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Buying paint for walls and ceilings will not cause you any problems, since it is just a huge choiceBuying paint for walls and ceilings will not cause you any problem, as its range of just ogromnyyV currently paints for ceilings and walls very huge amount and that there did not drown, you must be determined with the choice of color, manufacturer, etc. But this is not enough! It is also necessary to know how to paint the walls and ceilings.

What are the interior paints for walls and ceilings

Interior paint for walls and ceilings used for final decorative finish cladding material. It acts not only as a decoration, but also to protect themselves walls on many external factors, ranging from ultraviolet light, ending pests.

Interior paints that are now widely used as the designers and builders of teams, are preferably water-based.

Interior paint for walls and ceilings pretty good and inexpensive way to make a beautiful design of the roomInterior paint for walls and ceilings pretty good and inexpensive way to make a beautiful design of the room

Those, in turn, are divided into:

  • acrylic;
  • silicone;
  • mineral;
  • silicate.

They differ mostly in the polymer that is used as the substrate. However, there already and those that include the benefits of two subtypes. Accordingly, their structure and - systems, with the addition of additives.

The most popular, however, are currently the acrylic paint for walls and ceilings. They are relatively inexpensive, durable, and are presented in a huge range, but still not the best.

Profilyuks paint for walls and ceilings: the benefits

Profilyuks - fairly well-known company engaged in the production of paints and varnishes. That she did so popular acrylic and dispersion paints. On their account - about 170 various colors assortment of products for walls and ceilings. There are also universal, which are suitable for painting houses lining for indoor use. Conveniently, the consistency of the produced colors have been optimized to perfection. That is, it will not need to dilute.

Profilyuks - one of the most well-known companies that produce high-quality paint for walls and ceilingsProfilyuks - one of the most well-known companies that produce high-quality paint for walls and ceilings

Incidentally, the acrylic paint - water-resistant, but if it add latex, it becomes washable. But it ceases to pass through itself, which is why the use of such finish will have to upgrade the ventilation system.

Otherwise, the inside of a house or apartment will be constantly increased level of humidity.

Advantages of colors from Profilyuks:

  • washable;
  • durable;
  • relatively inexpensive;
  • It can be applied using a spray gun.

This is one of those examples where an American company produces very high quality materials and at prices that can compete with similar products from Russia.

What is a washable paint for walls and ceilings

As already described above, has a washable paint, acrylic-based, and is composed of latex counterparts. Its only significant drawback - it is unpleasant chemical smell. For the health of it, however, it is not harmful, just have long colored room to ventilate. Although Veak company recently introduced a washable paint that is free from such a disadvantage. However, it costs quite expensive, and officially on the Russian consumer market has not yet shipped.

Cleaning of paint used very often, because they can be repeatedly washed and at the same time they do not lose their original appearanceCleaning of paint used very often, because they can be repeatedly washed and at the same time they do not lose their original appearance

Technology of its application is extremely simple, since it is permitted to use and familiar rollers, and spray guns. The main thing - as soon as possible to use it after opening the banks, as it dries out very quickly.

But if the painting is made of the joint, for example, plasterboard, there is recommended to use silicate-based. Its key advantage - viscosity. And yes, it is also washable. With it also possible to seal the cracks with a depth and a width of 2 millimeters. And by the way, it produces even domestic company Lakra. silicone paint cost is quite high, but it will serve far more than a dozen years without changing its original color.

From other manufacturers may be mentioned:

  • Dulux;
  • Luxens;
  • Erikollor;
  • Veak.

It is particularly convenient to use silicate paint when painting the mineral surfaces or foam.

American paint for walls and ceilings Pittsburgh paints: advantages

Among US manufacturers of paints for walls and ceilings should allocate Pittsburgh paints, Olympic, Colours. They can be purchased at almost any hardware store. Italian paints is largely inferior to them, for the most part with respect to the diversity and range.

What are the advantages of paints from Pittsburgh paints? Firstly, only a small jar in 2-3 liters can be painted almost every wall in the house. The savings achieved through the unique additives that make the base paint is quite liquid, but with high viscous abilities. It is this quality of the company and became famous in the middle 80s.

Until then, the current it produces water-based paints, giving preference to silicone-based. Just keep in mind that it is necessary to paint through the spray gun. it is not suitable for all conventional rollers.

Pittsburgh paints - American company producing paints that look great even after 5-10 years of usePittsburgh paints - American company producing paints that look great even after 5-10 years of use

Ideal - staining through the compressor at very high pressure (more than 4 atmospheres).

A white paint from Pittsburgh paints made on the basis of silicate resins, which are the most resistant.

It looks like it is always dazzling, even the 5-10 year of operation, and decor based on it can be performed on the following materials:

  • tree;
  • concrete;
  • drywall;
  • plastic (as a part of the classic no solvents);
  • Styrofoam;
  • basalt fabric;
  • metal.

Painting of walls and ceilings with their hands

Having dealt with what kinds of paints used in principle, one should also mention about how to correctly perform the painting with his hands. First, we should start with the fact that it is always necessary to buy a good margin. That is, the need for a bucket of 10 liters in the average home. If you buy from different parties, they may be distinguishable shade several tones. If the desired amount of ink is simply not for sale, do not forget about the possibility to mix it.

For best results paint on the walls should be applied uniformlyFor best results paint on the walls should be applied uniformly

At the same time simple and good dyeing technology - using the gun. Such equipment is not expensive, but it can be and to rent.


  • Low consumption of paint;
  • perfectly flat surface;
  • dyeing speed.

If the spray gun use is not possible, you can use the traditional rolls, but there consumption will almost 2-3 times more. While companies such as expert and gave generally produce emulsions that are ideal for conventional manual spray guns. However, this method can not paint a large area.

Paint expert for walls and ceilings: how to apply

Cosmetic paint class "expert" - is the perfect choice for painting surfaces without first preparing them. It should first paint the ceiling with it in 2-3 layers, and then taken to the walls. In principle, this rule applies to any painting, except that when the ceiling is made of plastic (decorative panels).

Painting of the "expert" is different from the usual:

  • inclusion in the primer;
  • more viscous consistency (it is necessary to penetrate the upper layers of furnish);
  • rapid solidification (only 1-2 hours).

However, it correctly applied - the same spray gun, high pressure (above 3 atmospheres). Such paint is manufactured by Bolars, Lateko, Tikkurila, and many others.

For the unprepared surface, you can use a paint expertFor the unprepared surface, you can use a paint expert

Paint walls and ceiling white: When to use

When choosing white paint should be aware that it has many different shades.

Absolutely snow-white in any case not suitable for indoor use - it does not create a comfortable environment. Under the repair of apartments, or for coloring bath, it is recommended to stop the choice on the optimum shade, which could be related to the cream.

Should not be mixed with solvents it - get ugly halo with a bright center.

White paint is ideal in the following cases:

  • made painting not a large room;
  • ceiling has a whitewash;
  • Decorating the walls and ceiling with RSD.

White paint DULUX ceiling (video)

And, of course, before the acquisition of this or that paint be sure to first read the reviews, those who have already used it. Even if it is a sister (acrylic, for example), its quality varies dramatically between manufacturers.

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