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Finishing the ceiling paneling - it is both a great, practical and cost-effective solution for any roomFinishing the ceiling paneling - is both a great, practical and cost-effective solution for any pomescheniyaVarianty design ceiling in the apartment today, fortunately, are not forced to rush between a couple of ways. There are many more, and one of them - lining. Responses about it fairly positive, but, of course, important moment, where and from whom you acquired the battens. Quality finish obtained only by purchasing certified products.

The process of finishing the ceiling lining

Make the ceiling and can be yourself, by following technology and good material will succeed.

The process looks like this:

  • Prepare the ceiling, remove the old coating, which should be primed if necessary;
  • Next, you need to mount the frame (lathing - the second name of the frame), and is attached to it paneling, here spend wiring branch to set the lighting;
  • Further itself mounted wall paneling, fixtures are placed;
  • Mounted plinth, if necessary, the varnished surface.

Molded vypuskaetsyav a long and wide panels which are assembled joint in a joint, thereby providing adequate security and aesthetic coatingMolded vypuskaetsyav a long and wide panels which are assembled joint in a joint, thereby providing adequate security and aesthetic coating

Very nice to look ceilings are wooden house. However, today there are also metal wall paneling, aluminum, plastic. Lining But no accident is considered one of the most attractive materials. This is a classic design, with natural materials, colors and styles.

If you practice ekostilya or rural flavor in the interior, you should not choose a two-level ceilings, not simply whitewashed with chalk ceiling, and not expensive decoration (such as seamless lining - suspended ceiling), namely Lining.

Metal paneling on the ceiling (rails)

This is a good option for rooms with high humidity. It does not rust, is easy to care for racks, covering a fairly durable.

It is noteworthy that the color of the metal lining can be anything - it does not need it to paint, colors of finished rails rich.

This way not only to align the ceiling, cover it with original decor, but also to change the design space.

Mounting metal lining

  • Decide on the length. Vymerte distance between the walls, this distance from the subtract half a centimeter. This will be the length of lining. It needs to be cut with special scissors for metal.
  • Begin installing metallic linings, it can be placed on either side. If the rack is too wide and in some cases does not fit, it can be cut.
  • When installing linings are pressed against the stringers to make it a better grip;
  • Between the rails, the joints are gaps, they closed the special tabs.

Battens easiest to cut out special scissors for metalBattens easiest to cut out special scissors for metal

Of course, do not forget to hold the light, and can be connected LED strips and spotlights.

Updated the ceiling painting of lining

You can linings and dyeing. Once upon a time it was fashionable to use the active white color in the interior, and painting boiled down to this. Today is not just paint in the most unexpected colors and shades, but even make the picture on the bunk. However, it is closer to the hand-painted, and found yet so often.

Painting lining used antiseptics (for cover and glazing), acrylic and oil paints, alkyd paints, Acrylic akvalaki.

Instructions step by step:

  • Cleaning the surface of the former composition, dust and dirt. Do not do this, it is necessary to fill the first bumps - just paint exfoliates, and all will have to do again. Do not forget to degrease, to paint a good bond with the surface.
  • Sand the surface - will suit the usual pumice;
  • Apply an antiseptic-primer, it will make the coating more durable;
  • And, finally, the painting lining - it covers a paint or clear antiseptic. the minimum thickness of the layer, use a brush or roller, at least - gun.

Before painting bunk polished with sandpaperBefore painting bunk polished with sandpaper

The paint must be so calculated to put three layers. First a thin layer of dry, then the second thin layer. And there will be seen on the circumstances, whether the third finishing layer is needed.

Headliner for advice clapboard

When the products are sorted, battens are divided into types, more precisely - the variety. This sort of "Extra", A, B and C. The last three varieties for finishing the ceiling is not suitable - a ceiling decorated by them will not meet the aesthetic requirements.

You take only class "Extra" - there is selected board in perfect quality.

For finishing ceilings can use the following methods:

  • On the ceiling of the porch, the attic, the bedroom looks interesting styling boards with a small gap. However, it does not have to take the normal battens and laths.
  • You can also use colored oil for the impregnation of wood - they feed the board, protect it from moisture, give the desired hue, but the relief is not hiding.
  • We can take conventional oil- or water-emulsion paint, ceiling and transformed.

Such a simple measure such as lining staining, ensure long service life of woodSuch a simple measure such as lining staining, ensure long service life of wood

But to transform the overall design of the ceiling and can be due to the additional interior techniques, for example, decorate the ceiling of special beams.

How to paint the wood for lining and whether

Masters know how to self-toned wood. Dry formulations or stain diluted with water, and the concentration of the composition of the wood is brought to the desired pitch.

For toning the light-colored wood, you can use:

  • Walnut shells - to obtain a dark brown tone;
  • onion peel - to light brown in color;
  • apple bark - to brown tone;
  • Immature fruits of buckthorn - for yellow;
  • shoots poplar - to orange shades;
  • willow bark - for chocolate hue.

Well, dark wood toned copper and zinc solution, sulfate, manganese, ammonia. Obtained as a result of shades that will not allow chemical dyes.

Finishing the ceiling paneling (video)

Metal mirror wall paneling, plastic Lining and quite relevant, and can use them in the living room and in the office, and in the decoration of the veranda.

A good choice and high quality finish!

Design ceiling of the lining in the interior (photo)


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