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Obuvnitsa helps to organize the space in the hallwayObuvnitsa helps to organize the space in the hallway prihozheyV stores all outerwear and footwear. Very often in the hallways is not enough space for a full-fledged cabinet. Straddling the unsightly appearance of shoes in the hallway did not look happy, and come to the aid design idea - obuvnitsa the hallway.

Convenient obuvnitsa in the hall: model

Obuvnitsa in the hallway - it is an integral part of the interior. Carefully cleaned shoes does not interfere with the movement of the corridor, besides interior design involves the use of various types of cabinets, which are successfully accommodate a variety of functions in addition to the storage of shoes. Obuvnitsa allows you to keep shoes in order - it is not dust and maintain order in the room directly.

Obuvnits range of models is large and diverseObuvnits range of models is large and diverse

Obuvnits species there are so many:

  • Obuvnitsa Slim;
  • Closed;
  • Rack;
  • outdoor;
  • Obuvnitsa cabinet;
  • Obuvnitsa and drying - dryers.

In addition, obuvnitsy have additional features: soft seat, various lockers trifles, small countertop, and some of them contain the mirror and coat hooks. Under any style of interior design can pick up the necessary furniture as obuvnitsy.

Cheap obuvnitsy the hall: how to choose the best option

Price categories on obuvnitsy quite different. Basically, their cost depends on the design and manufacture of the material. you can buy quite a budget option for high quality, if desired.

Obuvnitsa of plastic has the lowest costObuvnitsa of plastic has the lowest cost

Cheap obuvnitsy the hallway differ material from which they are made:

  1. Plastic obuvnitsy different low cost, relatively lightweight design. Plastic is very easy to clean, does not absorb moisture, but it is fragile and scratches left on him during the operation visible enough.
  2. Obuvnitsa chipboard is quite practical, affordable and popular among buyers. Products of stylish and beautiful, can be matched to any interior design.
  3. Metal obuvnitsa - locker inexpensive, practical and durable option, easy to maintain and very attractive looks in interior.
  4. Articles made of natural veneer.

When choosing obuvnitsy should take into account the number of shoes, which is planned to be put into it, so for large families need obuvnitsa with greater capacity, than for a family of two people.

Bench-obuvnitsa has a seat, it may be that both the soft and hard-surface. shoe storage system is diverse, various shelves, slim, rack cabinets. Color obuvnitsy different and chosen interior design, respectively.

Obuvnitsa closed with a seat in the hall: the depth and options

Closed obuvnitsy give the room a more organized look. Content hidden behind a hinged or sliding doors. Shoes can be stored on horizontal or vertical shelves, depending on the type obuvnitsy. Some species include the combination of straight and angled shelves that can accommodate different shoe models from the summer to the boots with high tops.

Shoes, placed in a closed obuvnitsu requires pre-dryingShoes, placed in a closed obuvnitsu requires pre-drying

Obuvnitsa with a seat in the hall has a sub-species:

  1. Obuvnitsa-boom takes the form of high cabinet with one or two doors, shelves different inclination. It can be installed next to the wardrobe or the seat for the corridor.
  2. Slim obuvnitsy - shallow vertical storage shoe small vestibules such structures will be indispensable.
  3. Obuvnitsa-dresser is always a place to sit. Capacity of such obuvnits small places such construction takes longer than previous versions. The model has additional drawers and shelves for any detail.

Minus closed obuvnits is insufficient ventilation of shoes, so before you put the shoes in a closed obuvnitsu it should be thoroughly dried. Very often obuvnitsy sold as a headset, which includes a wall hanger. Among the most popular models from the manufacturers often can be found on obuvnitsy Stolplit from Ikea, on Megaelton, Auchan. Many furniture factories produce much-needed piece of furniture for the hallway.

The open narrow obuvnitsa a seat in the hall

Open obuvnitsa narrow the hallway with an additional seat is quite popular type of furniture, which is found in the interior. Footwear in such obuvnitsah continuously ventilated, dries faster, which prevents the unpleasant smell from it. However, from the fact that footwear is stored on open shelves on it more than gets the dust.

Shoes in open obuvnitsah well driedShoes in open obuvnitsah well dried

Material for open obuvnits different:

  • Plastic;
  • Metal;
  • particleboard;
  • Tree;
  • Wrought iron.

Of course, the seat is not provided in all species obuvnits, some types of material is not so strong for this. With padded seat obuvnitsy usually made of wood, particle board, forged.

It should be noted that the design of the seat is placed quite a small amount of shoes and place it occupies enough, though narrow. Of course, with enough free space, can be supplemented with an open obuvnitsu closed, which will store shoes Spring and Autumn, and will serve as an open storage of footwear that is worn directly at the moment. The article can be decorated with a mirror.

Plastic cupboard in the hallway obuvnitsa

Plastic obuvnitsa is quite cheap, is quite a budget option for storing shoes. There are closed obuvnitsy kinds of plastic and open. Closed often have the function of the cabinet or cabinets.

Plastic obuvnitsa has a rather fragile structurePlastic obuvnitsa has a rather fragile structure

Obuvnitsa plastic in the hallway has a number of features:

  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Low weight;
  • Different colors.

But do not forget that plastic is not very durable material and can crack upon impact, even insignificant scratches are fairly spoil the appearance of the product. It is also important to the quality of plastic products of poor quality can cause health problems. The plastic cabinet shoes will be completely isolated from the ventilation and should be put back completely clean and dry.

Metal obuvnitsa in hallway

Not less popular metal obuvnitsy. They perfectly decorate the interior and fit the selected style. Can be open or closed. Various forms a perfect fit with a corridor of any size.

Metal obuvnitsa looks beautiful and has a long service lifeMetal obuvnitsa looks beautiful and has a long service life

Metal obuvnitsa the hall can be:

  • forged;
  • Combined with wood;
  • With cushioned seat;
  • locker;
  • Floor;
  • Wall.

Metal obuvnitsy easy to care for, do not absorb moisture. Metal is durable and is not harmful to health. Weight metal obuvnitsy certainly more than plastic, forged products can be made to order, though they are not cheap. Set of forged obuvnitsy and hangers will look very impressive.

Narrow wooden obuvnitsy Hallway: photos

Wood - is a versatile and environmentally friendly material. Products made of wood strong and durable. They can be issued with different threaded into any shape.

Wooden obuvnitsy environmentally friendly and are very popularWooden obuvnitsy environmentally friendly and are very popular

wood material is very diverse:

  • Softwood;
  • solid;
  • Increased hardness.

For soft rocks are cedar wood, fir, chestnut, linden, alder and willow. It is more durable, hard - rock iron birch wood, acacia, yew, dogwood. The most common type of wood -tvordy. This wood is birch, maple, oak, larch, apple, mountain ash, ash.

Products made of walnut wood variety of different natural shades from red-brown to black. The most expensive option - black wood.

A common goal of solid wood products are obuvnitsy birch. It is durable and inexpensive material, however, birch rot and obuvnitsy of its array should be used only in dry areas. Karelian birch is somewhat better, but it is more expensive and ordinary birch.

Excellent performance in oak. Obuvnitsa oak may be gray, yellowish - brown or even white, and it will be natural shades of wood. Products made of oak are very durable, does not warp, is not deformed, well painted and polished.

Obuvnitsy larch and beech are very useful for health, as the material evaporates fitotsidy. Larchwood absolutely does not rot, in contrast, moisture larch only grows stronger longer. Beech products slightly inferior to the strength of larch, but are cheaper, easy to bend and bleached. The most popular color shades wooden obuvnits - bleached oak. This noble shades from pink to purple shades.

The color of dark oak - a rich cognac color, incredibly beautiful and more appropriate in English interior. Conservative color dairy oak does not allow a variety of shades. By obuvnitse in this color should be chosen appropriate shades throughout the interior. Wenge became particularly popular decorative wavy structure harmonizes well with light design solutions.

As is done with his own hands obuvnitsa

Obuvnitsu is quite possible to perform with his own hands. Any difficulties in such a useful piece of furniture there. It is necessary to determine the type, shape and size desired for the manufacture of obuvnitsy own hands. Drawings of all necessary details should be carried out carefully. Peep idea can be on the Internet.

Large spacious family need obuvnitsaLarge spacious family need obuvnitsa

The simplest model for the self-production:

  • rack box;
  • Chest of drawers;
  • Open floor obuvnitsa.

Any size in the production should be well calculated. Even the most simple obuvnitsa able to clean shoes and organize the space hall. Most obuvnitsa-rack well together all the available shoes, but for such a solution requires a rather large hall. The small lobby is quite open obuvnitsu will put a floor. In a very compact embodiment will hallway good angular obuvnitsa.

Undoubtedly, in the hallway obuvnitsa necessary thing. And it is worth it inexpensive. Through a variety of models presented in the furniture market, you can choose a ready option that fits the style and design of the interior. Compact models will not take up much space, and at the same time support the order in the corridor room. The original design of the mountain will not spoil placed on the floor a pair of shoes, a mirror surface on the doors of some species obuvnits serve as an occasion to enjoy in full the newly purchased shoes or boots. In wet weather obuvnitsy-drying will dry soaked shoes and thanks to ultraviolet rays will remove the unpleasant smell. Among obuvnits-dryers is not only the outdoor types, with little hallway space can be bought and wall mounted.

Cabinet for shoes with his hands (video)

It should be noted that obuvnitsa-drying operation using a power and its presence should be provided in the hallway in the form of rosettes low floor. Neat shoes will long serve its owner.

Examples obuvnitsy the hall (photo)

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