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Metal frame for the stairs has good performance and long service lifeMetal frame for the stairs has good performance and long service life, depending on the characteristics of the building, the interior design and the owners desire, stairs can be of various types and forms of external transformable, to combined fixed. About what kind of framework the stairs to choose, as well as the installation of features, read on.

Stairs to the second floor on a metal frame

You can divide the ladder according to the criteria: material, function, insulation and cladding of buildings, method of operation, design and so on. However, one of the most reliable and versatile ladder frame considered with iron frame. This type of stairs is the buyer incredibly large range of frames, and the ability to change and create a ladder (eg angular), taking into account absolutely all the parameters of the overall interior design. 

Garnish with a ladder on a metal skeleton by using a forged railing elementsGarnish with a ladder on a metal skeleton by using a forged railing elements

These are the most popular types of "skeleton" of stairs as:

  1. They are able to withstand high loads, temperature changes, humidity and even natural disasters.
  2. They are not scrapie, easy installation with zabezhnymi steps.
  3. The price is quite acceptable.

Using German fasteners and met. profile, enlisting foreign photo and video materials used in the calculation of the Compass program, to create the drawings, can be in a country house with their hands to create a masterpiece, incomparable to anything else.

Ladder on a metal frame

Oddly enough, but the most common types of skeletons are only two variations.


  • Closed;
  • Open.

Closed - is behind the stairs and paneling, so it is not visible welds, so the cheaper metal elements can be used. Racks is a channel, which also performs the function of fasteners connecting the rack.

Ladder on a metal frame designed to withstand heavy weightsLadder on a metal frame designed to withstand heavy weights

A support for the metal corners protrude stages, and depending on their thickness depends stages strength and, accordingly, the service life of the ladder itself.

Open -This view of the metal frame prior costly, since the metal is located outside, also rather complicated operation, since it is necessary to work with a metal sheet. In the open "skeleton" of the ladder is not a channel, external support is produced in the form of a "ladder".

There is an open frame with one stringers (carrier beam structure with a comb at the top, which are set step, can sheathe their decoration), therein the above-described element is mounted on the middle stage, that visually attaches ladder lightness and airiness. There are also frames with two stringers where they are located on the edges of the steps. The base of the stairs, an important part of the whole structure, as it mounted stage.

Types of stairs on metal

The base is responsible for the strength of the entire ladder and approach to his choice should be thoroughly.

There are several kinds of base frame of stairs:

  • A wooden base;
  • Metal.

Good solution is to use a metal frame in combination with wood trim staircaseGood solution is to use a metal frame in combination with wood trim staircase

The fastening wooden steps occur at the base of the string, i.e. step is inserted into a special slot and secured by adhesives or step mounted on the special notches located on the upper part kosoura.

It should be noted that the wooden base provides that the stage will also be made of wood. But fencing and exterior decoration elements can be made of other materials.

Metal through metal properties, design stronger and more durable wood. There are many variants of stairs with a metal base, but the most popular are the stairs with steps of oak wood or beech. In public areas and in the homes of a large number of people, set of stone steps, since it is the most durable, but expensive material.

Prefabricated metal frame ladder

There are times when the premises are already installed floors and made a partial finish, therefore, to establish normal ladder impossible. Then the assembly frame - a way out of the situation. It consists of prefabricated parts, which are attached to each other.

The most popular versions of prefabricated staircases are:

  • At the central stringers, goose-stepping;
  • A spiral staircase, two kosour,
  • The national team of stairs to the street.

If you do not have experience in assembling the ladder, it is recommended to turn to professionals who will perform the work quickly and qualitativelyIf you do not have experience in assembling the ladder, it is recommended to turn to professionals who will perform the work quickly and qualitatively

Fundam under ladder is necessary, because of the large weight of the ladder and by virtue of heaving soil, which can lead to the destruction and deformation of the ladder. However, the destruction of the foundation may be due to the undermining of the soil or construction works near the building.

Foundations often make deep or below the soil freezing, or just below top soil or otherwise melkozaglublennye. For the first kind of foundation used thick cast-iron or steel pipes that are inserted into specially made well. In melkozaglublennyh uses special fastening systems to secure the ladder in a fixed position. However, in the winter of frost heaving ladder will be deformed. Also do not forget about the isolation of wooden stairs parts in contact with the foundation they need to protect the waterproofing layer.

In conclusion, only one simple rule, you can add, the ladder should be, first and foremost, safe and reliable, and only then - beautiful. If the ladder starts in the middle of the hall, right from the entrance to the desirability of establishing one large window before proceeding to the second floor in a beautiful cover.

Location of windows depends on the location of the very stairs, for example, if it is made in the corner of the house, then, accordingly, must be done in the house corner of the window.

design of stairs with iron structure

Ladder in private homes, in spite of their basic function, descent and ascent, different variety of performance, both in design and shape, and appearance. staircase manufacturing technology is chosen, depending on the owner of the house features. Different types of stairs can be, in the presence of a small building experience, even to make their own, and do not apply to production in any company for the manufacture of stairs.

Staircase with iron structure fits well into the interior, executed in modern style or high-techStaircase with iron structure fits well into the interior, executed in modern style or high-tech

For independent production, should perform the following steps:

  1. Should take photographs of stairs, and then choose the most interesting option that will optimally match the design of the house. It can make it yourself, using the photos and diagrams.
  2. Making stairs can also be made based on photographs, and various samples, for example, it can be arranged, as in the classic design style and decorate as something unusual. For example, railings and balusters can drape fabric.
  3. Additionally, you can transform the ladder, having arranged beneath or inside small closed wardrobe with different storage system, wherein it is possible to beat so that the clothes will be part of the entire ladder decor.

You can draw a ladder and a different, more importantly, to match the design style design and decor of the corridor and also the design of the first and second floor.

It is interesting to look options such decorations as the glass stair railing and beautiful metal casting products, serving to decorate stairs.

Optimum width and production of stairs on a metal frame

In order to determine the optimum dimensions of the stairs, must be considered for what it is specifically designed to be there for her to move things overall, how many people live in the house, and so on. D. It should also be borne in mind where exactly in the house will be installed ladder. If, for example, a ladder installed along the walls, and the house is home to a few people, then it is enough ladders width of 80-90 cm. But if the standard staircase leading to the second floor, it should make a width of about 100 cm. But the maximum the width of the stairs in a private home is 150 cm.

The width of the ladder should be such that on it could easily miss each person 2The width of the ladder should be such that on it could easily miss each person 2

This allows easy transfer, if necessary, overall load on it:

  1. If spiral staircase, its width may range from 60 cm, provided that it plays an auxiliary role and is used for example in the kitchen for the descent into the cellar of products. And if it is located in the building and used to lift the second floor, its width should be at least 80 cm.
  2. If the ladder is used as an attic or in the basement for descent and is rarely used can be dispensed such stairs in width 50-60 cm.

To use the ladder in the yard (collapsible or auxiliary), it is sufficient width of 55-60 cm, most importantly, that it be stable and withstand the weight of a person, a, and two, if necessary.

Such ladders on a design simple, and do not need to make them any rules SNIP (Russia and CIS). If a stair master of the house does not want to do himself, he can buy it using the Ad individuals or buy it in specialty shops. It would be better to explore the online video tutorial "His rukamilesnitsa Maderm" to live to determine the parameters.

Making plating on metal stairs

In order to place a ladder like something unusual and interesting, you should look at a variety of projects, examples of that on the basis of their do-or his, or just copy. For example, can be used as decoration on the wall wallpaper, or different types of applications. You can along the wall near the stairs to hang pictures.

For covering a metal frame ladder is perfect laminateFor covering a metal frame ladder is perfect laminate

If you want to make repairs, then after it is also possible to arrange an original staircase and effortlessly:

  1. The walls near the stairs can be arranged textured plaster or mosaic, steps themselves can be decorated with colored appliqué. You can decorate a fence stairs cloth, color, colored stained-glass windows, etc.
  2. If registration of the stairs comes a hitch, despite the examples, you should contact the experts on decorating master will tell the best option.

What kind of design options will prove most advantageous, you can only find out after the trial and error method. But there are certain exceptions in the design of stairs.

How to sheathe the ladder on the metal (video)

Prefab grand staircase, as a rule, do not require any special processing as themselves are home decoration. And other types of ladders, for example, exterior, on the contrary, require additional processing.

Design of stairs on a metal frame (photo examples)


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