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As of today, you can buy not only beautiful, but also safe ladder from trusted manufacturersAs of today, you can buy not only beautiful, but also safe ladder from trusted proizvoditelyaObychno companies try to offer our customers the greatest possible choice, offering variation and combination of different materials. Items can not be created out of the building material, which is sheathed the whole structure - it will give the opportunity to create a modern, creative design. This article will try to talk more about the production, the types of plants and manufacturers.

Factory Stolyarych stairs

Modern Stolyarych stairs factory worked well. The factory produced the typical model, serial stairs. Modern typical ladder includes modules, direct and winder staircases sites.

Modules of solid wood is not hard drawn constructor then butted to each other, and obtained a beautiful staircase and reliable construction.

In industrial, industrial buildings made ladders different geometry, materials and finishes.

Quite popular and in demand are strong ladder Stolyarych factoryQuite popular and in demand are strong ladder Stolyarych factory

The factory produces the design:

  • Economy.
  • Standard.
  • Prestige.

Also stairs differ according to variant fence, because enclosing elements (balusters, posts) can be simple or complicated in production, the cost ladder is different. Stolyarych plant has a positive feedback, customers from Russia noted the high quality and long life of the structure.

The basis for the house of stairs can be:

  • The frame of the open or closed type metal.
  • Concrete.
  • Natural wood.
  • Fastening rails.

Create custom wooden stairs often involves the creation of original designs. If the customer has a desire to become the owner of something very stylish and emphasize the prestige, you can choose the design and rails. Bolz - a fixing of metal stairs that are attached directly to the vertical surface or supporting structure. This staircase looks like air, as if hangs in the air, not visually clutter the space on the premises. The base and the casing are parts ladder. We should not forget the steps, handrails, railings and balusters.

Comfortable ladder PM 91 m

Interstorey opening can be equipped with a ladder. In some cases, this causes difficulties. Most often they occur, when the house is, for example, is still under construction, the project has a place under the stairs is not provided.

It also happens that the suburban area of ​​the house is not big, which makes it possible to mount only a small-sized structure. Ladder PM 91 perfect solution to this problem.

Perfectly into the interior of a small room fits a compact ladder PM 91 mPerfectly into the interior of a small room fits a compact ladder PM 91 m

The design is specifically designed for small houses and has the following characteristics:

  1. The design takes 1130h1220 cm;
  2. Height of stair opening 2700 cm;
  3. Marsh 780 cm;
  4. The slope 50 - 53 degrees.

There are no stairs predstupenkov. Sufficiently steep incline and applying winders provide free space in front of the feet, it will avoid trauma. HP 91m can be right or left, rails are equipped with a comfortable side. The weight that can withstand - 100 kg.

pine wood used to make. Pine array of the most current and popular building material. Pine is resistant to the development of fungi and molds, which contributes to longevity. Pine also very moisture-resistant and virtually no deformation. For the manufacture of ladders LMA 91 m is used only dry, corresponding to GOST wood with a moisture content not exceeding 12%.

Ladder saving design PM 91 m is created as a set of ladder elements. Elements accurately adjusted by parameters and have been grinding for paint or varnish. Pine better varnishing, since the material is light, natural pattern with bright and varnish gives the interior lightness and airiness of naturalness.

Stationary ladder PM 05 m

Wooden ladder PM 05 m as staircase construction PM 10 have demanded by the domestic consumer. It is engaged in manufacturing of a master, work performed by a professional architect. The ladder has predstupenki, structural mass of 135 kg.

Popular and beautiful are stylish wooden staircase made of pinePopular and beautiful are stylish wooden staircase made of pine

Detailed description is as follows:

  • step height - 193 mm;
  • Width march - 0.75 cm;
  • lifting step - 14;
  • Number of steps - 13;
  • Step width - 0.26 cm;
  • Thickness stage - 40 mm;
  • The slope - 37 degrees.

It is made active structure view of pine. Engaged in the production of many factories, both Russia and the Italian example. Need to buy carefully, a good company will always provide a directory to hold a consultation, invite the European level of service.

Modern, reliable ladder Centaure

Centaure - France's leading brand in the market of aluminum equipment for construction and installation works. Brand produces ladders in section 1, 2 and 3 sections. The functional model are divided into those that are used in everyday life and professional. For the first type of structure is easy to care for, the product loyal assistant in a private household.

During construction, many prefer to use a ladder Centaure, as they are characterized by mobility and convenienceDuring construction, many prefer to use a ladder Centaure, as they are characterized by mobility and convenience


  • Easy to use;
  • Mobile;
  • Have a low weight (of the sheet of expanded metal).

Even large three-section ladders weigh very little. A significant advantage is the cost of production of products, it is within reasonable limits.

Centaure for professionals - an indispensable tool for any construction site or another site.

Some consumers buy their home. Also in the line includes transformers stairs, sliding the product on a rope / hand-drawn, are found in the centers of Ikea and other companies in the world. Centaure ladders from the French manufacturer - a reliable equipment for the safe performance of the construction work. Another type of high-grade aluminum ladder is the construction of a transformer Zarges. It has the same performance characteristics as the ladder Centaure.

Wooden stairs Russia

In Russia, produces reliable, high-quality inner lining the wooden stairs that have a high degree of prefabrication.

Nice and original in the interior of a country house will look a spiral staircase made of woodNice and original in the interior of a country house will look a spiral staircase made of wood

Very popular among domestic consumers Stamet stair constructions that may have different configurations:

  • marching;
  • Coil;
  • modular;
  • Attic et al.

The consumer can choose a ready option or made to order from different kinds of wood, it may be pine, or maybe an expensive white maple. Russian producers have proven themselves in the market, offering reasonable prices and high quality stair constructions, such as the Model Magic, Elegant, East.

The latest production of wooden stairs to order

Creation of wooden stairs - a laborious and gradual process that must be carried out under the supervision of professionals. The Russian and the world market produced a variety of options for stair designs that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Exquisite wooden staircase design not only decorate, but also will become a bright accent in the interior spaceExquisite wooden staircase design not only decorate, but also will become a bright accent in the interior space

Thanks to used the newest and most modern methods of creating ladders companies offer quick release dates of stairs made of natural wood.

In addition to the quickest time possible customer always receives high-quality products, the customer feels confident and mood by raising or lowering of its new staircase.

Before production starts stairs, the master must understand what to him:

  • goals;
  • Tasks;
  • Capabilities.

He then selects the type of construction that will be used. Layout selected ladder is made on the basis of floor space. Experienced master produces the desired measurements stairwells. The client can offer their own sketch and design the project, and a reliable manufacturer must take into account any wishes of the client to create the project and manufacture of wooden stairs.

Serial production of stairs (video)

It is worth noting, many do not want to create a project individually, wanting to save finances, preferring ready-made options. It is important to understand that the ready-made solutions do not always fit into the existing dimensions of the room, t. To. They are always different, may be a rectangle, and may be a square, and so on. N. In addition, the savings in money in such cases is very small and has virtually no sense.

Details: modern production stairs (photo examples)

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