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At arrangement of the stairs to the second floor, everything must be left to chanceAt arrangement of the stairs to the second floor, everything has to be thought over to melocheyNa date the construction of a private home is not limited to one floor, so it is necessary to perform the stairs to the second floor to be able to get easy access. It is quite possible to build a ladder of different materials on their own, the most important thing carefully carry out all the required calculations, as otherwise the design can be dangerous and unreliable.

How to make a ladder in a private country house on their own

Construction of internal stairs in a private country house - the process is quite complicated, but it is doable.

When erecting a ladder should:

  • Take into account the interior of the house;
  • Make all the required calculations;
  • Choose the design that will fit in all respects.

To find the most viable option, it is worth pre schematically draw the staircase, which must be in the house or find a ready-made option, which most likely will suit all needs and have adapted to their needs. Before you choose a model stairs to a private home, it is important to calculate all the design parameters. Many wonder what is better to do the stairs.

At arrangement of the stairs on the second floor need to consider the interior of the houseAt arrangement of the stairs on the second floor need to consider the interior of the house

Most often, in a building of the stairs are made of materials such as:

  • Tree;
  • Concrete;
  • Metal.

By its configuration stairs can be straight, helical, or pivoting. In addition, there are also combined variants. The most durable and durable goods are considered to be made of concrete, but it takes quite a lot of time to prepare a solid foundation and production design. Metal structure can be made quite simple, you only need to know the rules of work with welding and wooden stairs can be very easy to do yourself, the most important thing to get acquainted with steps of its manufacturing.

The easiest way to make a direct stairway, as it has a small number of parts and takes up little space completely. Screw design characterized by the fact that they need a small area, they look very elegant, but not always easy to use.

Ladder of several bays is a fairly complex structure, which is problematic to build. This design is perfect for home, where there is a considerable distance between the floors.

manufacturing simple wooden stairs Guide

The simplest device is considered to be a simple odnomarshevoy stairs.

It consists of:

  • stringers;
  • railings;
  • treads;
  • Podstupenek.

To calculate the altitude you must take the distance between the floors and ceilings to add thickness. To fairly quickly calculate what should be flown and the length of the base, initially is to determine the parameters of steps. If the house is small children live, the optimum height of the stairs will be 15 centimeters, and in all other cases it must be equated with 20 centimeters. Do risers higher is not necessary, because recovery will be less comfortable.

Odnomarshevaya staircase - one of the easiest options for laddersOdnomarshevaya staircase - one of the easiest options for ladders

Optimal Step should be 20-30 cm, because if they are wider, the entire structure will take up much more space that may not be entirely comfortable.

There is a step by step guide ladders manufacturing, which necessarily need to adhere to, as this will run pretty high-quality and robust design. For the manufacture of stairs should be selected durable and sturdy wood, since all the elements of the ladder must withstand not only the total weight of the structure, but also people. Of strong cardboard to be cut template that will meet all the parameters of the future staircase, and then from the template to produce wooden elements for the stairs. Then you need to collect all the elements of the stairs and to treat them with antiseptic solutions, covered with paint or varnish.

How to make the ladder quickly and easily from the concrete

If the house has a concrete ceiling of the second floor, you can arrange a simple concrete staircase, which will be durable, and with proper treatment will look very beautiful. You can make a completely concrete stairs in the house, or pour concrete only kosour, and everything else to make of other materials.

For the production of such a ladder is required:

  • Waterproof plywood;
  • Durable timber;
  • fittings;
  • Screws;
  • Concrete solution.

Quickly and easily equip the ladder with your hands can be made of concreteQuickly and easily equip the ladder with your hands can be made of concrete

Construction of concrete stairs requires special attention, so all you need to carefully calculate, as the base must be very durable. You should begin with the formwork assembly, which must be done according to all existing drawings, and given the fact that there should be absolutely no cracks.

The finished formwork must be placed between the floors and to fix using wooden boards. Thereafter, the carcass must be laid inside the reinforcement and pour the concrete prepared substrate solution.

Fill the frame with a solution must be immediately, otherwise the solidity of the finished structure may be compromised. When the concrete hardens sufficiently well, the formwork can be removed and steps periodically pour water to avoid cracking of the concrete. The design should be carefully to dry and then you can proceed to finish the stairs. Check out the finished design can be variety of materials, in particular, you can use wood, stone, tiles and many other materials.

Quick and easy: the construction of the stairs in the private country house, made of metal

Quite interesting and original look homemade ladders made of metal, however, it is necessary to make them a little effort and take into account all the peculiarities of working with this material. To put a ladder made of metal, you must first prepare some materials and tools.

In particular:

  • Steel channel;
  • Metal corners;
  • Welding machine;
  • Sheet metal;
  • File.

Metal ladder in a country house - the design is very robustMetal ladder in a country house - the design is very robust 

Build a ladder must begin with the fact that the channel is cut into pieces and are going to frame. By the side faces of the frame welded corners at regular intervals, which will be equal to the height of the steps. All corners must be positioned exactly parallel to one another. The upper end of the frame is firmly fixed and attached to the upper floor slab and the bottom secured to the floor. Then stage welded sheet iron, as well as rail. At the final stage, the finished structure is processed by special corrosion mixtures. In order not to alter the structure, it is necessary to carry out all the stages in sequence and strictly follow all the rules of its construction.

Advice on how to make yourself a ladder in a private country house: the construction of screw type

Quite interesting and original looks like a spiral staircase, which takes quite a bit of free space. This is a compact design that can be placed even in a small area. The spiral staircase may go from the first floor or the garage, which is very convenient. The best known and most common way of installation of spiral staircases - a step by step stringing steps on the central pillar. Steps may be triangular or trapezoidal.

To build a spiral staircase to take:

  • Steel pipe;
  • Wooden slats;
  • Welding machine;
  • Corners for steps;
  • File;
  • Primer.

Screw-type ladder in any room looks originalScrew-type ladder in any room looks original

The pipe will act as a center pillar, therefore, its length must fully comply with the existing distance between the floors. For greater stability necessary to concrete pipe near the bottom. For manufacturing steps necessary to use the templates made of wooden slats. They need to stick together so that they form a step with the specified parameters. Every step must be fixed to your own pre-prepared cylinders, carefully sanded, primed and painted.

If necessary, and for added convenience, a spiral staircase can be altered to direct construction. Before mounting permanent ladder set timing structure.

What could be the construction types

If you've decided, do the stairs in a private country house, it is necessary initially to determine what design should be.

Before you start to equip the ladder, you must think about its designBefore you start to equip the ladder, you must think about its design

In particular it is possible to distinguish these types of structures such as:

  • On kosour;
  • And rails;
  • Spiral.

The most popular Saddle stairs, as they are suitable for different areas and stylistic decision rooms. Such a device is very robust and ensures safety in its operation. Many prefer to do the stairs and rails, a feature which is considered to be the fact that all construction elements are fastened together by means of special bolts and pins. If necessary, it can be very easy to accomplish its repair and completely dismantled.

Ladder with their hands on the second floor (video)

To make a ladder in a private country house on their own quite possibly the most important thing to strictly follow all the rules and requirements.

Details: staircase to the second floor with their hands (photo examples)

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