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There are many different design options ceiling in the living roomThere are many different variants of the ceiling decoration in the living room How to make the ceiling in the living room? To finish, you can use cloth or tissue drywall. These materials are versatile and relatively cheap. If the room is in the style of a classic or Provencal, you can use stucco or textured plaster. When making a room with a bay window or fireplace is preferable to use vinyl stickers or special paint. If you want to arrange the living room in a private home, it is best to use wooden or polyurethane beams.

We make the ceiling in the living-dining room

When combined living and dining area for finishing the ceiling is best to use plasterboard panels. Ensure the room zoning can be using acrylic paints. You can use plasterboard panels even if the size of a small room.

When combined living and dining room ceiling should also be zonedWhen combined living and dining room ceiling should also be zoned

The first stage - marking. In order to accurately mark the surface under the framework you need to fight off the level on all the walls in the room, and then mark the place where will be located the starting profile.

plasterboard ceiling installation technology:

  1. Secure the starter profile on the wall. Fix it with dowels.
  2. Place the CD-profiles. To connect the profiles to each other using a connector. It is fixed with screws.
  3. Once assembled crate, set gypsum boards. Remember that the panel should not be located close to the walls. For fixing drywall using self-tapping screws.
  4. Get to the finish trim. If you plan to zone the room, the use of special lighting equipment or acrylic paints.

We make ceilings in the living room in classic style

If your living room in the style of a classic or Provencal, then make a beautiful ceiling will help you acrylic paint and stucco. it is recommended to level the surface and zashpatlevat all irregularities before staining the ceiling.

The classic design of the ceiling in the living room is very popularThe classic design of the ceiling in the living room is very popular

Finishing the ceiling in the classical style in the following order:

  • Mark the surface.
  • Apply stucco on the back side of the adhesive solution, and stick to the base surface of the item.
  • After that you need to paint the stucco. Suitable white acrylic paint. For painting stucco use a wide brush.
  • Then you need to paint the remaining part of the ceiling. It is better to use a paint roller.
  • Allow the paint to dry. This process will take no more than 3 hours.
  • Then apply another layer of paint.

Stucco can be made of plaster or polyurethane. For gluing of plaster moldings, use liquid nails. Polyurethane has a low specific gravity, so they can be used conventional mounting construction adhesive.

How to make a beautiful ceiling in the living room studio

not recommended for decoration mat ceiling living room studio. This design will look gaudy. Experts argue that the glossy ceiling would be most appropriate in the living room studio. To make such a ceiling can be using special glossy inks. This material is completely safe for humans. Moreover, glossy paint is more durable than acrylic or matte.

Living Room Studio glossy ceiling is a great optionLiving Room Studio glossy ceiling is a great option

Before you begin to surface staining, clean the roof from dirt. It is also recommended to thoroughly dry the base surface. Otherwise cracks and bubbles can be formed after staining the ceiling.

Procedure for staining the ceiling:

  1. Dilute the paint with a glossy water.
  2. Paint the corners of the room.
  3. When using a roller paint the rest of the ceiling. Remember that the painting must be done from the window to the middle of the room. It should be noted that the first layer of paint must be applied perpendicularly to the window.
  4. Wait until the first coat is dry, and then apply another layer of paint.

How to make the ceiling in the living room: Trends 2017

If you are looking for modern design options ceiling, then turn your attention to composite structures. They remain in the trend since 2015. In order to make a combined ceiling must be used plasterboard and textile fabric.

In the modern interior is popular with a combined ceilingIn the modern interior is popular with a combined ceiling

Installation of a combined ceiling is carried out in this order:

  • Place the crate. The frame is mounted like a crate plasterboard.
  • Part of the design obsheyte gypsum panels. Recommended sheathing panels that part of the construction that is flat against the wall. For fixing plasterboard sheets using self-tapping screws.
  • At the joints between the gypsum panels apply putty.
  • Replace the plasterboard box profile for the fabric of the web.
  • In the center of each side of the box, attach a baguette.
  • Tighten the fabric from the ceiling of the center, and then secure it in the baguette.
  • Cut off the excess fabric of the web. If you notice that the folds were formed, then warm up the building sites hairdryer.

If you collect a combined ceiling, do not forget after installation batten diluted wiring. It should also be mandatory to isolate the cable with corrugated pipe.

Unusual ideas for decorating the ceiling in the living room

If you like unusual ideas, for the decoration of the ceiling, you can use vinyl stickers. This method of design appropriate to apply when a small living room or in her low ceilings. Also, vinyl stickers are used in the design of a living room with a bay window and fireplace.

The unusual design of the ceiling will make the room a creativeThe unusual design of the ceiling will make the room a creative

The technology of applying vinyl labels:

  1. Mark the surface.
  2. Gently separate the support part from vinyl decals.
  3. Attach a sticker to the base surface, and remove the remaining portion of the substrate.
  4. Once the label is stuck, remove the mounting transparencies.
  5. Smooth out the product by means of a cloth.

If you do not want to use the label, you can just paint the ceiling. To do this, you need to choose the appropriate image, and to project them to the surface with the help of an overhead projector. Then you need to restore the contours of a composition and then drawing paint using acrylic or oil based paints.

How to choose the color of the ceiling in the living room

In order to select the optimal color of the ceiling you need to take into account a number of nuances. First of all, we should take into account the style in which sustained living. For registration ceiling in a room in the style of classic, Provence or eco, it is advisable to use white. If your living room is sustained in the industrial style, minimalism, fusion, you can use some more dark shade.

The color of the ceiling should be chosen based on the features of the roomThe color of the ceiling should be chosen based on the features of the room

Also, when choosing colors should also be taken into account:

  • ceiling height. If the living room low ceilings, then give preference to cold shades. In a room with high ceilings better to use warm shades.
  • ceiling configuration. If the ceiling curved shape, then give preference to light green, white or beige.
  • The color of the walls. Remember that the walls and ceiling should be painted in the same color.

If you plan to zone the room, it is possible to combine colors. For example, in the interior of the living room will fit well in black and white or beige-brown ceilings.

How to decorate living rooms with high ceilings

If you are in the living room high ceilings, they can be decorated with the help of beams. They can be made of wood or polyurethane. It is recommended to give preference to polyurethane products, as they do not rot, and have a low specific gravity.

High ceilings can decorate additionsHigh ceilings can decorate additions

With the help of the beams, you can achieve the visual expansion of the room. To do this, you need to place beams along the wide walls or bars.

Installation technology of polyurethane beams:

  1. Prepare the base surface. It is advisable to degrease the ceiling or seal cracks.
  2. Then attach to the ceiling aluminum profiles. Alternatively, you can use blocks of wood. If you are using wooden products, be sure to treat them with antiseptic.
  3. Drill a hole in a beam, screws and paste into the resulting hole.
  4. Fix the beam on the ceiling.

Installation of the ceiling in the living room (video)

For finishing the ceiling, you can use different materials. If you have a large room, then give preference to polyurethane beams, composite structures or plasterboard sheets. For finishing small rooms it is recommended to use acrylic paint, stucco, glossy paint or vinyl stickers. When choosing finishing materials and leadership style of your interior, shape and ceiling height.

Design ceiling in the living room (interior photo)


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