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Fixtures for ceiling Armstrong ceiling space decorate any roomFixtures for Ceiling Armstrong Ceiling decorate any space pomescheniyaV currently fixtures for ceiling Armstrong are very popular. Why? Yes, because it is fashionable, and very convenient: easy installation and low cost. In addition, these lamps have excellent performance.

What are LED lights for the ceiling Armstrong

Each ceiling luminaire Armstrong convenient that is already prefabricated structure of the controller and power supply - they are hidden directly behind the diffuser. That is, such coverage can be directly connected to the network at 220 Volt AC voltages. Also, such lamps are equipped with a radiator. They acts just the same diffuser, because it is not made of glass, aluminum or similar in its technical parameters of materials.

The company also produces the so-called LED panels, which are the best choice for decorating the office lighting system. Their key advantage - a large coverage area light, energy efficiency, high glow frequency (which creates minimal eye strain) optimally chosen density and brightness of the light flux. Naturally, the lamps in these fixtures are removable, but without that they have worked for 5 years in active service.

LED panels are easy to install, economical, do not need special careLED panels are easy to install, economical, do not need special care

Armstrong also produces the models of lamps, which are built into the ceiling. Their installation generally does not represent anything complex, since the dimensions of such panels - standard (e.g., 60 to 60 centimeters, which corresponds to the standard separation profiles in a suspended ceiling).

Total, the key advantages of luminaires Armstrong:

  • relatively low cost;
  • Combined with the controller, the transformer and the power supply;
  • easy installation;
  • it is possible to power control, remote control;
  • longevity (mean time between each LED lamp - around 30-60 thousand hours, which is nearly 20-30 times longer than standard incandescent lamps).

Lamp raster recessed into the ceiling Armstrong 600x600: Purpose and benefits

Raster luminaire is designed for 600x600 suspended ceilings. Is embedded directly with the depth of 20 centimeters, can be connected to the network 220 volts.

A key advantage that is the difference - the presence of several edges with a smooth surface which provides optimum distribution of the lighting flux around office premises.

Raster fixtures can be used in any type of suspended structuresRaster fixtures can be used in any type of suspended structures

 Incidentally, the same function as the rib partially removing surplus heat. The very light - a bar that is attached to the capital ceiling with screws or anchors (though even on the belts can be kept).

Sometimes these lamps mounted fluorescent lamps, but their characteristics are much worse than in the LED backlight. And the current consumption - significantly more. Their only advantage - less heat, but they will last much less. Standard operating time fluorescent (which the people often referred to as "energy-saving", though this is not entirely correct) lamps - 10-15 thousand hours. In this case, the brightness after 5000 hours will be reduced.

Total recessed luminaire 600 600 is required in the following cases:

  • lighting layout in the office;
  • a need to cover large area light flux;
  • to create energy efficient diffuse lighting (eg street lighting).

LED panel for ceilings Armstrong: installation and connection

Fastening Armstrong LED panel may be performed in several ways. The simplest of them - it's banal tightening with screws to the capital ceiling. This design will be and stay well and withstand even the strongest vibrations. Standard panel power - 4x18 (ie, in 4 rows, or 4 LEDs, each of which consumes 18 watts).

Scheme LED mounting panelScheme LED mounting panel

If the panel is embedded in the ceiling, it is recommended to deal with its connection at the stage of the arrangement of plasterboard layer. Thus, it will be possible to conceal all wiring and do not have to re-parse the hinged part. Yourself installation is done by metal profiles (transverse or longitudinal - does not matter). If necessary, it can be removed, but to do so is not recommended lighting panel rear cover, as the outflow of heat will be broken.

When it comes to high-power panels, which consume about 60 watts or more, it is sure to lead to damage to the LED elements.

As far as connectivity, everything is very simple - do eyeliner to 220 volts through any switch (can be remote-controlled). There are lights on Armstrong, are not set by default or the power supply or controller. Accordingly, the need for their installation and mounting of these components. They can hide behind some niche or directly between the capital and the false ceiling.

Due to its characteristics, recessed luminaires are ideal for lighting offices and industrial premisesDue to its characteristics, recessed luminaires are ideal for lighting offices and industrial premises

If the connection is made by yourself, you need to consider:

  1. Polarity compound panel and the power supply.
  2. The dimensions of the panel itself (meaning the thickness of the panel have been embedded must be aligned on the general level without any gaps or protrusions).
  3. Limiting power entire panel (and not each separate element). For the same parameters and power supply is selected, only the necessary reserve power (at least 20 parameters from the actual nominal).

Differences fixtures Armstrong from other models

Mark Armstrong is very popular due to its reliability and very high-quality adjustment of each of the products. That is, even if it comes to embedded panels, then you should not worry that the light they are not evenly distributed around the room. And with all this - they are extremely energy efficient, as they use in the lighting elements diodes only American-made. In them - almost 2 times higher efficiency when compared with similar models of Chinese production (which reliability can no longer boast of).

One of the important differences between lamps Armstrong - their high maintainability, so that they serve for decades. In addition, the lamps built into the ceiling look very elegant and expensive.

The structure itself is collapsible, but sold already preloaded with a set of ready power supply and regulators. That is, for the operation of the lighting device need only mount it on the ceiling and connected to a network of 220 volts.

Armstrong lamps equipped with special protection and heatsink, silent, environmentally friendlyArmstrong lamps equipped with special protection and heatsink, silent, environmentally friendly

The manufacturer produces and single lamps, which have lower capacity, but will be optimal for arranging the lighting is not great for office lighting or offices. Each of these panels has a fastening component optimum height, that only proves how producer responsibility applies to manufactured lighting equipment.

Total advantages of LED panels from Armstrong also include:

  • the highest quality;
  • low cost (at Philips' products);
  • maintainability;
  • provided the ability to upgrade - replacement of lighting elements for more powerful.

It is natural that this type of lighting may be used not only in the arrangement of the office, but ive home (with a ceiling height of 3 meters or more), or in production. In the latter case it is recommended to close the light shield himself. This is not required if you use the special resistant to external factors panel (on the package, the IP protection class).

Installing LED lamp Armstrong (video)

And most importantly - it is easy to install. With the installation tech LED lamp handle any man. Connect something wrong or damage - still will not work. It pays a lighting fast enough - in 1-2 years. 

LED fixtures for ceiling Armstrong (photo)


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