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Modern entrance hall - a beautiful and functional space, aged in certain design styleModern entrance hall - a beautiful and functional space, aged in certain design style Each room in the house or apartment has its own functional load. It is from its destination depends on the design space. Today, designers are increasingly focused on areas that seemingly do not deserve such attention. Stylish lobby today - do not uncommon. This can not but rejoice. Since this is the first room in which a person gets. It is important that its space has been organized correctly. You should choose a stylish but practical decor, quality and ergonomic furniture.

A variety of styles for small hallways

Premises with a small area requires a specific approach in the design. Hallways difficult to make out. Often it has a size too small.

Add home furnishings is difficult in a small hallway, if not in advance to make a design project.

That pre-treatment to finishing and equipping the room will allow to visualize the future of space. It should be harmonious and easy. The most important thing - to choose the visual style and follow his basic concepts.

Hallway can be implemented as either a classic or vintage style and in the style of modern minimalismHallway can be implemented as either a classic or vintage style and in the style of modern minimalism

 Corridor decorated in different styles:

  • Italian;
  • Greek or sea;
  • Shabby-chic;
  • Baroque;
  • French;
  • European;
  • China;
  • the Mediterranean;
  • Moroccan;
  • Vintage;
  • Retro.

Each style has its own peculiarities and characteristics. This is important because the fundamentals of design are based on adherence to certain rules. It is important to organize the space, choose a combination of finishes, furniture and decoration items.

Styles hall: general design rules

The basis of design hallway with a small area is easy. Do not underestimate the minimalist style that offers the use of only those objects of the interior, which are needed in daily use. Designers are advised not to overload and so little space.

Style in the hallway to help identify special programs that allow you to equip a virtual room.

When equipping a small space in the account every centimeter. It is important to know how to arrange the furniture properly. But first, it should be carefully chosen. Some of the rules in the design suitable for use in any style.

As a rule, do not come standard is large, so the proper placement of furniture is very importantAs a rule, do not come standard is large, so the proper placement of furniture is very important

General design rules:

  • Give preference to modular systems;
  • Install closet;
  • Align the cabinet and the wall;
  • Choice of corner furniture;
  • Using the mezzanine.

When choosing furniture it is important to consider how many items will be stored in the hallway. Much of this depends on the number of people who live in an apartment or house. It is also very important to choose finishing materials that can visually expand the space.

in the style of minimalism hallways

When designing the apartment's hallway is almost always given to a small room. In this case, the load it is quite large: it presents the apartment, used to store the top clothing and shoes. It is especially difficult issue right hallway, which has a small area.

Modern designers are advised to register the hallways in a minimalist style, which allows you to harmonize the space by getting rid of unnecessary things.

hall design in minimalist style suggests the right choice of materials for decoration, type of furniture, as well as the installation of proper lighting. Minimalism requires a choice of simple materials, do not overload the space. With the help of some of the design tricks come you can visually enlarge.

The minimalist style is the best fit for a small hallwayThe minimalist style is the best fit for a small hallway

Tips on choosing materials and furniture:

  • Finish. A great idea is to use light-colored wallpaper or plaster. The use of stones and relief panels can produce the effect of reducing the space. For the walls is better to use bright paint. The ceiling is best to cover the tensile structures. Use gloss will create the effect of the high ceilings. Paul can be covered with laminate or tiled.
  • Furniture. To save space in the wall can be inserted wardrobe. The mirror on the closet door will visually enlarge the space. The cabinet should be as large as possible. To accommodate all the things that can clutter the hallway.
  • Lighting. The best solution is to use a sufficient amount of wall and spotlights. Hallway should be light and comfortable.

The doors in the hallway - not a very good option. Designers are advised to make gypsum beams. When choosing materials and objects important to remember that the interior should be harmonious.

Cozy hall in the English style: Photo & Design

hall design must assume comfort and beautiful appearance. English style allows the hall to look luxurious and stylish. In this case, in this style can be designed as a large, and small space.

Style involves brevity. Each design element has to look expensive and tasteful.

To hallway was fully implemented in the English style, to the choice of each material and the furniture should be taken very carefully. Very important color surface finish. It is best to choose a harmonious, quiet shades.

The main attributes of the English style - tradition and concisenessThe main attributes of the English style - tradition and conciseness

Designed in the English style:

  • Finish. Wallpaper should be low-key, but it can be decorated with wavy lines, floral ornaments and a wide band.
  • Lighting. It is best to install the lamp in the English style. To comply with the style can be installed sconces.
  • Furniture. It must be made from natural materials. The price of such furniture is quite high. If the hall area allows, it can be decorated with luxurious banquet in the English style.

Following the English style involves the installation of columns, arches and niches. Living as a whole should be bright and visually spacious. Build a hall will not be cheap.

Luxury interior: entrance hall in oriental style

East hall in the African or Japanese style will always look luxurious. Cozy and stylish. Her improvement involves the use of low furniture. It has to be practical.

Furniture to be spacious and functional, but it is decorated with beautiful patterns and large mirrors.

The design can be done in light and dark colors. However, the dark background suggests a rather serious approach to the design, not to make too gloomy hallway. But the color of the furniture can be traditional ink.

Hallway in the Oriental style is characterized by such features as a minimum of furniture and luxurious finishes of wallsHallway in the Oriental style is characterized by such features as a minimum of furniture and luxurious finishes of walls

Features of design in oriental style:

  • Low furniture;
  • Light wall decoration;
  • Romantic lighting;
  • Themed decor items.

Check out the hall in oriental style can be after watching the special photo and video. This will help to visually imagine the future space. It is important that all kinds of decoration and furniture were harmoniously combined with each other.

The modern, stylish lobby (video)

hallway clearance may be formed in different styles. Each of them has its own features and characteristics. For example, an American style involves simplicity and conciseness, minimal use of furniture. Everything has to be practical and functional. To design such a corridor is needed imported materials and furniture. The main rule in the design of the living room in any style - a harmonious combination of all kinds of decoration, furniture and decoration items.

Design stylish hallways (interior photo)


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