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Pink wallpaper - this is a very interesting option for the walls of your roomPink wallpaper - this is a very interesting option for the walls of your komnatySuschestvuet popular belief that pink wallpaper glue only in children and a playroom for the little girls. But this is absolutely not the case. Pink - a very gentle, sensual and warm colors. His fans are romantic and purposeful nature. Given the intelligent combination with other shades of pink interior, the color can be used in absolutely any room. Numerous variations palette of pink shades, you can create an atmosphere of romance, comfort and harmony.

Pink wallpaper in the interior: the palette dignity

By the number of pink color in the interior of the room should be approached very carefully and in a balanced, since excessive amounts simplicity and lightheadedness displace the presence of fine notes of romance and kindness. Today, a variety of tapestries represented in multiple variations of pink, from pastel shades to rich purple colors.

Pink color, in contrast to the red, has a completely different effect on others. Due to the palette of pink shades, you can create a special atmosphere in the room.

Pink wallpaper will give a relaxed, unique atmosphere roomPink wallpaper will give a relaxed, unique atmosphere room

Shades of pink in a modern interior:

  • the room is decorated in pink non-irritating and does not cause aggression.
  • Slightly pink saturated colors create an atmosphere of security and relaxation. Helps to distract from the urgent problems and bring their thoughts in order.
  • Pearl shades of pink, help create comfort and convenience, as well as an atmosphere of warmth and carelessness.
  • Complete rest is inherent in coral pink and salmon-pink shades.
  • Rich shades of purple and crimson energized and encouraged to act decisively. Such shades are well combined with each other. This is a pretty good option for the lazy individuals.

Cold shades of pink successfully cooled extremely illuminated by sunlight room.

Tapestries dark background with bright pink flowers expressive, rather demanded by designers.

combinations of options: What wallpaper to fit pink

Pink color blends well with most shades of the color palette. But do not get involved in particular in some shade trellises. First of all, you need to carefully consider the proportion of the desired tone and what are the suitable wallpaper, in harmony with the overall interior room.

Pink color matches perfectly with the white, so white and pink wallpaper will be a wonderful option for room decorationPink color matches perfectly with the white, so white and pink wallpaper will be a wonderful option for room decoration

The most successful combination of pink wallpaper:

  • White + Pink - the most common combination. White color in this case successfully diluted with saturated pink. In this combination creates airbag and soft atmosphere.
  • Pink + Black. This combination is suitable for most men, brave and brutal. Black with pink - Japanese style.
  • Gray + Pink. Its neutrality, gray emphasizes the delicate pink color. This is perhaps the most winning variation of all of the above.
  • Off White + Pink. Cream perfectly sets off the bright pink color. The room in this design creates a soft and calm environment. Such a duet is typical for the style of Provence.
  • Green + Pink. The palette of shades of green combined with pink make the room lively and natural. This color palette is refreshing space.

The combination of pink wallpaper with blue, a rare and unusual case. This combination of its existence, the most suitable for a child's room decoration: pink close to the female principle, and blue - the male.

Pink wallpaper with classic white - a win-win any interior.

It looks like the room: dark wallpaper, background - pink

Having made their choice in favor of pink wallpaper, it is important to think about the end result. Undoubtedly, the paste over all the walls equally rich tapestry pink unreasonable. As a result, the space will seem closed and constrained, and the walls will be visually compress the overall atmosphere. The interior in this case will suffer and lose its charm.

Perfectly pink wallpaper will look in the children's roomPerfectly pink wallpaper will look in the children's room

Create different effects:

  • A good option can be considered a combination of one wall, based on the pink background and the rest, less saturated colors the same palette.
  • Central wall make basic with saturated pink background, and various shelves, partitions and niches made into more muted shades.
  • The main pink background with a combination of transitions of another, less saturated color.

Worthy goal to pink background, will look Mural with flower or vegetable image. This combination of fabrics well suited for the decoration of the bedroom headboard or living room - seating area.

Making the wall combination of one wall a bright pink and the other in pastel colors, you can achieve visual increasing the space.

Monochrome interior with pink wallpaper

Monochrome - not necessarily black and white. Today design trends made popular by the predominance of a single tone and its various options.

Achieving the desired result, and unobtrusive, you should arrange the wall light shades of pink:

  • Salmon;
  • Apricot;
  • Coral;
  • Cream;
  • pastel shades of pink.

The combination of pink and black colors give the room a special exclusivityThe combination of pink and black colors give the room a special exclusivity

A home furnishings same, including furniture - dark tones, such as deep pink color of flamingos or purple. If the interior room is decorated in bright tones of pink, then in opposition, wallpaper should choose darker shades. Dilute with a color gamut possible with the help of white carpet or white-gray mat on the floor.

Quiet and unobtrusive interior combines:

  • Pink wallpaper with shades of red;
  • Pink with purple tapestry;
  • Lilac-pink to mauve paintings.
  • Cherry with pink and burgundy wallpaper.
  • Pink and peach tones with orange wallpaper.

For small or dark rooms can be used uniformly: bright shades of pink wallpaper, only a tone above or below the original.

In a monochrome interior look harmonious accessories in rich red colors.

Pink color, about PRIOR considered feminine. But many people do not think about the diversity and richness of the palette of shades of pink. For example, rather aristocratic believe the combination of soft pink with pearl gray. Or discreet duo of pink with green - it is always an atmosphere of freshness and comfort. Wallpapers in such colors have a positive effect on the psyche, creating a good and upbeat mood.

Wallpaper pink color in the interior (video)

No need to dwell on the prevailing stereotypes, because modern bold design ideas make it possible to design the interior harmony, stylish and interesting.

Pink wallpaper in the interior (photo)


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