lights aimed at a certain angle to the ceiling. It also looks best when suspended ceilings. In this case the maintenance of increasing the visual height of the ceiling. Therefore, if you are not just a narrow corridor, but the low ceilings, this move fits perfectly.

Lighting in a small narrow corridor to be perfectLighting in a small narrow corridor to be perfect

Thus, we can say that the correct use of lighting gives real results to create a cozy atmosphere in the house, and helps to visually enlarge the size of your hallway. In addition, the right kind of lighting can be customized with your own hands, it will also be a good option if you want to save on the services of professional teams or designer.

Options hallways narrow corridors rules of mirrors in interior design

Most interior designers visit the idea to use in narrow spaces, and of course, in the narrow hallways of the mirror. This invention is simple enough antiquity used in any modern home is an integral part thereof.

This can be:

  1. Separately, a mirror hanging on the wall. The most versatile option. Such a mirror can be located anywhere, and if necessary, it can be without any problems to move to a new location. Such mirrors in large quantities there at the IKEA store, is where you can pick up a mirror for every taste, whether it's a mirror in a frame, or without, with some special designer decor and so on.
  2. The mirror is mounted in a cabinet. Such mirrors are complete with furniture for the hallway. As well as the usual their cousins ​​are, first and foremost, functional objects, and are a function of increasing the visual space.
  3. Wall mirror reaching paired with shelves or hangers. Usually they are small.

Mirror in the hallway visually increases roomMirror in the hallway visually increases room

When the mirrors must be remembered that for narrow corridors best solution is to use several small mirrors, thus visually expansion will be more or less uniform. A store chain Ikea will help to get acquainted with modern décor, and there you will find samples of various products and all the latest news.

Repair in a narrow corridor: the ideas and the use of various elements of the decor

When planning your hallway can be used on the walls of any decor, be bold, because the decorative elements can serve you well.

Corridor Decor can:

  1. Be wall-mounted. If the style of the interior allows, you can hang on the walls of colorful paintings, they will give the room an atmosphere of joy and celebration. This hall will not leave you indifferent, even after a hard day's work.
  2. Be on the floor. On the floor mats can be placed in different colors or shapes. For example, if you have children, outdoor decoration in the form of animal paws or leaves interest of the child, turning everyday run down the hallway in a fun and interesting game. It should also be noted that the views of your guests will be brought to the floor and thus will not focus on this lack of a hallway, as a small width.
  3. On the ceiling. If desired, the ceiling can be transformed at night or the daytime sky, the aquarium, delivering the feeling of being underwater.

Do not forget to decorate the walls and ceiling of the corridor decor elementsDo not forget to decorate the walls and ceiling of the corridor decor elements

We can safely say that the use of a hall of any decorative elements can positively influence the entire space of the corridor.

Furniture for a narrow corridor

Whatever you want, in any hallway there is furniture. Even the style of minimalism involves the use of functional furniture.

Full hall requires, at a minimum:

  1. Wardrobe or a hanger for clothing.
  2. Shoe racks. They may be available as single or stacked, open and closed, may be at the lower level of the cabinet;

If your hallway is narrow width, it is necessary to correctly arrange the furniture, otherwise not be able to maintain an acceptable distance between a wall and furniture, as well as necessary to avoid congestion furniture. In addition, in any case can not arrange the furniture elements, even if they are modular, on both sides of the hall, it is not only visually reduce the size of the hall, but also to minimize the functional space of the corridor.

wardrobe is perfect for a narrow corridorwardrobe is perfect for a narrow corridor

Such a serious mistake can not be corrected even use all the secrets with which we visually increase the hallway, that is, all your efforts will go down the drain.

The best thing is to install than the usual cupboard with opening outside doors, and closet, the door will move off to the side, without going outside the cabinet. Thus, you will not interfere with members of the household who are close to you, and do not block the passage of the hall door, as often happens. At the same time to place a mirror in the door of the cabinet is much safer, you'll never break it when opening the door, especially if the cabinet will consist of two sections. In addition, shoe shelves can be mounted in one part of the cabinet, while the second will find hangers for clothes.

The design of the narrow hallways, corridors

So, it's time to take stock.

Narrow hallways should be selected correctly:

  • The color scheme of the interior;
  • Compact furniture components;
  • Lighting devices and methods for their placement in the foyer;
  • Interesting decorative elements.

Equipping design of narrow hallways, corridors, think over in advance what kind of furniture, lighting and color you pickEquipping design of narrow hallways, corridors, think over in advance what kind of furniture, lighting and color you pick

In addition, it is necessary to mention that in the designs of narrow hallways are often used for decoration and masking hidden lighting, various moldings in stucco, textured plinth, and if, moreover, the ceiling height allows, you can make a vaulted ceiling. It will look not only original, but also refined, to mention excellent style house owners.

The design of a narrow corridor (video)

Also, it would be best if the interior of the hall will naturally overlap with the interior style of neighboring rooms, for example in terms of colors used, the identity of ceiling systems, whether conventional false ceiling, or combined tiered.

Design and repair in the hallway with a narrow corridor (Photo Interior)

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