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Beautiful arch of the drywall to make home decor modern and practicalBeautiful arch of the drywall to make home decor and modern praktichnymArki long become commonplace in modern apartments. In our time it is not just decoration, but also a very practical solution for apartments, disadvantaged area, where to install conventional door is not rational. Arch look best at the entrance to the dining room, living room, kitchen. The article focuses on the benefits of arch structures, kinds of arches, design options, and will be presented master-class self-erecting decorative element.

The advantages of the modern Interior arches of plasterboard

Arched structures can be created from different types of construction material. This can be gypsum, wood, natural stone, but the most popular budget option and is loved by all designers, decorators drywall.

Gispokartona advantage in ductility that allows you to make an arch of any shape and sizeGispokartona advantage in ductility that allows you to make an arch of any shape and size

The main advantage of the material in the ease of installation and a wide range of decoration options.

By the way, the arch can decorate not only a doorway, it can be arranged as a frame of the niche in the wall, you can also equip the space above the fireplace or cooking surface. Plasterboard supple, versatile material that is used in the decoration and construction.

The material has the following advantages:

  1. The material is elastic, with good ductility. This makes it possible to create the arched design of virtually any shape and size. Make the arch can be their own hands, you do not need to turn to a professional. For installation of a metal profile is required, fasteners and drywall sheets.
  2. Building material is lightweight, easy to install and mount. In addition, it hides the irregularities of the walls in the doorway.
  3. Plasterboard is completely safe for human health. Sheets are made from environmentally friendly materials. Apply it is possible even in children's rooms.

In addition to excellent performance, the design is aesthetic. Landlord can choose any finishing and create a unique design. This can be stucco, wallpaper, coloring. It all depends on the imagination.

Types of interior arches of plasterboard - photo

Arched structures are divided into types based on the style in which they are created. Arch is a versatile element since fits in virtually any style direction, wherein the interior space is formed. Arched design has long been present in the interiors of the East, in a modern design, they received a new breath and original, interesting shapes.

Before you install the arch should first decide on its designBefore you install the arch should first decide on its design

So, if we talk about the kinds of arches, the conditionally can be divided as follows:

  1. Classical Roman arch. Such arch is formed as a structure width, which is equal to the width of the door opening. The arch is decorated with a set in a semicircle. As decoration such arches used plaster, stucco, or elements of natural wood. Ideal for classic interiors, for rooms with high ceilings.
  2. Modern stylistic direction - modern. Arch Art Nouveau is a great option for small apartments with low ceilings. Its vault has beautiful flowing lines and a truncated radius, allowing room visually stretches.
  3. Slavyanskaya. Universal version, suitable for any interior. arch design is simple in shape, slightly flattened corners.
  4. Arched design in oriental style. Such arch has a shape resembling a pointed dome. If the room design is scheduled to perform in a Moroccan style, the eastern arch of the ideal solution.
  5. Thai arch. In Thai arch structure has one feature, it is bevelled on one side only. This arch elegantly complements both Eastern and extra modern interiors.
  6. Trapezoidal arch. The design has tapered chamfered corners, which looks elegant if their zadekorirovat wooden elements. According to the designers, it is a great option for the classic English interior or private homes.
  7. Arch portal is not round, it is the standard frame of the doorway, which is often decorated with stained glass. See the original and saves space in a small apartment.
  8. Arch can be shaped niche. This design is not part of the doorway, she created close to the wall in order to make the setting for TV, bookshelves, fireplace and so on. D.
  9. Arch shaped. Design, made in the most incredible forms look great in modern interiors. Drywall allows you to create the most fantastic designs.
  10. Oval and round arch. Great idea for rooms with high ceilings, no. Design smoothes the corners, making the opening round or oval. The perfect solution for ultra-modern interiors.

Door arch made of plasterboard - photo design options

Contents arch structure can be different. Depending on the overall style direction in which the flat is made and functional purpose can be implemented, the most unexpected decor.

In order to save space in the room, you can install the door a plaster archwayIn order to save space in the room, you can install the door a plaster archway

Classic and style directions Baroque, Empire, classicism provide for registration of curly plaster moldings. Check out the arch can be shelves for books, it will help to achieve space saving.

Also decorate the arch:

  • tree;
  • mosaics;
  • brick;
  • Artificial and natural stone.

A great option for the modern interior - Arch with illumination. This design looks stylish and original. Additional lighting will not be superfluous, especially if the arch is arranged between the room and the hallway. Decor should not be much, but the arch in the style minimalism and high-tech do not need to decorate.

How to make arch of the drywall in the doorway with his hands

Production arch can be conducted in two ways. The first - a direct chiselling the wall for the preliminary drawing, a semicircle. The second - the deliberate embedding the top of the doorway with sheets of drywall, giving it the shape of an arch. Consider the second option to create an arch with their hands. This method is important for the apartments with high ceilings. The first thing to do is to prepare the material and tools.

Before placing the arch of the drywall, you need to prepare in advance the tools and materials to workBefore placing the arch of the drywall, you need to prepare in advance the tools and materials to work

To work need:

  1. Knife on metal.
  2. Metal profiles.
  3. Fasteners.
  4. Sheets of drywall.
  5. Level.
  6. to mark marker.
  7. Thread or a compass.
  8. Jigsaw.

When everything is ready, you should begin the installation. The first step - is the application of markings. The following is the doorway to arrange metal profiles. Formed rectangle, considering the maximum size which is equal to the radius and the minimum size of a semicircle in its upper point. When the frame under the arch element is done, you can do markup drywall.

It should be cut rectangular sheets that are equal in height to the radius of the arch of the future, and on the width of the doorway.

Then, it is necessary to secure the sheets to the frame and using the draw thread or a compass semicircle. Next, the sheets should be removed and cut a half-circle with the help of the jigsaw. The next step - fixing on the screws. When the structure is assembled, it is necessary to make and fasten the end of the arch. Use drywall, but to bend it, you need to perform nadpily on the surface of the sheet, so that the fragments that are formed, strengthened only by the paper on which it is glued. To do the work necessary to very carefully, so the work is not broken. The final stage will be finishing.

Installation of interior arches of plasterboard (video)

So, the options are many, and it is a matter of taste. Arches are always in fashion, in spite of fashion trends. In addition, the arch makes the room wider, increasing each separately functioning zone, leaves it in its place, creating an atmosphere of comfort and harmony in space.

Design of interior arches of plasterboard (interior photo)


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