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Two-color wallpapers are popular finishes viewsTwo-color wallpapers are popular type otdelkiProdumanny beautiful and unique interior spaces - a competent combination of all its components, in particular: the ceiling; walls; furniture; floor. Combined with the need as a variety of textures and colors. The most popular type of finish is the two-tone wallpaper pasting them. The construction market is widely filled with a huge variety of this type of material. However, it is worth noting that the more choices presented wallpaper, so much harder to make the right choice. Wallpaper manufacturers produce such collections, which are widely represented wallpaper companion. They mainly combines texture and some specially selected colors.

How to combine the two types of wallpaper in one room

To achieve the most interesting creative solutions interior, you need to know certain rules required a combination of wallpaper and two more colors.

Wallpaper with vertical stripes visually increase the spaceWallpaper with vertical stripes visually increase the space

To perform a competent registration wallpaper creative room in two colors, it must be remembered that:

  1. Vertical stripes visually increase the room number;
  2. Horizontal stripes help to expand the space, but it makes the ceiling below;
  3. Wallpaper with a rather large figure are ideal for large rooms, because they will reduce the number of space in a small room;
  4. Small patterns is ideal for small rooms;
  5. For small sized rooms and rooms with insufficient lighting should be chosen wallpaper enough bright colors, which should be somewhat lighter floor;
  6. Okleivaya wallpapered walls, selected from different collections, it is necessary to take into account the thickness thereof, it should be substantially the same because the sheets are glued precisely butt;
  7. Picking up two shades of the wallpaper for one room, you need to consider their compatibility in the interior.

For the intelligent combination of several colors of wallpaper, a few different options should be chosen wisely, will help create the perfect room design.

Stylish Decorating the walls with wallpaper two colors

Properly thought-out wall decoration wallpaper of two different colors, allowing make the room much more stylish and sophisticated. By using a different color or wallpaper pattern beautiful room can be distributed into two or more separate zones. Dual Wallpaper help to identify the area for recreation, work and play area in the nursery. Using a combination of two colors can be advantageous to emphasize significant part of a residential room space.

Stripes and patterns on the wallpaper should be one color gamutStripes and patterns on the wallpaper should be one color gamut

In order to properly assemble two kinds of wallpaper, fabrics need to be alternated with each other. The strips may be formed only in one color and differ solely pattern, or to create a certain contrasting alternation quite dark and light inserts.

In the modern interior look beautiful glued horizontally striped wallpaper that help to create certain dynamics in the room. However, it is worth remembering about the visual effect of horizontal stripes, because they expand the space, but it underestimates ceilings.

Classic is always in fashion, so for fans of classical interiors are best suited horizontal separation walls two types of wallpaper with a specific border.

It can be made of:

  • paper;
  • wood;
  • Polyurethane.

If the room ceiling is not high enough, then the wallpaper darker colors need to glue the bottom and light - at the top. This will help to visually make the ceiling higher. For rooms with high ceilings should be used strictly opposite option.

How to combine two types of wallpaper to create a well-thought-out interior

The clever design of the walls, wallpaper made of two colors, gives an excellent opportunity to emphasize the individuality of the interior, as well as help to make it more comfortable and harmonious.

Wallpaper two colors help to correct imperfections planWallpaper two colors help to correct imperfections plan

To bring its own flavor to the design of the room and correct imperfections plan, you just need to intelligently combine two-colored wallpaper. In addition, the combination will add a room of space and volume.

Decorative finishing walls must be carried out only after careful alignment surfaces. When aligning surfaces is not always possible to properly mask the disadvantages that may become conspicuous already in operation. Hide flaws by using darker shades of wallpaper. Against the background of this design will be less noticeable dents and projections.

If darker shades do not fit into the overall design of the room, it is possible to eliminate the existing shortcomings in using various types of textured wallpaper. To make the interior more elegant, you can combine different shades, selecting the most interesting options. When choosing the most suitable colors and textures, it is worth remembering that the choice of color and type of wallpaper should be based directly on the specifics of the room.

Properly chosen combination of colors wallpaper will additionally compensate for improper lighting. The area where the light gets too bright, it is necessary to paste over dark colors strictly with a matte surface. If the room is the lack of lighting, you need to use the wallpaper with glossy reflective surface.

How does using two-color design wallpaper can be emphasized

With the help of one or several colors, you can emphasize the individuality of any room design. The interior of the room is very important to correctly pick up the nuances of wallpaper, which will favorably influence the degree of comfort and harmony at home.

Stylistic design wallpaper two shades conveys a special room saturationStylistic design wallpaper two shades conveys a special room saturation

Given the diversity of styles, accessories and furniture choices do not always use the same shade of wallpaper allows you to completely convey all the subtleties and individuality of the room design.

In addition, you can combine the color in its sole discretion.

Stylistic design wallpaper two shades helps to convey a special richness and individuality of the room, which is especially important in the rooms intended for the reception.

With proper combination of colors can be significantly transform room practically unrecognizable. Thus, it is possible to visually correct shape and size of the premises. When using two shades of wallpaper, you can draw the walls in a completely any style. To give the room personality, you can fill the interior is quite catchy and bright colors.

The design of the walls with wallpaper in two colors (video)

The main colors should be used no more than three colors, which will help to play on the pitch and decorate the room. However, when choosing wallpaper is necessary to select only one texture or color.

The design of the walls with wallpaper in two colors (photo)

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