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Patchwork in the kitchen interior looks fresh and unusualPatchwork in the kitchen interior looks fresh and neobychnoA whether it is necessary to use a patchwork in interior design? It implies an application of complex patterns, or simply color contrast. Is not all it has to taste. Accordingly, the first need to figure out whether it will be comfortable for the future owner of the house. Yet it should be noted that in the kitchen interior patchwork looks pretty fresh and unusual. Thus it may be not only on the ceramic tile or plastic (PVC, polyethylene, polycarbonate, etc.).

Patchwork style in the interior of the house

Patchwork design may be used to:

  1. curtains;
  2. curtains;
  3. in the decoration of the ceiling and walls (whether suspended ceilings, or even the simple wallpaper);
  4. in furniture design (modular kitchens are often decorated in such a way).

Patchwork made an interesting design furniturePatchwork made an interesting design furniture

And last but not least - a style even with his own hands can be set. Everything is simple - you need to take the same tile of the same texture, but with different patterns and convenient to attach themselves to a way. It will just be the same patchwork combination. However, keep in mind that when you use this design on one element - it should be combined with others.

For example, when the kitchen furniture advantageously installed forged steel coated with glass, the ideal would be a combination of a patchwork of white and dark colors (the game on the contrast).

This applies to the curtains, and even the ceiling (duplex plasterboard with two colors or a combination of glossy film tension).

Is it possible to avoid any errors in the design when choosing a patchwork? It is indeed possible, if, for example, is taken to the contrast of dark and bright colorful colors. Blunders - the use of simple interior of colorful tiles with some abstraktsionnym ornament. It eventually will look ridiculous and chaotic.

Curtains patchwork: Options

Interior design begins, as you know, with lighting. And it is regulated by means of curtains. But with textiles fared much better than with the selection of materials for finishing dishes.

Curtains and drapes patchwork decorate any kitchenCurtains and drapes patchwork decorate any kitchen

Naturally, when it comes to just about curtains for the kitchen, and there is better to use drapes, curtains, or the so-called Roman shades. Though it is necessary to clarify that some manufacturers have even blinds with shaped ornament. But they should not be used without consulting a designer - you can only harm the interior.

On what variant to stop? Should be guided by a kitchen area and the size of the window openings:

  • For small kitchen ideal - traditional curtains patchwork to the level of the sill.
  • For medium-sized (up to 15 square meters) with one window blinds can be used in the Roman style. They not only allow you to adjust the amount of sunlight that enters the room, but also look quite elegant, expensive.
  • For large as kitchens with few windows, you can use the patchwork curtains that are set in the middle of the window opening into an invisible ledge.

And where to get the curtains in the style of patchwork? There are two options - either on their own they make (of course, that the preferred translucent fabric) or buy ready-made by the manufacturer. Of course, it is better to do it yourself, but it's not every webmaster will be on hand.

We must not forget that curtains, patchwork can be combined on one canvas textiles of different texture and even species - all this allowed.

The main thing - it is an attractive end result. By connecting the imagination can only curtains pereobustroit your kitchen beyond recognition! And any ideas no restrictions here. That is what is the main advantage of patchwork.

Patchwork products for the kitchen: dressing

What other products can be used for decorating the kitchen room? The first to come to mind are covered, as well as close-fitting furniture. But all this can be supplemented, and other small items, including napkins, towels and even stand for cymbals.

kitchen decor can be supplemented with napkins and stands for cymbals in the design of patchworkkitchen decor can be supplemented with napkins and stands for cymbals in the design of patchwork

Everywhere patchwork will look attractive and appropriate. And it is not necessarily all it needs to be sewing. Patchwork basically used everywhere, even in the production of cookware. And everywhere it is allowed to use. Moreover, all this can be ordered from companies involved in design and decor.

A more tiles will be a good addition to all the details. As mentioned above, the main thing - the right combination. That is, if you are using some colorful ornaments in the same tile, it is recommended to use on napkins, dishes, bedspreads or rugs that are placed at the door. And it is the little things create a favorable and comfortable atmosphere. In the kitchen - this is very important, because here not only eat, but also for holidays for the whole family spiritual feast.

So, in some kitchen items patchwork say:

  1. to finish;
  2. in kitchen accessories, including napkins, towels;
  3. in furniture;
  4. in a pot.

It is natural that this can add curtains. The room does not have to be simple to implement all the ideas of the owner. For the most part all of the elements in harmony is possible even for 4-6 square meters.

Patchwork and bathroom

Do patchwork and bathroom combined? Over, but only if we are talking about the finish, because there is mainly used minimalistiki style. Accordingly, as in the kitchen, add a patchwork design in some small things - would be superfluous. Although if the bath house has a huge size and looks more like a sauna, there is a patchwork would be appropriate. But in most households this room mostly takes only a few square meters.

Patchwork will be appropriate in the bathroom large roomPatchwork will be appropriate in the bathroom large room

What tile is suitable for the bathroom? Better to buy ready-made kits patchwork. The fact that the floor and wall tiles are of different thicknesses. But its front part must be the same. If we want to create some incredible song, it is best to choose a tile color close. Ornament - it is a minor part. There's supposed to connect a variety of forms, ranging from simple patterns and patterns, colors and finishing with marine issues.

But there are basic rules to decorate bathrooms. So:

  • Sheer tub (or shower) should consist of several quiet tones. Here patterns and ornaments are allowed only on the glass sheets, which closed that same cubicle or hydromassage system.
  • Patchwork on the ceiling - not the best option. It is better to use the traditional white or beige drywall, film tension. Tile is generally unnecessary.
  • Patchwork decoration allowed only one wall. Thus, for example, fill the void above the sink and the mirror (if ceiling height over 2.5-3 meters).

You can not just limit ourselves to ceramic tiles. If the bathroom is simply covered by a curtain, there will be appropriate in the same patchwork design with walls. But all should still be very careful with such a choice.

patchwork tiles for kitchen (video)

Generally, in patchwork design - this is quite a controversial decision. It is difficult to combine and choose. But if you follow the simple rules of design, the end result is definitely impressive.

patchwork tiles for kitchen (photo)

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