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Zoning of the room by using the plasterboard partitions is quite popular todayZoning of the room by using the plasterboard partitions is today quite populyarnymRazdelenie premises using drywall people began to use recently. This allows not just zone the room visually, but also create additional space. Modern designers offer a variety of design options for plasterboard. The structure may be any geometric shape, sequentially or in form of a conventional recess as arches or any other element. If competently approach to this case, it is possible, even in a small apartment with one room issue with the use of space.

Plasterboard types of zoning

Designers share two types of design rooms using drywall. Each of them performs its functions, depending on what size room. This can be a decorative piece or a complete wall.

Define two main types:

  1. Open zoning;
  2. Closed zoning.

open zoning perfectly suited for small spacesopen zoning perfectly suited for small spaces

In the case of an open-type design of the room is carried out decorative elements. Plasterboard partition includes recess or through shelf column.

Plasterboard structures allow to translate into reality the most original ideas. Divide the room into several zones or to create additional living space.

Using a closed type of room zoning, you can create two separate rooms. Therefore, the planning and design should be approached with the utmost responsibility. The design, which divides the two zones will be a full wall with a doorway. Moreover, it will close the communication, if need be, or allow to build a small cache, it is possible to cover the painting. Some drywall partitions complemented by decorative trim and functional elements with backlight.

What are the advantages of zoning rooms with plasterboard

Not all the apartments meet the requirements of the tenants. I wish that the room was as comfortable and cozy, comfortable and functional. That is why and come up with zoning drywall to make a reality of all their ideas.

Modern designers everywhere use these solutions, transforming any room. Not only that, all you can do with your hands, most importantly, decide on the purpose and result.

The advantage of drywall is that it allows you to quickly transform a room and make it more practical and functionalThe advantage of drywall is that it allows you to quickly transform a room and make it more practical and functional

A huge number of ideas make a cardboard partition indispensable in the design of the room. The design can provide through a niche, additional lighting, or built-in wardrobe. It all depends on what style decorated room, and what task is pursued.

The advantages of plasterboard structures include:

  1. Flexibility of the material. Due to this quality, you can create a variety of shapes as a partition.
  2. product stability. If the installation of partitions has been performed correctly.
  3. Plasterboard wall can be decorated at will. To do this, use a finishing finishing material.
  4. An additional opportunity to conduct electricity to the structure, as well as an extra outlet. The same goes for lighting.
  5. The plasterboard wall you can set not only an aquarium, but also a wardrobe, as well as a decorative fireplace. He will be a real decoration of the room.

Among all these positive aspects, there are two flaws in the drywall. Firstly, it can not be rearranged just like that. Required repairs. Second, the structure can prevent natural light to penetrate to the entire territory of the room.

Ideas of how to divide a room plasterboard original and simple

Often found in a residential area of ​​plasterboard partitions. They help to arrange space for maximum benefit. Ideas room zoning allow to translate into reality the most original imagination of designers.

Work related to the installation of drywall partitions, heavy and time-consuming. They are best done if you plan to repair or other finishes.

Set the partition of the drywall can be their own hands, the main thing - to think in advance the construction designSet the partition of the drywall can be their own hands, the main thing - to think in advance the construction design

Depending on what kind of configuration will design, it is fixed to the wall or ceiling. There are plenty of original ideas on how to zone the room by using the plasterboard partitions.

Here are some options:

  • Decorative partitions. It can separate living room and bedroom. For one room to fulfill a decorative role. For the second bedroom, provide a place for creating a decorative fireplace.
  • A separate partition. He will divide the room into two rooms, include a niche for TV or bookshelves. If on the one hand a bedroom, then this side can be used as a headboard.
  • Partition, supplemented with through shelves. Excellent will be in harmony with the design of the aquarium or terrarium.

There are the usual drywall, which only separates the room into two rooms. Such a construction can be issued in an original and at the same time simple. Make it half transparent or decorate different amounts of non-standard parts. Add neon or LED lights.

rooms division of plasterboard: photo and secrets

This versatile material is used during any repair work. This is no accident. His positive qualities to justify the demand. Plasterboard line the walls or build new ones, create false ceilings or partitions fishnet.

Plasterboard is quite plastic material, therefore it can make the partition of any shape and sizePlasterboard is quite plastic material, therefore it can make the partition of any shape and size

For what qualities are choosing drywall for a room Zoning:

  • Eco-friendly material;
  • Easy installation design;
  • Affordable price;
  • Material can be shaped and cut;
  • A large assortment. Therefore, for each room you can find a suitable option. For example, moisture resistant or superlist and refractory.
  • The material is not only lightweight, but also durable.

This is a small list of positive qualities, which have drywall. Thanks to them, the material is very popular, with regard to the division of the room.

Besides all this, install plasterboard wall to your taste and choice can be their own hands.

Perform zoning plasterboard room (video)

Buy wooden partitions, screens, of course easier. But plasterboard structures - it is almost a full wall, it allows you to divide the space fully. On this basis we can say with full confidence that the drywall is suitable for zoning premises could not be better. It will optimally and dramatically change the existence of the occupants of the room, where it will be.

Examples of plasterboard room zoning (photo in the interior)

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