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Among the advantages of wooden stairs is worth noting a small priceAmong the advantages of wooden stairs is worth noting a small tsenuNadstroit second floor can be, and most importantly, choose the convenient and comfortable stairs. But, fixed ladder is not so little, especially if it is overall. But manufacturers have tried to cater for all categories of citizens - so cheap there were stairs to the second floor of the villa.

Cheap stairs in the house

As a rule, the price reduction occurs by reducing the size of the stairs.

Oddly enough, but it's small design are gaining popularity because:

  • They look very dignified;
  • Fit almost any decor;
  • The price is significantly lower, and the diversity of species remains.

Indeed, the monumental structure is not always to be in a place that is particularly true of small houses with the suspended second floor.

Wooden staircase to last longer, it is necessary to cover a layer of lacquerWooden staircase to last longer, it is necessary to cover a layer of lacquer

At the stairs there are a number of requirements, including that the passage width is equal to the width of the stairs. The second floor is also unlikely to be large, and a huge pass just spoil everything.

Not everyone can afford expensive options, especially if the house has been completed, and the completed repair. Reasonable price helped the small-sized staircases find its niche in the market of goods. Indeed, on the second floor of the variety of materials and designs options execution login allows you to find exactly what you want, even the pickiest taste and sophisticated interior style.

Materials for inexpensive ladder

Often, the price affects the material itself, which is made from a ladder. And almost always the choice of expensive materials instead of the usual caused exclusively prestige and the desire to show off. And in performance inexpensive materials are often even better and more reliable.

Most often, cheap stairs are made of materials such as:

  • Concrete;
  • Metal;
  • Tree.

Concrete stairs is considered one of the most reliable. It can be found in any entrance of a multistory building. From the same material made street stairs. But this does not mean that such design can not be used in the country. Maybe it looks nice and not too expensive, but the reliability is guaranteed.

The cheapest are the stairs made of woodThe cheapest are the stairs made of wood

To increase security, it is recommended to install the railing and steps to cover the track.

Stairs, consisting entirely of metal, are rare, it is clear - to ensure that the ladder was sturdy, metal should not be soft, and weighs this design a lot. In most cases, the metal may be combined with other materials, such as tempered glass. Particularly impressive look metal wrought iron railings.

Wooden stairs are considered a benchmark of taste and the "golden mean". The most popular design of the pine - ladder cover with a transparent varnish, which will emphasize the tremendous natural texture of wood. In addition, the wooden stairs are the most environmentally friendly, even if they are economy class.

The advantages of low-cost wooden stairs to the second floor

In fact, wood stairs has many advantages.


  • Acceptable price;
  • Do not need additional finishing;
  • The variety of options;
  • Reliability;
  • Strength;
  • Pleasing appearance;
  • Eco-friendly materials.

To improve the appearance of wooden stairs it is possible by coloringTo improve the appearance of wooden stairs it is possible by coloring

Such structures are particularly appreciated in the interior close to nature, for example, country. Natural wood brings the house warm and cozy, and beautiful paintings and wood carvings transform the interior into something amazing.

What is interesting, it is not necessary to choose the expensive wood. The same pine perfect if home owners look for budget options. They practically do not create pressure on the walls and floor, the manufacturers guarantee the service life of 50 years and above. The only drawback of wooden stairs - good sound conduction, but it can be corrected if desired. Enough to lay carpet or rugs.

The tree must be protected by some impregnation of parasites and damage. This is done at the moment when it passes fabrication and installation, but it is desirable nevertheless to clarify this point.

Spiral stairs to the second floor of economy class

Of course, there is a great variety of configurations and shapes of stairs.

Most preferred is the most simple screw, and there are reasons for this:

  • Due to its configuration, is a great space-saving;
  • They are considered the safest;
  • Screw design elegant look in any interior;
  • They can be made of virtually any material;
  • They are easy to install, even on their own.

Yes, you can save not only on the material. Ennaya scrip will remain in the owner's pocket, if the staircase will be made with your own hands. Interestingly, some models have already begun to be sold with detailed instructions for self-assembly - obtained unique modular construction sets, which handle very well even laymen.

Spiral stairs to the second floor can significantly improve the appearance of the interior appearance and make it more functionalSpiral stairs to the second floor can significantly improve the appearance of the interior appearance and make it more functional

Depending on the size and material costs spiral staircase can begin from 10 thousand. Rub., Which is really quite inexpensive. Even if the staircase will be made to order, you can still save. Main winding prices is, oddly enough, for the extra work - measurements, preparation of plans and designs, as well as the owners often compiled estimates. If you do everything yourself, it will save at least 15 percent.

The same amount you can save, giving up finishing. It can be done independently. Yes, and installation of an independent owner will leave about 20% of the total.

The most economical way of a spiral staircase - with emphasis on the supporting pole. It is made from a metal pipe which has a diameter of 5 cm. By her fan mounted stage having a wedge shape. There are other options - drawing on the wall, on kosour, well type. However, it is such a design on the tube is the most reliable. It also allows you to perform a railing device, which provides additional security. This is true for the elderly and families with children.

We need to take into account the fact that the spiral staircase have been significantly saves space. If a large house is not so important, then, for small spaces, this configuration will be a real salvation. Moreover, to finish, as the stage itself, and the support tube, it is possible in various ways. For example, they paint special inks, varnish.

Cheap stairs to testify on the second floor

It is clear that those people who are trying to save on assembly and finishing, are unlikely to order the stairs for a few hundred thousand of precious wood, and many people are beginning to question the quality and reliability of low-cost designs.

It should be borne in mind that:

  • Finished staircase can vary in size;
  • Specially ordered - it's expensive;
  • Cheap model may be made from low-quality material.

It is not recommended to buy too cheap wooden ladders, as they may be unsafeIt is not recommended to buy too cheap wooden ladders, as they may be unsafe

All these doubts are quite easy to dispel. Yes, complete kits for the installation of ladders have strict proportions, but you can not go wrong, if it is good to perform all measurements. Ladder on request also can not hit the wallet too, if part of the work to take on. A saving on materials due not low quality and similarity of all models - they are identical to the last screw, and vary only in size, with very little.

Nice look inexpensive stairs provide resurfacing. It also eliminates the burrs and other troubles. In addition, it increases the durability and strength.

Further finishing is done exclusively on the taste of the owners. Wooden structures usually cover only varnishes. But metal it is possible to paint, not just rail, but also stage.

Convenient inexpensive stairs to the second floor to give (video)

Choose inexpensive ladder model for a country house is not too difficult. Even here you can do a whole lot cheaper if the work will carry home. Inexpensive - does not mean bad, so do not be afraid of such structures. They also serve a long time, and will look beautiful.

Good luck in your experiments!

Details: cheap stairs to the second floor (photo examples)

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