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Wallpaper in classic style will help you to make a modern and unique interiorWallpaper in classic style will help you to make a modern and unique interior wallpaper at all times is the most popular and sought-after option for wall design. Huge selection of tapestries of classical style can cope with the most demanding and overwhelming at first glance, tasks. Classic wallpaper help, "tasty" and elegant design the interior and give it a special and unique, make it a stylish and modern, individual and harmonious.

Classic wallpaper decor line and its characteristics

Give the room elegance and originality in a classic interior, help well-chosen finishing material for walls. For the optimal choice include classic wallpaper. This option looks great in any interior room, whether it is a flat, house or office. Wallpaper in classic style accentuate the space, making it visually more extensive and exclusive. And also thanks to contrast harmoniously combines elements of decor. Wallpaper in classic style are presented discreet and warm pastel colors. Bright color background are irrelevant.

Classic wallpaper make the interior of your room elegant and beautifulClassic wallpaper make the interior of your room elegant and beautiful

The palette of colors wallpaper in classic style

Classic wallpaper can be presented in the following colors:

  • The yellow;
  • sandy;
  • blue;
  • beige;
  • pink;
  • brown;
  • olive;
  • peach;
  • orange;
  • Lime and others.

In most cases, the classic style wallpaper patterns presented additional neat, clear lines, geometric shapes, curves, swirls multiple. Figure has a definite contrast with the exact location on the canvas.

Classical decor wallpaper is often presented:

  • In a variety of floral motifs. It may be different colors, tree branches, small or large peas, abstract patterns.
  • In the form of vertical stripes. The band on the canvas can be both narrow and rather wide. Its width is exactly the same and no alternates. These wallpapers on the walls give the room an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony.
  • In a Damascus. Repeating shapes blend harmoniously into the luxurious interior and are an additional highlight.

Classic light colors wallpaper remain in vogue todayClassic light colors wallpaper remain in vogue today

Classic relevant at all times. Such areas as Empire, classicism, Baroque, Rococo, and the French and English styles permeated its history and left a mark peculiar to them.

High-quality and expensive material trellis emphasizes restraint and grandeur of classical style.

Modern wallpaper in classic style - a highlight in the interior

Increasingly used in a modern interior wallpaper classical orientation. It is important to observe the fine line between boastful and attempt to create a harmonious and elegant style of their homes. Wallpaper in classic style will help solve the various problems of the room. Namely visually adjust the space, reduce, or on the contrary, increase it. Play of colors help to visually enlarge a small area, to make the room brighter, or vice versa.

Wallpaper in classic style in a modern interior living room or any other room, add some design sophistication. Classic interior always represents the real beauty, ease and charm.

Decorating the walls with wallpaper in classic style will give the room a certain elegance and charmDecorating the walls with wallpaper in classic style will give the room a certain elegance and charm

What to consider when choosing a

  • The major pattern reduces the space;
  • Catchy figure makes the room more comfortable and compact;
  • Small flowers visually expand a small room;
  • Not too wide vertical strip increases the height of the room.

Wallpaper in classic style are smooth, plain and textured.

Embossed wallpaper well conceal small irregularities of the walls.

Wallpaper classic décor options of modern style

The most refined classical interior may look boring, provided that there are no notes of the fashion trends. Actual feel the presence of both ancient and modern furniture, accessories with gold, curtains, embroidered with the features of an old theme.

The correct combination of wallpaper furnished in a classical setting make the room an exclusive and beautifulThe correct combination of wallpaper furnished in a classical setting make the room an exclusive and beautiful

Version of the classic wallpaper for the walls:

  • The use of materials-simulations. For the classic style peculiar to the application of horizontal combining.
  • Isolation of one wall. To focus the main wall can be expensive in a classic style with designer wallpaper. A trellis of the same type, a relatively inexpensive and neyarkimi should be set off this zone.
  • Wallpaper relief structure separate zones make out. These places may be areas in the hallway or living room with pictures, in a bedroom next to the bed or wall recreation area. Such areas are framed by other decorative trim.

For wallpaper classic style inherent consumption of vegetable and floral patterns, geometric motifs, flat and curved lines of different patterns vintage.

Wallpaper in the classical interior should not be complicated in perception. Pattern or fabric pattern should harmoniously perceived against the background of space.

Wallpapers for classical drawing room, which to choose

Living room or hall - a platform for bold decisions and experiments. Classic wallpaper the living room wall must emphasize luxury and pathos of this direction. But not all kinds of wallpaper will be able to cope with this task. Today the market is crowded with a huge assortment of tapestries. They can be distinguished not only by color and size, but also on the density and texture.

Flower wallpapers have always been an excellent choice for classic living roomFlower wallpapers have always been an excellent choice for classic living room

Most sought after and popular:

  • Vinyl wallpaper with paper or non-woven backing. Such wallpaper on the front side can be smooth or embossed. In the second case, an imitation of any surface, including the tissue structure. They are more dense and moisture resistant.
  • non-woven wallpaper - the most practical and versatile material. During the gluing operation and is not deformed.
  • Paper wallpaper on non-woven backing - the most impractical, but for a budget option.
  • textile wallpaper. The base layer of the fabric - the fabric. Due to this factor, the interior looks luxurious and has a certain charm. These wallpapers have a rich and sophisticated look. The only drawback - they can not be washed, and they lend themselves to burnout. And compared to a budget option of the above species, textile wall belong to the elite class.

For living a good option would be the classic flowered wallpaper, a cage or strip. Color tapestries chosen as lighting, décor and furniture tone. To choose the right color and pattern paintings on the walls, a living room will be transformed beyond recognition - will be more solemn and at the same time more comfortable.

In the classic living room is irrational to apply wallpapers. In this case, all attempts to adhere to the trend of the style will be reduced to zero.

Choose wallpaper for classic living room: ideas and options (video)

Classic wall wallpaper - much needed option is not aging, the relevance of which will be in preference for a long time. They perfectly accentuate expensive furniture, maybe even antiques, exclusive elements of a decor, luxurious drapes. It underlined glamor, beauty and elegance. These wallpapers will surely - a win-win solution to issue housing tasteful.

Wallpaper in classic style (photos)


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