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Polyurethane moldings - is the perfect combination of price and quality materialPolyurethane moldings - is ideal for the combination of price and quality materialKanuli into oblivion are the days when, as a ceiling moldings that just not used: plaster, wood, paper tape with ornaments ... Of course, plaster and wood are successfully used to this day, however, kinds of material for this much-needed finishing attribute was noticeably longer: plastic, foam, polyurethane ... Even the floor skirting used for this purpose. However, it is polyurethane moldings to the ceiling is, at times, almost the only solution, thanks to its exceptional flexibility, which in other materials to an extent not.

Decorative plinth at the ceiling without them there is no design stage

Decorative plinth is now widely used, good to buy them is not difficult.

Installing decorative moldings, you can easily take away a number of flaws associated with the curvature of the walls and ceilings in your home.

Using the decorative skirting boards with different ornaments can give the room a more elegant lookUsing the decorative skirting boards with different ornaments can give the room a more elegant look

What to stickers (installation) skirting seemed almost tragic in terms of quality, after the gains, if not perfect, it is a decent appearance.

Which gives a decorative plinth:

  • Markedly "cleans" the curvature of the walls and ceilings. Visually, of course.
  • It gives the room a kind of completeness, that is, put the last point in repairing the walls and ceilings.
  • Using the baseboard of different widths, you can easily make the room more attractive, expanded the room optically or visually raise to some extent its low ceilings. It is for this purpose and are wide and narrow plinth.
  • Using the decorative skirting boards with different ornaments can give the room a more elegant or even "expensive" look.

The current repair without decorative skirting boards can not do, no matter what your budget is involved in the repair of the house.

What do you call a plinth on the ceiling: the names are not so much

Skirting the ceiling is called differently.

It would not have called the ceiling moldings, the essence of their purpose remains the same.

At different times of the ceiling moldings called by everyone.

At ceiling moldings, there are several other names - a baguette, a frieze or filletAt ceiling moldings, there are several other names - a baguette, a frieze or fillet


  1. Baguette;
  2. Frieze;
  3. architrave;
  4. Fillet;
  5. Balustrade.

You can certainly argue about the correct name, but from the name of this object of decoration, will not change the essence of the subject. Most often the subject of decoration called a plinth or baguette.

Plastic moldings for the ceiling: a very popular option

Plastic moldings are very common and popular for several reasons.

The reasons for this choice:

  • It is not afraid of moisture, they can be used in bathrooms and kitchens;
  • Used if the ceiling decorated with plastic.

Plastic moldings are not afraid of moisture, they can be used in bathrooms and kitchensPlastic moldings are not afraid of moisture, they can be used in bathrooms and kitchens

These resemble the profile plinth L - the so-called "Elk".

In this case, the plinth has also decorative function, compared with the "Elk" routine, which is used during installation, "lining."

Block the gap, which is usually inevitable in the case of plastic ceiling finishes, the most successful it can be plastic moldings - Decor is not only does not suffer, but also wins.

Types of skirting Ceiling: select to your taste and budget

Skirting boards for the ceiling Modern construction market offers sufficient variety.

Your baseboard in your apartment - the result, primarily, of your choice, though, it does not deny the assistance of the designer or sales assistant.

If your budget is very limited, it is necessary to purchase foam skirtingIf your budget is very limited, it is necessary to purchase foam skirting

Choosing plinth depends on many factors.

How to choose a plinth:

  1. Much decides the budget, which is provided by you for the repair of the apartment. If your budget is very limited, it is necessary to purchase the foam moldings. They are the most common skirting for different reasons: low cost, possible to paint them in the desired color, ease of installation.
  2. There is a dependence on the material finishing the ceiling and walls.
  3. Depending on the humidity of the room. For example, the bathroom is not necessary to install a wooden plinth, and it is recommended to choose a plinth made of polyurethane or PVC.
  4. Choosing plinth depends on the configuration of the room. If the room is non-standard, especially with radii or columns, you need a flexible plinth.

Types of moldings are different, and each type of the appointment.

Wooden baseboard to ceiling: wood is always in fashion

It would not have walked scientific and technological progress by leaps and bounds, giving us more and more new products almost every year, the tree as finishing and building material does not lose its relevance.

The advantage of the wooden plinth is that it can be varnished, highlighting the texture of woodThe advantage of the wooden plinth is that it can be varnished, highlighting the texture of wood

Advantages of wooden baseboards:

  • Very attractive, Solid appearance;
  • It has the beauty of the natural material;
  • Possible to paint the baseboard in any color, and, in addition, the moldings can be varnished, highlighting the texture of wood;
  • With the tree easier to work, and it will look more harmonious if we say, work is being done in a country house or dacha, where the walls are lined with wood.

Of course, now plenty of materials for your choice. However, many lovers of natural materials, as well as people, especially carefully watching their health, and do not want to listen to other kinds of material.

Whatever it was, but the tree is by far one of the most expensive decorative materials.

It is necessary to add the obvious: the tree - a classic that is always in fashion! Besides. It should be noted. that loft-style rooms, especially when using wooden panels. very relevant flat plinth made of wood.

Baseboards and wallpaper on the ceiling: the advantageous combination

Baseboards and wallpaper on the ceiling - quite common modern solution, and without finish does not do.

Baseboards and ceiling wallpaper can perfectly complement each otherBaseboards and ceiling wallpaper can perfectly complement each other

And all would do, but sometimes occurs in those who are doing repairs, it is a legitimate question: how to glue the plinth, without damaging the wallpaper?

However, this issue may not be the only one. What you need to do before: to glue the plinth and then wallpaper, or vice versa?

Masters of their craft initially mounted plinth, removing all gaps then, and only then glued wallpaper, adjusting them under the plinth.

Step by step:

  1. After the plinth is mounted and erased all cracks and irregularities, is glued a first sheet of wallpaper;
  2. Sheet of wallpaper, of course, can not accurately dock with ceiling moldings. To glue the sheet with an overlap somewhat above the floor.
  3. After the wallpaper sheet is bonded and straightened out, it is necessary to trim the excess wallpaper, which was above the floor. To this is taken steel spatula average width of the blade edge is applied to the docking skirting edge at an acute angle.
  4. Masking blade, both on the line (line, in this case, spatula) neatly trimmed excess wallpaper.
  5. Docking of the wallpaper again smoothed plastic spatula or a clean, dry cloth.

As can be seen from the above, everything is done very simply.

In another embodiment, the situation is as follows: first, wallpaper glue, and then, after drying thereof, a baguette at the wallpaper glue by liquid nails. This option is widely used, and also has the right to exist.

Foam skirting boards on the ceiling: the most running variant

Yes, today the foam ceiling moldings is the most common, although variations exist in addition to the said plinth, and a lot of them.

Skirting of foam is equally applicable in various designs ceilingSkirting of foam is equally applicable in various designs ceiling

Reasons to choose from foam moldings abound.

Reason for selection:

  • Low price;
  • Skirting can be easily painted in any desired color;
  • Nemudreny installation that does not require special skills;
  • The possibility of gluing virtually any surface;
  • Possibility of gluing the plinth at a fairly cheap materials: glue, putty;
  • Ease of cutting baseboards;
  • Ease docking angles.

In addition to these qualities, the baseboard is easy to bend (to some extent).

Skirting of foam is equally applicable in various designs false ceiling, for example, gypsum. It is suitable and the two-level ceiling.

Thus, considering all these qualities plinth, it is safe to purchase a foam, which, despite its not very presentable appearance initially, after painting can be converted into a plinth, a truly "royal". This largely depends on the painting, though, choose a plinth, it is worth, to a greater extent on the basis of parameters such as the width and the type of pattern.

Floor moldings on the ceiling, one of the finishing options

Of course, for some ceiling skirting, flooring - other. But. basically. Cappings floor is quite applicable to the ceiling.

Floor plinth is quite applicable to the ceilingFloor plinth is quite applicable to the ceiling

Perhaps you have a wooden floor skirting, and you, as an adherent of natural materials, want to install them on the ceiling. Or, plastic moldings, which were purchased by mistake, or floor, you suddenly replaced by some other - so what now, good to disappear?

Be that as it may, the floor plinth almost always can be installed on the ceiling.

Take for example how to install a plastic plinth.

Step by step:

  1. Fasten plinth with dowels to the wall, with an interval of half a meter. However, with the increased curvature of the wall anchors must be placed more frequently.
  2. Firmly attach the baseboard to the wall, drill a hole through the wall-plinth.
  3. Impact dowel fasten the baseboard to the wall.
  4. During the work, if necessary. We use connecting elements: internal and external corners and connectors connecting strips.
  5. Upon completion of works, trims, made the entire length of the plinth, is snapped into place in the baseboard, ceiling anchors and closing the insertion groove.

Drill, if the walls are concrete, it is better to use pobeditovye and instead drill - hammer.

Wide Ceiling skirting: appointment

The width of the plinth at the ceiling depends largely on the appearance of the room. Wide or narrow plinth quite able to transform your room visually. Narrow plinth can make your room optically above, while the wide, on the contrary to reduce its size.

Wide plinth quite able to visually transform a roomWide plinth quite able to visually transform a room

With a wide baseboard small room will seem even smaller and lower

Width skirting usually ranges from 10mm to 200mm.

The advantages of a wide plinth:

  • Optically smoothes the angles;
  • It is better to help smooth out the defects of the walls and ceilings;
  • Very good looks in rooms with high ceilings.

In normal ceiling height, the most rational plinth width - height of 4-6 cm If more than 3 meters, a width of the plinth is appropriate to 7 cm..

Thus, having this information, you decide for yourself without any problems, which the dimensions of ceiling moldings for your apartment will suit better. Even better would be if you, before you choose a plinth, review the relevant photo.

Skirting Ceiling Flexible: custom shape of the room he was not afraid

In private homes, as a rule, as well as complex configuration spaces, ceilings or walls finishing skirting can turn into a real problem. Fortunately, for this purpose there is a flexible polyurethane moldings.

Flexible moldings easy to bend, allowing to cope with the most intricate forms of walls and ceilingsFlexible moldings easy to bend, allowing to cope with the most intricate forms of walls and ceilings

In order to make high-quality framing columns, for example, do not have to "sculpt" a plinth made of gypsum, as it is very time-consuming process. Nevertheless. willing to mold their own unique plinth, still are.

Advantages of polyurethane plinth:

  1. Easy to bend, making it easy to cope with the most intricate forms of the walls and ceiling;
  2. It is not afraid of water, which allows its use in bathrooms and swimming pools, and even baths;
  3. Skirting stably resistant to harmful phenomena such as temperature changes.

Plinth, of course, more expensive than the same foam, but its beneficial qualities of the price is not too basic, especially when, under certain conditions, an alternative to polyurethane baseboard, there is simply no.

Installation poliuretannovogo cornice / plinth (video)

And in conclusion, I would like to note the following. Choosing plinth, ultimately, depends only on you. However, it is worth considering before you buy, about the aims and the appointment of a plinth for the various rooms. If you need to issue a curved surface, it is undoubtedly a better option than a plinth made of polyurethane you just do not find. If the room is rectangular or square, without complex ceiling, and also is not affected by moisture, then the best option will be the baseboard of the foam. Of course, before buying, definitely worth to consult with finishers, who will do the repair in your apartment, or a shop assistant in a hardware store. You should stick to the one and only rule: choose your "golden" middle! Good luck!

Polyurethane moldings to the ceiling (photo)


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