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The ceiling in the living room should match the design of the roomThe ceiling in the living room should match the design komnatyMir ceiling design is developing very fast nowadays. The fact that the ceiling - this field to implement almost any interior fantasies! After all, the ceiling - it is free from furniture area, which should contain only lights. In the living room you can afford a bright and unusual design, as this room is a gathering place for friends and family. nice to spend time here for a noisy conversation or favorite hobby.

Making the ceiling in the living room: the photo of the ceiling plasterboard

Plasterboard is distinguished from other materials by its versatility. Many benefits that can give some or other ways to arrange the ceiling, combined in a suspended plasterboard ceiling.

Drywall - a sufficiently elastic material, which will help you to easily hide the flaws of the ceilingDrywall - a sufficiently elastic material, which will help you to easily hide the flaws of the ceiling

The advantages of plasterboard ceilings:

  • Ability to hide the shortcomings of the existing ceiling.
  • Suspended ceiling to easily accommodate all the available wiring and lines of communication, as well as lighting.
  • Obtained as a result of the ceilings go perfectly smooth and even.
  • Low cost. Plasterboard is significantly lower in cost than PVC or stretch fabric ceilings.
  • Heat and noise insulation possible, if put special material between the ground and the ceiling plasterboard.
  • Possibility of design ideas are not limited to, if you do plasterboard ceiling. It can be installed in several layers, paint, paste and so on.
  • Plasterboard is eco-friendly and safe for people of all ages and animals.
  • Unlike film Stretch ceiling drywall - is a durable material, and it is resistant to high temperatures.
  • The possibility of self-installation for people with little experience in the construction and repair.

With such advantages drywall easily pulled in the leaders among the materials for the ceiling decoration.

Plasterboard is ideal for you if you want to hide the shortcomings of the existing ceiling by a beautiful and high quality surface quickly, easily and inexpensively. Remember that it is not necessary to hang drywall, if the ceiling has a height of less than 2.5 meters.

Of course, not everything in this world is perfect. Shortcomings in plasterboard are also available. In order not to be exposed to illusions and not to rush headlong into building the store for sheets of drywall, it is recommended to read and outs of cardboard-gypsum structures.

Drywall in the living room will help make your ceiling is a unique and creativeDrywall in the living room will help make your ceiling is a unique and creative

Cons plasterboard ceiling:

  1. Suspended ceiling hides the height of the walls. Anyway, in the apartments of the ceilings are not very high. This can be a serious obstacle to the installation of the suspended structure on the ceiling.
  2. Exposure to moisture. The living room is rarely humid, but if you want to arrange the ceiling in the studio apartment, where the kitchen is not allocated to a separate room, you should make sure that the moisture from the cooking liquid does not touch the dishes drywall.
  3. If there is a possibility Gulf neighbors on top, installing drywall is also undesirable. After the incident, it will require the full or partial replacement of the ceiling.
  4. In new houses, where the drawdown of the building, plasterboard has the risk to crack or warp like something else.
  5. If you are not subjected to a ceiling painting or pasting, you can not expect that the drywall will remain crisp white forever! This material is subject to color change when exposed to light, moisture and time.

How to make the ceiling in the living room: the most successful photo design options

In fact, modern technologies allow to carry out any idea into the field of interior design. But it has its own traditions in each industry. Professionals recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the options design ceiling in the living room, which received the most widespread among people.

Before making plasterboard ceiling in the living room, you must first decide on its design and lightingBefore making plasterboard ceiling in the living room, you must first decide on its design and lighting

What options are ceilings in the living room are the most successful:

  • The absolute leader among the ways to design ceiling in the living room is a white matt ceiling. To achieve this result in several ways. You can do the suspended ceiling made of cloth or hang drywall, covering it with matte paint. Because conventional embodiment often selected ejection ceiling with subsequent painting or whitewash.
  • Gloss is also popular for the decoration of the ceiling in the living room. Gloss may be constructed of PVC film tensioning or film may be adhered to existing non glossy surface. There is also a high gloss paint.
  • around the perimeter of the level. An excellent elegant embodiment for square or rectangular seating is to provide a small protrusion around the room, the ceiling framing. This level is often put in the spots, which creates additional lighting in the living room.
  • Pattern. If the style of your living room allows you to introduce an element of decoration, then let in to the room experiment! Cute patterns on the ceiling - it does not cause excessive, and fashionable and trendy element of the interior.
  • Corners and waves. To the ceiling looked really unusual, it is possible to consider the option of creating a wave-like ceiling or a ceiling with exposed corners. Pay attention to the height of the walls: it should be sufficient to decoration looked organically, and not create a sense of space sverhzamknutogo.
  • Sky. Nature theme is very popular in modern interior design. The upper part of the space is always a characteristic association: the sky. Create a celestial painting on the ceiling with the help of photo printing, wallpaper hanging or complex designs using LEDs to simulate the stars. Like night and day the sky will look amazing on the ceiling in the living room.
  • Geometry. Ability to create multi-level ceiling has made a breakthrough in the world of artistic ideas interior designers! Pofantaziruet you, coming up with geometric patterns for positioning multilevel constructions for the ceiling surface in the living room.

Whatever the ceiling in your living room, high or low, you can make a fashionable and colorful design of its ceiling, choosing the appropriate option.

Design ceiling living area 2017: modern ideas

For each course in fashion and design has its trends. World ceiling trim also moves with the times, and the new 2017 we expect the trends that are so nice to let into your living room!

Gypsum ceiling is able to perfectly complement the design of the living room and highlight its uniquenessGypsum ceiling is able to perfectly complement the design of the living room and highlight its uniqueness

Key trends in 2017:

  1. Natural materials. environmental ideas in all, the conquest of Europe, and are transferred to our stay by. Ecology - is the use of natural materials or their imitation. So, in the trend of the season will be the ceiling, simulates a carved stone. The tree, of course, perfectly fit into the interior of a country house.
  2. Geometry. When it comes to design and pattern, then in 2017 there will be alternatives: only clear geometric lines. Compliance with the laws of geometric proportions and construction of figures will be key to the trend of the pattern on the ceiling surface.
  3. Metal. Returning to the subject of imitation materials, pleasantly reminded of stretch ceilings of satin, which miraculously like a metal, which is also a trend in the year 2016-2017. Brass, copper, tin - choose a shade that will come to you and to your interior best.
  4. Minimalism. 2017 away from the lush decor, so close trends in 2015. Now at the top of the table stands simplicity, modesty and practicality. Minimalism against ceiling surface will be the embodiment of this tendency.
  5. Flora and fauna. If you like to decorate, then stop your choice on the world of animals and plants. Image of flowers, fruits, fish, chanterelle and the like, may look a little infantile and cartoonish, but may instead be realistic and thoughtful. Consider this trend, and the ceiling will be the main decoration in the living room.
  6. Folklore. National consciousness is reborn through the interior design! Folk motifs revived in images and patterns on different surfaces - this is an absolute trend in 2017. Select the motives that match your state of mind.

Artsy appeal multicolored ceiling remained in 2015. Today we meet practical and discreet ceiling design options for living.

Fashion style: select ceiling under the direction of the interior living room

Modern fashion determines not only the individual trends for ceiling surfaces, but also highlights the stylistic direction. Which are the most preferred in the coming year.

Design gypsum ceiling should be chosen so that it is a distinct addition to the interior of the guest roomDesign gypsum ceiling should be chosen so that it is a distinct addition to the interior of the guest room

What styles are considered the most fashionable in the season 2016-2017:

  • Eclecticism. Unaccented earlier, eclecticism now part of the trend of modern interior art. To create the ceiling in the eclectic style, you can use wood or geometric ceiling of plasterboard projections.
  • Loft. For many years, it does not lose its positions grungy loft direction. Here suitable wood or metal slab on the background of monochromatic ceiling restful pale hue.
  • Eco-style. Fashionable and enjoyable eco-style offers to use only natural materials. Wooden ceiling fits best.
  • Minimalism. In this regard, experiments are often unnecessary. It is best to pull the snow-white satin cloth and hide it plinths lighting.
  • High tech. Still at the peak of popularity of tech hi-tech. Use metal simulation using satin fabric tension.

Every fashion trend has their own preferences in shape, texture and color.

Design ceiling of plasterboard and suspended ceilings to the living room (video)

Even with a low ceiling, you can make the design that will suit your lifestyle and home. For a small living thing - it does not overload the ceiling, and a large living room to the main rule will be competent accents. Be literate and consistent with the design of the living room, because this room is the heart of your home.

Examples of the design of the ceiling in the living room (interior photo)


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