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Often, in a private house hallway atypical form that requires a special approach to its designOften, in a private house hallway atypical form that requires a special approach to it oformleniyuKoridor in apartments and private home - the very place where the first fall away. It is important to try to make it functional, beautiful and cozy. corridors can often be quite unusual and intricate form, so it is difficult to think about and create a really beautiful and functional interior.

The stylish design of corridors and hallways in apartment

Before you proceed with the finishing work, be sure to properly consider the interior design. In addition, when choosing the most appropriate design of the interior hallways definitely need to take into account the purpose of the room. With the help of various kinds of methods can make the room a trendy, stylish and relevant. For many hall it is extremely functional areas, so its design, few people attached particular importance. Although this does not correct, as the corridor is very important to the overall perception of the whole apartment.

It is desirable that colors the hallway, corridor and other rooms were in the same style vyderzhennaIt is desirable that colors the hallway, corridor and other rooms were in the same style vyderzhenna

The corridors can have very different shapes, in particular, they are:

  • rectangular;
  • square;
  • narrow;
  • Corner.

Corridor to look stylish and unique, it is necessary to be creative in the design of this room. It is desirable that the hall was completed in the same stylistic decision with the rest of the room, because only in this case it will be perceived harmoniously. The passages between the chambers are made interesting and original wallpaper with a beautiful large pattern, stylish design of the walls, paintings and small pieces of furniture. To link the hall with the rest of the room, you must enter the corridor decorative element, which in its color will be the same, as well as some elements of the room. Thus, the design of interior spaces will be sustained in a unified style.

Important! When choosing finishing materials and style of furnishing the hall, it is necessary to take into account the general stylistic decision of the entire apartment.

Finishing materials for the design of simple design corridor

Stylish and original design solutions can be applied to the arrangement of the interior in the hallway.

Initially, you need to choose the finishing materials for the design:

  • walls;
  • ceiling;
  • Paul.

Properly selected materials allow visually enlarge the space of a small hallwayProperly selected materials allow visually enlarge the space of a small hallway

Initially, you need to pay attention to the decoration of the walls and floor in the hallway. This must be done because the corridor is often quite small and only well-chosen finishing materials will help visually expand the space of the room. To visually expand the space corridor, should be used for the finishing paint or wallpaper light shades. The wallpaper can be horizontal, several extended pattern.

Particular care should be chosen floor covering. It must be resistant to moisture and easy to clean, as in the hallway most contaminants. The ideal embodiment will tile which will be of one color with the walls. You can take the building materials a few shades darker. You can paste over the wall photo wallpaper with the image of different animals, scenic nature and the urban landscape. Photo wallpaper is best used to finish only one wall, as otherwise, interior corridor will be quite heavy.

As the finishing materials for the ceiling, you can use glossy stretch fabric, which will be more visually expand the room. In addition, you can use drywall, with which you can create incredible designs.

Thus, you can create a fairly simple, but at the same time very stylish interior hallway. Almost every designer prefers to use the most simple variants corridor decoration.

What furniture to choose when the design of the corridor in the house and apartment

Original real projects hallway interior design to create a completely not difficult.

Most importantly choose wisely:

  • Decoration Materials;
  • Lighting;
  • Furniture.

Well chosen wardrobe will decorate the hallWell chosen wardrobe will decorate the hall

An excellent solution for the corridor will become a functional and spacious wardrobe, which will not only fulfill the basic function, but also serve as an additional decoration. Such furniture as a wardrobe in the hall will help to hide from prying eyes clothes, shoes and accessories. To visually expand the space, you can install closet with mirrored door.

If the corridor is too small or narrow, and there is no way to put the closet, you can use the modular shelves that look very stylish and are functional. In the hallway, as furniture, you can use an ottoman, narrow tables and chests of drawers and many other interior items. Very stylish will look beautiful picture that you can decorate the walls.

How to perform a corridor design in your own apartment: zoning

No matter for what kind of apartment studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment under renovation in the hallway, finishing work is necessary to competently carry out, as well as to pick up the furniture and lighting. To make a narrow and elongated corridor visually less and give it a particular style, it is necessary to competently carry out zoning of the room and pick up the lighting.

Proper zoning hall will give the room a particular styleProper zoning hall will give the room a particular style

The visual effect achieved through multiple stylistic devices, namely:

  • Differences of the ceiling;
  • Applying different in texture finish wall;
  • Performing arches;
  • The correct selection and arrangement of lighting devices.

Visually expand the space and zone the corridor wall sconces help to be positioned opposite each other. This technique will help to visually enlarge the distance from floor to ceiling and wall to expand the space. The main source of illumination is best used with the light bulb, which is as close to natural light.

As an additional source of light should use lamps with directional light. These lights are used to illuminate the individual objects of the interior, as well as part of the wall. It is best to position the mirror between the lights.

Such zoning techniques are ideal not only for the hall in the house, but also for the office space.

Design hallways corridors depending on the stylistic direction

Design hallways can be quite stylish and original, the most important thing competently approach to the design of the corridor space.

When choosing the most appropriate stylistic solutions in the design of the corridor, it is necessary to pay attention to such styles as:

  • Classic;
  • Minimalism;
  • High tech.

In the hall in the style of hi-tech welcomed the presence of monochrome posters on the wallsIn the hall in the style of hi-tech welcomed the presence of monochrome posters on the walls

To the corridor was a stylish and harmonious, you must correctly choose the color and stylistic decision room. Classic design of interior luxury and suggests the presence of a large number of elements made of wood. When making a hallway in a classical style, the lower part of the walls should be decorated with wood paneling, and the upper part of the draw better pictures.

Intelligent classic implies a presence of the corridor large number of shelves and racks. This interior choose for themselves mainly people of creative professions and intellectual labor.

If the hall is made in the style of hi-tech, in this interior is best to arrange a large number of beautiful pictures and posters, made in black and white. In addition, all building materials must be performed in a simple style. It is necessary to avoid a large number of decorative elements, as for this interior has a certain rigor.

Corridor Design: 15 Ideas (video)

Now quite popular are vinyl stickers that fit perfectly into any interior completely, and it will become a decoration. corridor design - can be a challenge, so you need to intelligently approach the issue, taking into account every nuance perfectly.

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