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Railing for a staircase carries out not only beautiful aesthetic function, but also provides additional securityRailing for a staircase carries out not only beautiful aesthetic function, but also provides additional protections for ladders bezopasnostMetallicheskie not only provide safe movement of the ladder, but also further decorate the interior. Railings and balusters can dramatically change your home decor, decorating and adding to it, so the choice of fences should be approached with great care. Today we will talk in detail about the types of metal, suitable for the manufacture of fences, as well as find out how best to use the fence in accordance with GOST.

Metal fences for stairs

Enclosures for stairs fall prevention function is performed, and for creating comfortable movement of the steps.

Metal fencing made up of several elements are the following:

  • balusters;
  • Filling in between the elements;
  • Handrails.

The most popular are the usual stainless steel classical fencingThe most popular are the usual stainless steel classical fencing

To create a really comfortable stairs must be carefully treat installing balusters, performing a supporting function. Balusters is a carrier which performs a decorative function.

For additional security the space between the posts can be filled with special fillings, it is especially important in a home with young children.

There are several types of partitions:

  • Classic,
  • In the form of balusters,
  • Solid.

Metal ladder fencing

Currently railing made of different materials which have different characteristics and advantages. Before buying, determine what type of metal it is more expedient to use the premises to house the staircase.

Modern railings are made from the following materials:

  • Aluminum;
  • Cast iron;
  • Iron;
  • brass;
  • Steel.

Before you buy a metal railing for stairs, be sure to familiarize yourself with the quality and durabilityBefore you buy a metal railing for stairs, be sure to familiarize yourself with the quality and durability

During the selection of the main criteria is the purpose of the finished railing. If the installation is planned out, then the ideal material is stainless steel. Nickel and iron elements are resistant to temperature and moisture, are not deformed and does not deteriorate.

Inside the house is better to install a beautiful structure made of aluminum. They are lightweight, looks stylish, modern, with railings made of this material most affordable.

Designs handrail may include glass, forged decorations, various patterns over the metal. Such decorations perfectly fit into the interior of a country house, bring comfort and sophistication. Railings can be different colors, but most are made of black and dark gray. Aluminum partitions more often shiny, metallic color, light gray.

Benefits fences stainless steel staircases

Products from stainless steel look modern and stylish, have a good performance and reasonable price.

Several distinct advantages fences stainless steel staircases:

  • Increased resistance to corrosion, moisture, temperature extremes;
  • The low weight combined with high strength and durability;
  • Resistance to mechanical damage, acids and alkalis;
  • Ease of installation and operation, easy maintenance.

metal fencing advantage is that it quite easy and simple to installmetal fencing advantage is that it quite easy and simple to install

This explains the widespread stainless steel handrails, they can be seen almost everywhere, from public institutions and ending with houses and cottages. To combine all the elements for handrails made of stainless steel can be independently purchased components will not be difficult.

Production of stainless steel railings of the currently prevalent, because it is the most practical and at the same time easy-to-use material. Resistance to temperature allows the use of a ladder made of stainless steel in any room, as well as outside the house. At the same time a wide range of designer features will help you to choose and change the interior of the premises.

Choose the fence should be carefully, because for every ladder needed railings and balusters.

Not only have the fencing ladder, but it is clear in other cases, railings and balusters are essential to ensure the safe movement of the ladder.

Types of fences metal stairs

Metal stair railings need for a comfortable and safe movement of the ladder to prevent the fall, can perform a decorative function. Appearance and device components of the stairs has an important role in the design of houses. Metal can create a variety of items that can radically change the interior of the room to the stairs.

Various design solutions for barriers to help you choose the perfect element of the interior.

There are two types of method for manufacturing a handrail: forged and welded.

The modern interior virtually any room perfectly fit welded metal railingsThe modern interior virtually any room perfectly fit welded metal railings

Protections include three component elements, we have already talked about this above:

  • Balusters - fence support, also performs a decorative function;
  • Handrails - metal structures, aligning balusters on one or both sides of the march to isolate the propulsion site;
  • Filling fencing provides security, fastened between the uprights and fills the void.

In turn, the filling is divided into the following types:

  • Classic - have nothing but balusters, vertical or inclined;
  • Solid - created their broad sheets, often combined with glass and other materials;
  • With crossbars - space is filled with metallic elements parallel to the rail.

Specific details are attached in different ways: by welding to the end of the steps, and can be bolted directly to the stage. In structural reliability and strength of attachment method is not affected, only it changes visual perception.

Standard: steel fencing stairs, balconies and roofs

There is a special standard that must comply with all of the steel fence.

According to GOST metal fences for stairs, balconies and roofs must comply with the following parameters:

  • Railings do not exceed a height of 90 cm, the filling may be different - the trellis, screens, etc. depending on the room and the overall design;
  • In schools railings should not be less than 120 cm - this is an exception, the gap between the vertical insertions is 10 cm, to prevent children from falling, horizontal bars are rarely used.

Installing fencing made of stainless steel, it should first familiarize yourself with the special standardsInstalling fencing made of stainless steel, it should first familiarize yourself with the special standards

Landings fenced railing as follows:

  • Inner - railing height 90 cm;
  • Outer - steel railing to 120 cm;
  • For kindergartens and public buildings - railing at least 1 m 20 cm.

Enclosing balconies GOST depending on the height of the building:

  • Less than 30 m - railing arranged at a distance of 1 m from the floor;
  • If the building has a height of 30 m - distance is increased to 1 m 10 cm;
  • In kindergartens and public buildings balcony railing at least 1 m 20 cm.

On the roofs of the same provision of fences. Regardless of the type of roof height is 60 cm.

Fences made of stainless steel staircase (video)

In conclusion, the metal railings look modern, distinguished by reliability and practicality, as well as an impeccable appearance. All the elements for fencing can be purchased in the store and create a design with their own hands. Using the power of GOST collect any safe and beautiful railings of various types of metal. A variety of modern designs and materials will allow you to choose the best type of fence that will delight you for years.

Details: metal fences for stairs (photo)


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