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Having a living room in bright colors, you will create a unique design in the roomHaving a living room in bright colors, you will create a unique design in pastel komnateOttenki great fit for the rooms in the English, Scandinavian, classic style and minimalist style of Provence. The use of these palettes provides a huge choice in terms of bold experiments. Options for living in gentle tones great variety, among which you can choose the best option. Interior collection is updated daily - designers work tirelessly.

A small living room: stylish ideas

Living in a gentle light colors, most people associate with comfort and warmth in the house, so a design hall, many buyers prefer to design the interior of his room. With bright colors easier to work with - they are suitable for combination with many other shades in the palette of colors. Beige, camel, gold, ivory - are the main colors to use in creating a bright living room. These colors are acceptable in the living rooms of all sizes.

Floor covering, walls, and furniture should not be discordant with each other in terms of color and texture. Lighting also plays an independent role.

Living in bright colors adds more comfort and warmthLiving in bright colors adds more comfort and warmth

Through the bright colors in the interior of the living room, you can expand the space visually, so this version of the design of the room pick up small size living room. For parquet floor preferably lighter shade darker with the addition of inserts or laminated wood with cream tint. Chandeliers and ceiling lamps, floor lamps and luminaires should be in harmony with the rest of the room accessories, and be in the same style direction. Picture frames, vases, placed on the floor and utensils - everything you need to consider to create a stylish and presentable interior. In this way the living room is light, beautiful and massive furniture of various shapes. Accessories should be combined with tone upholstery.

It happens that a little space to implement their plans to create a living room in bright colors in the apartment. A good way of execution conceived will be a combined kitchen and living room with access to the terrace. In order to expand the space of the room visually, it is most advantageous to put a wall or cabinet, which will be decorated with accents of mirror.

floor design

The main emphasis of the small room is a floor. The color of the flooring, as well as the color of the walls and ceiling at the entrance to the room immediately catches your eye and sets the background throughout the space. Floor made of solid wood shades of golden brown and no longer as popular when compared with softer tones and light. The texture of the surfaces of the room can also be very different.

floor design, each picks up to your tastefloor design, each picks up to your taste


  1. Parquet floor - the perfect choice for living superficially, and it is practical and pleasant to the touch.
  2. Laminate flooring - durable and acceptable at cost.
  3. Self-leveling floor - beautiful, durable, heat-resistant, durable, wear-resistant. It reflects the light and creates the effect of increasing the size of the room.
  4. Floor of granite heated - more suitable for hot climates.
  5. Floor with linoleum floors - cheap and practical for the bright living room. It simply replaced after a service life. Such a floor could be simulated other materials. Gold, gray and white shades - book fit into the interior a bright living room and will not lead to disharmony with the background of the room itself.

Suspended ceiling glossy format for this living room - is a stylish and keeping up with the time variant design. Classic - white canvas ceiling, although color range is rich to create a cozy atmosphere, in addition to dark shades.

Bright living room furniture in a large assortment

By the choice of pieces of furniture in the living room light colors should be approached wisely. The design should be thought out. Bad, if the furniture will blend into the background or space allocated spot. The most appropriate option would be classic style furniture in a room with light-colored walls and the ceiling, because it looks rich, expensive and dignity.

If you decide to make a bright room, and then pick the best furniture light shadesIf you decide to make a bright room, and then pick the best furniture light shades

Furniture of the modules need to buy a little darker vertical surfaces. The optimal combination will be a light to the walls of the room with classic design and cabinetry, decorated mirror surfaces of tempered glass. Upholstery upholstered furniture is preferable to be made of leather, although high-quality upholstery fabric can also look luxurious. Modular sofas and corner types are considered to be the most popular.

After all, they quite simply were transformed in its sole discretion, to move, to change shape.

Top elegance and style as well as functionality, convenience and comfort are sofas that stylized Art Nouveau. As a complement interior large living room - two armchairs. Get involved in a lot of parts and accessories is not necessary, it can weight the interior. Visually, it is necessary to divide the room into zones - a section for guests, leisure and so on.

The bright living room wall - the classic version

Wallpaper monophonic type - this is the optimal solution for the walls a bright living room. There are also paintable wallpaper and they are perfect for the room. Wallpaper in white color is not very acceptable and boring. Beige, ivory, light shades of gray look much more profitable.

The walls can be made lighter by simply using the special wallpaper or paintThe walls can be made lighter by simply using the special wallpaper or paint

In rooms where there is little natural light, creating an artificial, which need special attention. All lights should be in harmony of style and design with the overall interior room. If the living room ceilings are low, then there is a way to fix it by spotlights and ceiling lamps - their use allows you to visually raise the ceiling. In accordance with the needs and the ability to place the furniture, taking into account the combination of colors and textures of all objects in the space of the living room. Rugs, cushions for sofas, curtains, vases and figurines - all important when creating a presentable and comfortable interior room.

These accents can emphasize the dignity of room layout.

The cozy living room in light colors with bright accents

Even a small inclusion of bright colors revives the overall picture of the interior, making it more attractive. Therefore, designers often use such tactics in their work to create the interiors. You need to have some skills - not everyone is able to correct accents.

In modern living, you can easily combine the white walls with bright décorIn modern living, you can easily combine the white walls with bright décor

Problems usually arise in the choice of the primary colors and quantity. If you overdo it with bright colors, the room will look vulgar and cheap. Color accents have identified a number of items. The main color of complementary shades close to it. If the interior is neutral in color, it is possible to enter multiple different color accents. These emphasis should be combined with each other in brightness and degree of saturation. When creating such interiors is necessary to take into account the many nuances and subtleties. If bright colors a little, it is particularly eye-catching. Large room always contains small items that could become such accents - sofa cushions, paintings and so on.

Light colors for the interior of the living room (video)

Given the above, we can conclude - arrange the living room in bright colors is much easier than, for example, bright colors. After all, it is only necessary to combine bright colors without the need for complex design rules and maintain the basic palette. Even without a design skills, have the ability to create at home a bright living room, a cozy atmosphere which will help you relax after a busy day, and will delight family and friends.

Living in bright colors (photo)

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