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Many modern women are not even from the thrift, but rather with a desire to apply the original or other things used in their needlework old clothes. Quilting of jeans is an example of such classes. From jeans with their own hands, you can create beautiful quilts or jeans give a second life, turning them into the original bag. In addition, there are plenty of options of things that can be done from the tissue of old jeans.

Patchwork of old jeans: Second Life

Nothing is eternal in the world - such a thought may come to mind, if suddenly your favorite jeans planted spot or they become too worn. But a lot of things if you want you can give a second life and the right to exist for many more years. For example, you can do with jeans. Good ideas to implement in the minds of skilled masters appear one after another.

Patchwork denim jeans can give the right to exist in the form of products such as:

  • blanket or blankets;
  • a bag;
  • umbrella;
  • cover on your phone or tablet;
  • or couch upholstery padded stools;
  • pillows.

And that's not all the ideas the use of denim in the technique of patchwork. Quilting of jeans can create a pretty strong things due to the fact that, as a rule, denim tight.

Things started in the technique of patchwork of old jeans will perfectly serve the country. In addition, products made from your favorite jeans are able to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the house.

In the presence of a large number of unnecessary and served their intended purpose of jeans, you can try to sew a tent, which will be a new place for children to play.

In addition, adding to the denim scraps of fabric with funny pictures or vivid colors, you can try to sew a new dress for my daughter or my little boy jacket.

Today the fashion is contain small house pets. Do not just keep and take care of them as if for the young kids. In this case, jeans can be used to implement the original idea in the form of creating, for example, a miniature doggie new panties and leash them in tone.

Sure, it's not all the ideas the use of old jeans patchwork. Any owner can come up with a huge number of ways to apply in your life denim patches.

Quilting bags of jeans: beautiful and practical

Dispose of worn-out things to good use - is not only economically, but also interesting. Bags made of denim, created with his own hands, will certainly attract the attention of others, as well as highlight its the owners of the gray crowd.

In addition, the products in the form of bags or any other article of clothing and the interior of the house has a lot of positive aspects:

  1. resistance to abrasion;
  2. durability;
  3. hygroscopic;
  4. antistatic agent;
  5. environmental friendliness.

Bags sewn from scraps of former jeans, a long time can be a person, while not quite wearing. Denim remains long remains strong, while remaining whole even at maximum tension. Jeans, inter alia, is capable to preserve the balance of moisture and temperature inside and outside. Denim also does not collect static electricity, as some man-made materials. This, incidentally, points to another one of its plus - eco-friendliness. Denim bag will never be a cause of allergy in his mistress.

To learn how to sew a simple bag of denim is not necessary to finish the special courses ,. Just watch a master class on the Internet or often held in cities and towns fairs. You also need to be able to read the scheme for embroidery.

Sew quilts with their hands out jeans

At the cottage in the spring-summer season or hike on a picnic with friends in handy is to use durable quilts or blankets sewn from pieces of old jeans. The same can be stitched quilt for a child's room. To the kids, for example, did not play on the cold floor, there it is possible to lay his own lovingly stitched quilt.

Before you get to work, you need to cook old jeans. Even if they have holes or worn spots - it does not matter, because the spacing scraps and pieces of the future product should be carefully avoids such sites.

The easiest way implies a cut of jeans equally sized squares. It is not necessary to throw out the pockets. They can be an original way to use as a decor element. You can prepare in advance the image of the future offspring.

If the blanket is designed for a child's room, and it will play the kids, then it is advisable to dilute the blue-gray tones more vivid colors. Only in this case it is important to select a second type of material so that its characteristics and the jeans were similar.

Seamstresses sew blankets required except jeans more:

  • sewing machine;
  • special thread strength;
  • spare needles and pins;
  • solid line, soap or chalk cutting.

Before you start jeans should be washed and well ironed, the fabric made short and deformed after sewing is finished. Sometimes complex embodiment blankets prepared in advance for needlework rags can be expanded in the form of the scheme on the floor, as the skilled worker would be easier to work with.

Denim Patchwork: Design Elements Home

For the most daring denim lovers can try to bring to the interior of his house denim products. And in this case it does not matter whether it is a country house or apartment in a big city. Articles of jeans, made in the style of patchwork surely fit into almost any decor of the home.

The most enjoyable and perhaps a favorite piece of furniture can be jeans pillow stitched with patchwork technique. For its production, of course, it does not need such a large amount of tissue for performing a blanket or bedspread. In addition, the cushion can only perform a decorative function. Therefore, it is safely possible to decorate with applique fabric or three-dimensional shapes in the form of flowers and animals.

Of course, blankets and pillows is not everything that can be made out of jeans.

Experienced handy advised jeans use in the manufacture of such utilities as:

  1. lampshade for the light;
  2. Beds for the dog or cat;
  3. organizer with pockets for storing small things.

In the manufacture of these products tricky certainly includes all the positive characteristics of denim.

But not always do you want to do only extremely useful. Denim patchwork skillfully combines the benefits and beauty. So, for example, in the style of patchwork of old jeans can be a convenient and nice for hot tack. The dining table can decorate stands for pans and dishes. Workplace in the room can elevate jeans organizers, which are based on creating a solid cardboard or metal boxes.

umelitsy clothing designers adept at converting old jeans into a new skirt, tunics, purses and even shoes. This may be slippers and trendy boots with an open face.

Summarizing, we can say that the works in the style of denim patchwork virtually no boundaries, everything depends on the willingness and needlewomen fantasy.

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