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The modern interior has a lot of areas, and everyone can make the design of his house as he likedThe modern interior has a lot of areas, and everyone can make the design of his house as he liked

Modern interior - is not a set of requirements that can be counted on the fingers. Rather, it is very harmonious concept that determines the choice of a life of the soul. Well, if you do not philosophize especially, we can say that it is not necessary to copy the fashion examples, but simply referring to the opportunities today to do a design project in a house or apartment that is as close to you.

Modern ceiling design in Art Nouveau style

Nouveau - a style that can be, if not 100% repeat in a typical apartment, then certainly to mention carry a red thread through the design of your home. Many successfully cope with it, although this style requires a lot of work.

You can go on one of the ways:

  • Make a radical style - a style where the rules are executed in the smallest elements;
  • Scale and decorative style - which emphasized only the main line, mainly due to the decorative elements;
  • Surface-lite style - becoming only the main characteristic accents, as well as the preferred color.

If we talk about art nouveau design on the ceiling, here traces the main motives of style - there is no clear and direct linesIf we talk about art nouveau design on the ceiling, here traces the main motives of style - there is no clear and direct lines

Ceiling in the Art Nouveau style is characterized by:

  • Flowing not symmetric line;
  • Floral motifs;
  • Strict harmony of design components;
  • The presence of coarse materials, glass, metal and wood.

In the Art Nouveau ceiling passive role, it is desirable that it is fully merged with the plane of the wall. Corners and joints are softened plaster. The walls and ceiling of tone on tone - this is the perfect repair.

Not suitable for ceiling Nouveau: wallpapers, suspended construction and plastic panels.

Design ceiling in a house in the style of minimalism

Minimalism - is, of course, does not mean design in a very small room. But this does not negate the fact that in large rooms and small apartments with their own hands, you can make space in a minimalist style.

This is a relatively new style that elevates to the principles of elementary forms. Simple solutions, light and space, very simple decor and soft colors - this is minimalism. Beige, brown, gray and green - the four base colors in minimalism, which are used in the design of the ceiling.

The ceiling in the style of minimalism is:

  • Light colors with a game of semitones;
  • Emphasis and preference for white;
  • Natural metal shades;
  • glass luster.

motifs simple brick and wood are often used. The most optimal option for the ceiling - self-colored ceiling surface light. This may be the installation of stretch ceiling.

Multilevel ceilings make for additional lighting effectsMultilevel ceilings make for additional lighting effects

ceiling design in the style of Provence: the options

Initially dominated by bright colors in the style of Provence. This is easily explained, Provence - Province quite hot, and the furniture and other interior elements, heat slanting sunlight, they crumble in white.

For example, the wooden ceiling in the house in the Provencal style stained or light vodoemulsionkoy or simple lime.

By the way, if you make a plan of transformation of style houses, it is necessary to abandon the spotlights in the ceiling design. Since this is for many reasons foreign to the style of Provence - beautiful chandeliers are organic.

Provence style has light tones that give comfort and convenienceProvence style has light tones that give comfort and convenience

That is such an option: the plain white ceiling, or light brown wooden ceiling with beautiful chandeliers to match, possibly with a fabric shade.

Very often, Provence trying to create in the country, which is very reasonable, and there are no complicated light wooden ceilings with textile shades will be very helpful.

Shape design of the ceiling in the style of hi-tech

Hi-tech - this futuristic environment, and will link here is not no fire, no carved elements, no special attention to the decoration and color. Because Ceiling high-tech good solution would be stretched canvas.

A great role is played by lighting - system spotlights and ceiling translucent fabric creates a certain effect of weightlessness and vacuum

high-tech ceiling is:

  • Precise geometric (dominant direct rather than smooth);
  • Symmetry;
  • The absence of simulation materials;
  • Style high-tech.

These ceilings can be in the studio apartment, and in separate rooms. Possible and encouraged the construction of plasterboard ceiling structures with beautiful boxes and very skilful, restrained use of color.

Design ceiling: that means finishing this

New solutions are always preferable, and having the opportunity, many people prefer to design repair. It is not so much new types of ceilings, as an individual and professional approach. Babbitt could not understand a lot of things to create a stylish interior, a designer, that one-room apartment that houses a few hundred square meters will create the best interior solution.

Somewhere it will be interesting to look version of the inclined ceiling, where a modest square footage, and the situation will be shaded due to the orange accent inserts. Somewhere designer will offer to use moldings, convex decorative elements to create volume and relief.

Do today and spacious combined rooms with vaulted ceilings.

Design ceiling - it is always individual and professiolnalnostDesign ceiling - it is always individual and professiolnalnost

At the heart of the designer is a program which takes into account all the details. He is also responsible for finding materials. For example, if you decided to make a multilevel ceiling, which uses fragments chocolate color, then it will do to use exactly the shade of chocolate, which is registered in the program or project.

For simple repairs room also invited designers. They can create thumbnails of your wishes, and make them organic space of your apartment.

Narrow design of the ceiling: what to think

Narrow ceiling - this is usually the lot of a long and narrow corridor. It is not the most comfortable room is in many model homes. Previously, with the design of such a ceiling surface is not particularly busy - whitewashing or painting, and later - papering, but nothing special.

Today, as more opportunities, and ceilings are performed more interesting.

The most popular options - all familiar:

  • Plasterboard (ceiling);
  • Suspended ceiling;
  • Painting.

Separately it is necessary to tell about tensile structures - they are really very comfortable here. Especially if you use glossy or mirrored ceilings. This will create an illusion of increased space, that in a narrow corridor and need.

Instead, large chandeliers used compact spotlights. They are evenly distributed across the surface tension of the web.

Today, even the most narrow corridor easy to pick up a beautifully decorated ceilingToday, even the most narrow corridor easy to pick up a beautifully decorated ceiling

Suspended multilevel ceilings is also a good option, especially if you are not severely affected height rooms. The main thing that this ceiling made the desired visual effect - as it parted the wall.

Different levels, niches, use drywall construction in the form of various figures make interesting ceiling, bigger and wider. The lower the ceiling, the more it seems. The main thing is not to overdo it.

Tips on registration narrow ceilings:

  • The right and the main effect creates a competent lighting, the center - a large and bright lights around the edges - small;
  • Furniture in this narrow room to be very simple in form and, of course, is low;
  • On the walls, use the wallpaper with a vertical pattern, but on the borders give up even the most subtle;
  • Regarding color - preference is given to cold shades;
  • Stop using matte texture;
  • Chandeliers should not be any;
  • Paul also has to work on the expansion of space, and therefore, have a reflective effect.

If all these requirements are met, even the most unprepossessing and narrow corridor transformed.

Variety of design in the interior ceiling (video)

ceiling design - is more interesting than it may seem. Learning opportunities, materials and design types can come ideas that you previously seemed unsympathetic, or even unworkable. And it will not just "shoot out" and make a simple, but neat ceiling, and give due attention to this element of the interior.

Good work!

ceiling design in the interior (photo)


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