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Beautiful wooden staircase to decorate the interior of a country houseBeautiful wooden staircase to decorate the interior of a country domaNet single type of ladders that will suit absolutely any home. It all depends on the taste of the owners, especially in the home and its inhabitants. How to choose a ladder for your house and you need to know if you want to do it with his own hands - read on. A two-storey house in need of a ladder, by itself. On what will be the ladder, and how well it is built, it depends very much. Apart from the fact that the ladder is always in sight, and is a kind of face at home, it also connects the first and second floor, making available the transition from one floor to another. Therefore, the ladder should be comfortable and beautiful. How can this be achieved?

Details on the stairs in a wooden house on the second floor

Wooden stair house designs are the most popular form of stairs, which is chosen by most people. As a rule, beautiful and neat staircase is a decoration for any home, making it a cozy, full of warmth. The tree - an excellent natural material, which is suitable for any home.

The most popular and in demand today are the stairs of fine woodThe most popular and in demand today are the stairs of fine wood

This type of stairs has weight advantages, for example:

  • Natural and ecological material;
  • Inexpensive wood costs and the possibility of using practically everywhere;
  • Little weight;
  • Excellent combination with any interior.

Wooden staircase to be reliable and robust, it should be placed on kosour, attach one side of the wall. Sometimes this ladder may seem a bit cumbersome, but in these dimensions has one advantage: under the stairs there is a place in the closet. The staircase has a beautiful geometric shape.

If you want to build a ladder that will look elegant and air, we can do stairs and rails of combined type with two stringers. The result is a lovely elegant staircase. This type does not require a large load-bearing structures, to support enough only 2-3 column.

Virtually weightless staircase can be manufactured in one stringers. A very small number of support pillars is required for this type of stairs.

We are making the wooden staircase to the second floor with their hands

Construction of a wooden ladder - quite troublesome process. However, it is possible to make a design with their own hands. Choosing the type of stairs, pay attention to the stairway. Stairway - a design with straight span, it is very simple to manufacture. Of course, any construction firm will make you the ladder in no time, but it can get you out in a tidy sum, but the quality could have greatly upset. Making stairway requires preliminary calculations. You need to determine the angle of inclination that you want for your stairs. The best opportunity for the slope of 22 to 38 degrees. The amount of space taken up by the stairs in the house depends on the slope.

The greater the slope, the less space it will occupy in the house, but climbing a ladder is hard and will be difficult to carry heavy loads.

Make a wooden ladder can be independently, most importantly - the right to perform all calculationsMake a wooden ladder can be independently, most importantly - the right to perform all calculations

At an angle of inclination less than 22 degrees, optional ramp (ramp). To determine the width of a flight of stairs at the bottom of the ladder, you should calculate the number of people who pass through it.

Staircases inside the apartment may have a width:

  • 0.9-1 m: the minimum size of the march;
  • 1.25-1.5 m: the most optimum size;
  • 1.2-1.4: the most comfortable size.

In a small garden house minimum width may be 0.8 m if the staircase has a simple configuration and mounted along one wall. To determine the height of one of the sides of the ladder, add up the number of meters from the floor to the ground floor to the ceiling and floor thickness on the second floor. Then you should count the number of steps required for the received number.

To determine the length of a second side of the staircase, it is possible to use the Pythagorean theorem. Having done all the calculations, you can proceed with the preparation of materials, tools. After payment, you can safely proceed to the production design.

What you need to know about the wooden stairs interfloor

Backboard ladders must first be comfortable. This is the main requirement for the wooden ladders. The device of interfloor stairs must be safe, so on it could freely ascend and descend.

Backboard design ladder should be so that it was not only beautiful, but also practical and convenient to moveBackboard design ladder should be so that it was not only beautiful, but also practical and convenient to move

What qualities must have a staircase between the floors:

  • Any stairs, whether turning, external or otherwise, should be comfortable;
  • Safety during ascent and descent must be ensured;
  • Location railing must comply with safety standards;
  • The ladder must be reliable in use;
  • Steps should be located at a convenient distance from each other and take a step comfortable and stable.

Manufacture of wood stairs to the second floor

Any projects for the production of ladders include the choice of material. Wooden staircase having any dimensions or rotate through 180 degrees, to be made from high-quality wood material. Make a ladder in the country of the tree easier than ever, the main thing - to choose the right material.

For a country house is better to choose a ladder, which is made of oak or spruceFor a country house is better to choose a ladder, which is made of oak or spruce

Consider the most popular types of wood:

  • Larch: has a nice yellow color with a golden hue, making ladder durable, safe and solid;
  • Types of ladders made of pine is easy to handle, inexpensive pine stands, but little is. At the cottage this staircase will look very organic;
  • Oak: over time, making the dark stairs;
  • Maple: very suitable lateral stairs, is a solid and long-playing rock, but it is very expensive;
  • Spruce: Spruce stairs variants are the most popular because of its inexpensive cost.

Choose the material basis of their preferences and financial capabilities. In any case, all of these materials are suitable for the manufacture of self-stairs.

What are the pluses and minuses has a staircase to the second floor of wood

Finished stairs of wood have their pluses and minuses, however, as the self-made.

Advantages of wooden stairs are in a cheap cost and easy installationAdvantages of wooden stairs are in a cheap cost and easy installation

The advantages of wooden stairs are:

  • Cheap price of the material for the production;
  • Safety material for health;
  • The ease in handling;
  • you can do it yourself;
  • Lightness of the material;
  • Beautiful view;
  • Stairs made of wood can boast an elegant addition.

The disadvantages of wooden stairs may include a low strength compared with the same metal ladders.

The need for various preventive works on wood processing is necessary because of the modifications of the material. Above all, wood ladder fire hazard.

The cost of the construction of wooden stairs to the second floor

There are those who are too lazy to do the stairs, and they are interested in the cost of finished stairs. Finished staircase can be ordered on their own, pre-selecting the material and design. stairs cost will depend on the type of wood and the complexity of the work. If you give examples of prices, the cost of a stairway with a turn (pine material) will cost about 70 thousand rubles, a ladder made of birch will cost around 100 thousand rubles, and the staircase of oak will cost about 150 thousand rubles.

manufacture of stairs Dates range from a week to 10 days. If you decide to make a ladder on their own, you might take longer, but less money. Although, if you have some experience in the construction, it is possible to make a ladder in a short time.

Deciding to make a ladder with your hands, it makes sense to check their actions in the assembly of the stairs.

If you decide to manually set the ladder made of wood, then kindly read the instructions for its installationIf you decide to manually set the ladder made of wood, then kindly read the instructions for its installation

Installing a stairway includes the following steps:

  • Installing the stringers;
  • Installation steps, attaching them to the stringers;
  • Install handrails and balusters on the basis of one baluster per step;
  • Coating ladder preservative and polishing;
  • Paint and varnish with a brush or roller.

Please note that the stairs should be painted in 2 or 3 layers. Applying the next layer need only after the previous dry.

Make and install stairs - employment is quite difficult, especially if you have no experience of working with wood and tools. People with little experience with carpentry tools and woodworking better not to suffer and buy ready-made ladder.

To summarize, it may be noted that the tree - the most unique material for the production of stairs. This staircase will look beautiful and elegant, it is safe for health and can serve for a long time, if you do it correctly and operate. It is important that the ladder was made of all safety regulations, steps allowed to make the pace comfortable lifting. Over the staircase of wood needs proper care and correct handling. Wood - quite naughty stuff, but easy to care for, however.

Wooden staircase of the second floor (video)

Stairs made of wood - a worthy purchase, decorating any private house. Make every effort to make a good solid ladder, and your efforts will not go in vain.

Design of wooden stairs to the second floor (the photo in the interior)


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