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The interior in dark colors will bring touch of luxury and comfort in the home atmosphereThe interior in dark colors will bring touch of luxury and comfort in an atmosphere domaInterer in dark colors often found in expensive hotels and palaces. Today, this area of ​​the living room in the device is incredibly popular. It's not in an effort to make the interior dark and gloomy, but the fact that the room was romantic and warm. After all, in a comfortable place subdued atmosphere, shaded, intimate. In addition, many may have noticed that in the evening time of the day the atmosphere in the room became more comfortable, warm and cozy. It is this effect and seek designers, creating a design project in the area.

How to arrange a room in a dark color: tips from the Royal

To the hall became dark and cozy at the same time it is necessary to consider and measure the proportions of color. For example, you can take a darker shade, medium tone and light shade.

In this case, the color palette is to be divided five parts:

  • 2 dark;
  • 2 medium;
  • 1 light.

In the interior in dark colors follow the rule: dark walls - bright furnitureIn the interior in dark colors follow the rule: dark walls - bright furniture

For example, the floor will be dark, and the room is furnished with upholstered furniture. Medium shade should be at the walls and ceiling, and the light at the accessories. It looks fine combination in the interior dark brown, beige and pink. Do not lose that option as a combination of chocolate, green and sand. It is not superfluous to use the effect of the evening sunset. The design should definitely add a gold, orange, yellow, but in small quantities. If we talk about the size of the room, the small room to do dark experts do not recommend. The dark interior is more suitable for spacious rooms. If the area of ​​the room is not less than 15 squares, the dark interior can arrange. You should also pay attention to where the living room windows are located.

If it is not sunny, it will be enough room so darkened.

The best colors dark living room

Dark living room must be maintained at a certain harmonious colors. It is very important to stick to the style and harmony in everything for the interior arrangement, this wallpaper, and furniture, textiles and accessories. For dark interior fit perfectly all the shades of brown.

Bright blotches revitalize the interior and give it a special charmBright blotches revitalize the interior and give it a special charm

It should definitely make small accents with other colors, such as:

  • Gray;
  • Blue;
  • White;
  • Coral;
  • Purple;
  • Green.

Bright spots will give a special charm and make the atmosphere more comfortable and interesting. It is important not to overdo it with a splash. It is important to observe the harmony.

Modern living room with dark furniture

The main effect of the room set up in a dark color - this restraint and conciseness. It looks good in the interior panel soft dark colors combined with soft furniture and purple lamp assume a golden hue. The design and décor of dark rooms can be quite diverse. Successfully it can be shown in the interior of the skin, the stone tree. Chic look expensive timbers, oak, cherry. Today relevance enjoyed ash Shimo. When the basic background established, you can begin to decoration accessories. It is necessary to choose the interior, which diversify the interior.

It is important to remember the colors of accessories, using light-colored elementsIt is important to remember the colors of accessories, using light-colored elements

The spice up design

  • Stylish cushions;
  • Antiques;
  • Bright plaid;
  • Fireplace or chest;
  • Designer tableware;
  • Original lighting.

Furniture should be a fundamental and expensive. Everything should waft grace and style. The floor can be hardwood or laminate flooring can be arranged. It is important to remember that if the cabinets are dark, the sofas and chairs should pick bright colors. If the walls and gray floor, then lift the gloom round white table, pink accessories. Dark purple design will give the interior of carelessness and harmony. If you want to add the brutality, it is necessary to choose upholstered furniture with a rough finish. Do not forget the carpets, they are still relevant.

Wooden panels also bring charm. Select the wall you can with the help of pictures and photos.

How to choose a wallpaper in a dark living room

Living room - this is the main room of the house and it is very important to arrange the interior in the room properly and harmoniously. First we need to think about the color scheme in the living room. Designers recommend to create a warm environment to choose warm colors, cold, blue, dark blue and green tones.

Bright ceiling will help to visually Bright ceiling will help to visually "raise" the room

The ceiling should not do bright. When choosing wallpaper, furniture, textiles in a dark room is necessary to remember that each shade has an impact on the overall space.

For example, if the room low ceiling, the walls can paste over dark wallpaper and shelves keep bright. When the ceiling darker tone of the walls, the visual effect is the opposite. Air and space of the room will add half black.

When choosing a color, it is necessary to use the following color schemes:

  • monochrome;
  • neutral;
  • contrast;
  • Harmonious.

It is important to combine color and do not overdo it with dark tones, otherwise the room will look depressing. You should also stick to one style in the regeneration, repair the living room.

Styles dark living room: Wallpaper

Overall design and wallpaper device is directly dependent on the stylistic general direction in which the preconditioned room.

Picture wallpaper can be anything important - follow the general style of the interiorPicture wallpaper can be anything important - follow the general style of the interior

Designers recommend such stylistic direction for a dark living room:

  • Classical (contemplates the use of the same color in different textures and colors);
  • Retro (in this scheme only provides for the application whitish, light shade calm);
  • Modern (-antagonists involves the use of colors);
  • Modern (assumes the alignment of style in the colors of one part of the spectrum).

When it allowed dark design space? Firstly, it is important to observe the size of the room. We must remember that in the dark wallpaper should be located bright and light interior.

Abandon the dark wallpaper, if:

  1. quality light, there is a lot of light sources arranged in the room, and the floor and ceiling may wall.
  2. The room is not less than 2 casements.
  3. The room is separated from the other rooms are not using screens or other artificial barriers.

It is not necessary to seek assistance from famous designers or design agencies. Especially the services of such professionals are far from cheap.

Hall in a dark color (video)

Today, anyone can spend a little time learning the useful information and as a result create a personal design of its main room of the house. Adhering no tricky rules and recommendations from the designer can experiment and create individual, cozy interior, which will emphasize the taste of the home owner, and will delight the household for many years. With a little practice you can achieve extremely high-quality results.

Living in dark colors (photo)


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