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Lath ceiling covering impressive beauty and styleLath ceiling covering impressive beauty and stilemPotolok - element of the interior, which is involved in modern design and composition is combined with the style of the room, furniture and accessories. Reconstruction of ceiling coatings - one of the biggest ways to change the space, which is not as labor-intensive option, such as the restructuring of the walls or floor. In addition, a variety of contemporary ceiling coverings impressive beauty and stylishness. One of the most popular types of coverage deemed rack ceiling.

Suspended ceiling metal lath: types, forms, models

Rack ceiling - the most convenient form of suspended ceilings, the base of which consists of rods and curtain systems. Panels or rails are made of plastic, metal or wood, but the metal strip ceilings significantly higher strength. Metal ceilings often made of aluminum, less steel is used, because the steel has a significantly greater weight and low corrosion resistance.

Rack ceiling - convenient form of suspended ceilings, the base of which consists of rods and curtain systemsRack ceiling - convenient form of suspended ceilings, the base of which consists of rods and curtain systems

The main advantages of metal suspended ceilings are as follows:

  • The high degree of performance. Wear resistance and toughness ensure the service life of at least 25 years.
  • Water resistance. This allows the use of suspended ceilings, water parks, bathrooms, swimming - any premises with high humidity (Applies to aluminum suspended ceilings).
  • Fire resistance. The high degree of fire resistance achieved through the incombustible metals that can withstand high temperatures without releasing harmful substances in the process. Therefore, metal suspended ceilings are used as fire protection of the building, as well as in areas where a high probability of wildfires.
  • Safety and environmental in everyday use.
  • simple design and ease of installation.
  • Soundproofing. Perforated rails provide akustichnost rack metal ceilings.
  • The light reflectance of the room. Which increases the efficiency of the use of daylight.
  • Practicality of care. Ceilings resistant to dirt and humidity do not accumulate dust, fly resistant to mildew.
  • Ability to hide flaws the ceiling in the form of wires, ventilation systems, etc.

In addition to the many advantages that make suspended ceilings among the most popular and reliable types of ceiling coverings, there are shortcomings and certain problems that should be considered.

The disadvantages of suspended ceilings include:

  1. A significant reduction in the height of the room space design.
  2. Installation of the ceiling panels of the rack price cost is higher than, for example, paint or whitewash.
  3. Inability to partial assembly. After you install the correct design the communications system without completely dismantling will not be possible.

There are two basic forms of design panels (slats) - German and Italian.

Strictly rectangular shape refers to the German type, and a small roundness - Italian. Each of the forms is widely applicable and beaten in the design.

Depending on the method of joining of the panels in suspended ceilings there are three main types:

  • Outdoor rack ceiling. The design is carried out with a certain gap between panels, thus become noticeable carrying beam.
  • Closed-type rack ceiling. Panel impose one on another, using the principle of siding installation. In this type of ceiling cover is not necessary to use mezhreechnye insert.
  • Gapless type. Gapless rack ceiling represented as monolithic surface without gaps with closely adjacent strips. When mounting such a ceiling, use additional yokes for mounting rails on the back side.

The perfect way to transform the space of the room - use a metal rack and pinion type of ceiling coverings, which, with its performance and design characteristics deserve attention and trust among consumers.

Design rack suspended ceiling: the main components of the system

Structures equipped with suspended ceilings, depending on the type, shape and material from which the panel.

The basis of standard panels protrude rail of steel, aluminum, wood or plasticThe basis of standard panels protrude rail of steel, aluminum, wood or plastic

The basis of the model set consists from:

  1. Panels, which are available up to 5 meters in length. (Lath made from steel, aluminum, wood or plastic);
  2. Suspensions for traverse;
  3. Guide profile;
  4. Traverses (stringers) -special bearing profiles, often, n-shaped, which cut specific hooks for fastening slats;
  5. Mounting hardware (screws, dowels, etc.);

To mount was qualitative, and the external appearance structure - maximum presentable crosshead and use one set of rack and pinion type of ceiling.

Suspensions for strip ceilings: meaning and application

Suspensions used for slatted ceilings are used to adjust the height of the ceiling design.

Suspensions are used to adjust the height of the ceiling structureSuspensions are used to adjust the height of the ceiling structure

Types of hangers for suspended ceilings:

  • Suspensions with adjustable pins (e.g., suspensions "Alpha");
  • Suspensions with adjustable springs;
  • Suspensions with screws.

There are hangers with holes (screws), which are used if the rails are not inserted in the light sources. Suspensions with springs and needles (pins) allow adjustment of the gap of 20 cm.

Methods of fixing hangers to the ceiling:

  1. By means of screws on dowels;
  2. With ceiling anchors.

If no space is required between the ceiling and the rack structure, holders can not be used. At low ceiling hangers as unused.

Installation of suspended ceiling rack: phased implementation of their own hands

Standard assembly and installation of ceiling rack design can be performed independently, with their own hands. It's enough to read the instructions, watch photos and videos on the internet, examine the device design.

Sophisticated and intricate ceiling design ideas are best left to professionalsSophisticated and intricate ceiling design ideas are best left to professionals

To work with suspended ceilings can not do without the following tools:

  • punch;
  • screwdriver;
  • pliers;
  • Scissors on metal;
  • screws;
  • Cobbler's knife;
  • Roulette.

Initially should be carried out preparatory work with the walls and ceiling. At this stage you should decide definitively wiring, climate control and system type of fixtures (recessed or suspended) in the room, so that all possible wires are in the ceiling void.

Stages of installing the suspension system slatted

Partitioning walls and ceiling:

  1. The marking of parallel lines to the stringers;
  2. Partitioning attachment points of hangers on the stringers;
  3. Marking lines for strips perpendicular to the lines for the stringers;
  4. Marking for future fixtures on panels;
  5. Marking level ceiling from the floor.

Installing traverses (stringers)

  1. Fixing to the ceiling hanger with label;
  2. Fastening stringers parallel to each other;
  3. Alignment traverses adjustment suspensions.
  4. Installation of wall skirting boards;
  5. Fixing rails.

After the end of installation, check all panels in the level of control or rail.

If desired, and care with the installation of the ceiling rack can handle even a novice, however complex and intricate ceiling design ideas are best left to professionals.

Popular hanging rack ceiling Albes and review of other manufacturers

In the market of building materials a range of suspended ceilings, which may vary slightly from each other forms, structures and devices design.

The company The company "Albes" popular rack ceiling curved shape

Major manufacturers of suspended ceilings in Russia:

  • "Alkonplast";
  • "Bard";
  • "Albes".

The range of rack firm "Bard" Laminated ceiling presented pattern with bright color palette that are highly durable.

The company "Albes" popular rack ceiling curved shape. It supplies to the Russian market a wide range of multi-tier design and curved suspended ceilings.

Firm "Alkonplast" produces a line of suspended ceilings under the name «cesal» positionable with life of more than a hundred years - "100+".

How to make a rack aluminum ceiling in the bathroom (video)

Rack suspended ceilings greatly impress with their diversity and stylishness. Every year there are new ideas, designs and models in the Russian market, which are suitable for a variety of styles. Stacked suspended ceilings look spectacular in large rooms, so it is widely used in restaurants, cafes, shopping and sports - centers.

Rack suspended ceiling (photo)

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