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Narrow hallway, you can build a fairly convenient and comfortableNarrow hallway can arrange quite convenient and komfortnoIdei how to create the interior of a narrow and small corridor may be different, but they all boil down to the fact that visually expand the space and fill it with the comfort that turns out not everyone. It is important to choose the correct not only the design of the walls and ceilings, but also furniture, so that it was both compact and functional.

The design of the narrow hallway: Photo 2017

Construction of a small hallway in the apartment is not easy and even in 2015, though in 2017 the problem will be relevant to many. It is worth noting that, if properly take up the case, we can see some enlightenment, and what options are conditions still exist.

When designing, it is necessary to take into account a great number of nuances, such as:

  • On which side will be located furniture;
  • Which way opens the front door;
  • Will the accent wall in the interior, and the like.

Thinking design hallway, consider all the nuances regarding interiorThinking design hallway, consider all the nuances regarding interior

To equip small-sized halls can rule on the removal of all superfluous. How to do it? It should be removed from the premises furniture that brings a special benefit, accessories and similar products. They clutter up the space, narrowing it to the extreme.

Some property owners prefer to equip their hallways peculiar structure consisting of shelves and screens on rollers.

Option is very simple, you can even say the budget and requires virtually no special skills for assembly. Minus a hallway that she can not fit it in your room style and is far from appropriate, that spoil the proper form of the corridor.

Ideas for a narrow hallway

Depending on what kind of a narrow hallway in the apartment to be, namely, short, long or square, you can decide how to equip it. Long and narrow hallways - it's like the best plan, as through long lengths of furniture, you can compensate for its depth.

Variants of arrangement of narrow and long cabinet, you can view a wide variety. The advantage of such interior items that they can alternate set of shelves, racks and other similar elements.

Design ideas for a narrow hallway quite a lotDesign ideas for a narrow hallway quite a lot

In other words, the inner equipment is just what is needed for storage of outer clothing, shoes and accessories. The long and narrow hallways, furniture is often not installed on one wall, and from the two, but in a staggered manner. What is plus? The fact that the standard room size will be brightened up the original situation, which is so lacking in a room like this, where it is practically impossible to roam, creating a design.

If the corridor has a kind of deadlock, to furnish this room will corner the console. It is this scenario could be called the most efficient and convenient. The depth of such products will place a lot of things and, moreover, it does not take much space.

Furniture for narrow hallway

Can to narrow hallway furniture have Stylish and modern? Of course, yes, if you make it all your efforts. Very much on the choice of interior affects the repair space, the regeneration of which we must take into account the actual size of the room. To be more precise, in a narrow corridor is strictly prohibited to reduce the length, width or the height of a wall.

With regards to furniture, there are several options through which you can draw even the smallest hallway:

  1. modular furniture - it is a great way to make an entrance hall with comfortable and practical. Typically, modular designs are made to order and as a result the customer receives an excellent, well thought out piece of furniture that can not only be a convenient to operate, but also decorate the room. Modern modular wardrobes are made on the newest technologies, and they can do as a small-sized and roomy and bulky if space allows.
  2. Obuvnitsa - this is one not a bad option, through which you can equip the hall is small in size. It is this element will keep the already small squaring and thus form a storage space for shoes. Obuvnitsa often comes as a combined furniture in the form of a pouf and space for shoes, it is possible and a small table. Its great advantage is that it is possible to sit when dressing.
  3. Detached poufs, the idea looks quite attractive and allow to fill the corridor cosiness and comfort, but not always for this is a suitable space. As a rule, such elements of upholstered furniture used in the hallways with a dead end, so that no concealed space and settling comfortable seating.

To narrow hallway, you can choose the length of the furniture, which will occupy almost the entire space of the corridorTo narrow hallway, you can choose the length of the furniture, which will occupy almost the entire space of the corridor

Be sure the selection of furniture in the narrow corridor of the type necessary to choose a tree or imitation, to the room was bright and pleasant as possible for your stay. Also do not forget about the style of the room, the basic layout, color scheme, and that the hall should not fill a large space. It discharged least squares in which to meet costs. The room to the top crowded with shelves, cabinets and mezzanines create an impression not just discomfort and lack of taste from the owners of the premises.

Equips the narrow hallways to 35 cm

Entrance hall of 35 cm width can be purchased exclusively in the compact hallway. Basically, these home furnishings set along one wall, so as not to narrow the full space of the room.

Furniture depth of 35 centimeters:

  • It should be light, preferably white;
  • Basically, modular;
  • It should have the door-coupe, if this option corps wardrobe.

In a narrow hallway to 35 cm is perfect for light-colored furnitureIn a narrow hallway to 35 cm is perfect for light-colored furniture

Feature sliding door system that does not require space for opening the doors, which greatly simplifies the situation of the furniture in the narrow corridor.

Swing door systems not only take away a part of the hall, and almost all of it, and this can complicate the movement of the room with the door open. Due to the fact that today, many furniture factories offer to purchase furniture to order, it is desirable to take advantage of this offer.

Custom furniture allows you to:

  • Carefully plan the internal arrangement of the cabinets;
  • Choose the exact size;
  • Independently determine the type and kind of furniture;
  • Use creative ways to decorate the facade of the hall.

If no proper pans as to what should be in the hall closet, then you can take the help of designers who will do everything for the customer, think over each bolt and will set the most functional, comfortable and beautiful in appearance.

Features narrow hallways to 30 cm

Beautiful wall in the hallway to make a very simple, but it is much more difficult to arrange a room with limited space.

If you chose to come to 30 centimeters in size, and the room is very small in quadrature, then set:

  • To decorate mirrors on the doors;
  • It should be light;
  • It is advisable to choose the height to the ceiling, so that it is visually raise the ceilings;
  • It should be roomy inside.

Set to a narrow hallway should be roomySet to a narrow hallway should be roomy

Mostly set in a narrow corridor - a set of tables for shoes combined with the pouf and a hanger and a shelf. If you want to install the headset housing or built-in type, it is best to take advantage of the manufacture of furniture to order services.

Professionals will be able to clearly think through every detail and create such a unique product that not only fits perfectly in the room, but also help to achieve the effect of the expansion of space.

Modern designers use a variety of tricks and tricks about imaging effects due to the furniture and decor of the premises, using which you can make a small corridor of beautiful, original and cozy.

The design of a narrow hallway (video)

Creating a climate in a narrow corridor do not forget about lighting, which should be more than enough and it is advisable to choose a combination, or in other words a few light fixtures.

The design of a narrow hallway (interior photo)

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