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Overlap - it is carrying building elements separating the interior of the building to the floorsOverlap - it is carrying building elements separating the interior of the building on etazhiPerekrytie is a horizontal structure, which separates the vertical height of the room. Conventionally, all floors are divided on the ground, intercommunication, roof and attic. As a material for covering the concrete slabs can be used, metal and wood. Schemes ceilings ceilings will depend on the design features of the premises.

Ceiling without beamless floors: types and characteristics

Girderless overlap constitute a structure which is made of solid concrete tile.

Isolate 3 types beamless floors:

  1. Monolithic.
  2. team
  3. Precast-monolithic.

To install beamless floors you need to make a pre-set formwork. This can be done with the help of water-resistant plywood. Structure is recommended to treat with a special compound which will counteract the sticking material.

Elements of different types of floorsElements of different types of floors

After installing formwork to back overlapping the frame, and attach a reinforcing network. From top to pour concrete structures.

Choosing the ceiling overlap in a wooden house

During repair of wooden houses generally use beam ceilings. Base such finishes are wooden beams, which are supported on the supporting wall structures.

If you decide to use the beams of the ceiling, look for wood material. It is desirable to use a deciduous or coniferous feedstock. The material must be well dried.

When installing the beams in the wooden house consider such nuances:

  • The distance from the beam to the chimney should be more than 50 centimeters.
  • The wood to be treated in a special antiseptic prevent mold.
  • Every other beam should be attached to the wall with a steel anchor. This method will increase the strength of the structure.

Driving hardwood floor with separate beamsDriving hardwood floor with separate beams

For finishing wooden house suitable tiled floors. They are used much less often because they have a high weight. The advantages of tile overlaps include durability, fire resistance and high mechanical strength.

What should be the length of the ceiling slab

In order to have the floor structure had a high strength, it is necessary to make a preliminary calculation. To do this, you need to take into account the length of the span using the construction of the roulette.

If your house is made of blocks, beams need to close up in the nest to a depth of not less than 100-150 mm. In houses with brick walls span length is similar.

If your house is made of wood, you will need to lay beams to a depth of 70 mm.

Installation of floor beams in a wooden house (video)

What material is used for the ceiling slab

If you started the repair of the ceiling slab in the house, you need to pick the right material. Shut off the ceiling, you can use the wood, metal and concrete.

Wooden beams efficient use in a wooden house, because it does not weigh down the structure. Furthermore, such material undemanding and has high strength. The advantages of wooden floors can also include a low cost material and no use of special construction equipment.

Metal ceilings are used less frequently, as they are susceptible to corrosion in high humidity premises. This material is durable and easy to care for. The advantages of metal ceilings can also include the ability to carry out repairs on a large span space.

Thanks to the practicality and durability, concrete slabs are the most popular ceiling used in the construction of residential buildingsThanks to the practicality and durability, concrete slabs are the most popular ceiling used in the construction of residential buildings

To install a metal slab, you will need:

  1. Channel.
  2. Metal beams.
  3. Plaster mesh.
  4. Waterproofing material.
  5. Plaster.
  6. Flooring planks.

As you can see, for the installation, you will need a large number of materials. This is why block the ceiling by a metal construction is impractical if you have a limited budget.

Reinforced concrete floors are used in private homes is extremely rare. This is due to the fact that this structure has a large proportion. In addition, the installation of the concrete slab needs specialized construction equipment.

wooden ceiling slabs Installation scheme

Before starting the installation, you need to prepare materials. To carry out the work will need a drill, a saw, an ax, a hammer, nails, level fasteners. When choosing a timber pay attention to its quality. It should be well drained and have no defects.

Installation diagram of joistsInstallation diagram of joists

When installing a hardwood floor you need:

  • Wood treated with an antiseptic solution. If the beams are supported on the wall, which is made of concrete, wrap it in several layers of roofing material.
  • Make a nest under a beam. Clearance slots fill with foam.
  • On the wall of the frame beams to install additional racks.
  • In fixed bed inking layer heat insulating material. Perfect mineral wool. This material is durable and has a low cost. It should be noted that between the joists and the insulator should not be even the slightest gap.

If you are installing floors, be sure to do roll forward. To this end, along the side edge of the beam is necessary to beat cranial special bars.

Building floors in a wooden house (video)

Generate overlap with their own hands Repair simply subject to the basic rules and regulations. If you wish to make an overlap for a wooden house, be sure to make the appropriate calculations. Favor designs with a low specific weight. If you are planning to make a ceiling overlap between the floors, be sure to roll forward. This will protect the structure from the strain.

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