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Living in a cozy chalet-style will complement any roomLiving in a cozy chalet-style will complement any pomescheniyaStil chalet is one of the most comfortable and stylish. This design is used in comfortable homes and hotels in Austria and Switzerland, he gradually won the hearts of the people who have been there, we wanted to have the kind of atmosphere at home. Who does not want to live in a fabulous house where cozy blazing fire in the fireplace? Chalet style created just for peace of mind and comfort that prevail in the houses of Austria and Switzerland, settled in our home.

Interior living room, chalet-style: how to create an atmosphere

Initially, chalet style was created to protect people from bad weather conditions. Advantageously, this design is used near the Alps, where the weather is harsh and often enough. Any room decorated in this style, it is convenient and practical default. At the same time, the style chalet breathes romance, but the materials and colors used here are not particularly romantic.

Living in a chalet-style has many advantages:

  • Using soft aged furniture gives the interior romance and coziness.
  • Decorating the walls and ceiling looks simple, but expensive.
  • Style chalet obliges to install a fireplace, and an additional source of heat.
  • Design Chalet especially lovers of antiquity: the more vintage accessories, all the better.

In the interior of the living room is only natural materials are used in a chalet style, which is beneficial to the overall atmosphere and human healthIn the interior of the living room is only natural materials are used in a chalet style, which is beneficial to the overall atmosphere and human health

Of course, the colors must be respected in the design of the living room in the chalet style. Chalet trimming should be performed in a single color. In what - you decide. Among the flowers, which are provided by the style chalet, are dark brown and terra cotta, and shades, the color of wenge, ocher, mustard color, light shades of wood, stone gray color shades of cream, caramel color and amber.

Despite the fact that the style chalet provides monocolors, it is permitted to use certain color inclusions. Style chalet can include "spot" yellow, pink, orange. It is important not to overdo it, the chalet - it's still the unity of color.

Living room in chalet style with a fireplace: fineness of finishing

Chalet style involves the use in the decoration of natural materials such as stone and wood. Stone veneer spread the floor and a fireplace, wood trim and the walls and ceiling.

Generally, for this style of wood it is a versatile material that can be used to work with:

  1. Walls.
  2. Ceiling.
  3. Windows.
  4. Paul (if it is not possible to insulate a stone finish or just do not want to use the stone in large quantities).

Fireplace in living room chalet will not only serve decoration, but also warm the cold evenings ownersFireplace in living room chalet will not only serve decoration, but also warm the cold evenings owners

Modern features allow to make the living room with a fireplace, not only in the private or country house, but in a city apartment. Instead of the usual electric fireplace can be used, Bio Fireplace or fake fireplace. Depending on the size of the living room, you can install a fireplace large, medium or small. Location fireplace permissible center of the main large wall near your TV perpendicular to the main wall, in a corner room (fireplace small size).

Mantel can be carried out by the present decorative stone or wallpaper that mimic the masonry. And he and the other option is valid for city apartments, but differs in price.

Design living room, chalet-style: choose furniture

Living in a chalet-style means is not every furniture. As a rule, this design allows for self made old, worn furniture, without unnecessary decorative stuff. Furniture decor in chalet style is minimal. All furniture should be soft, welcomed the abundance of chairs, soft pillows, and so on. D.

Standard set for the living room, chalet-style looks like this:

  • Sofa.
  • A low coffee table.
  • Open shelving for books.
  • Rocking chair on a mandatory basis.
  • Chest of drawers or chest.
  • Antique cabinets or shelves.

The perfect furniture for the style chalet does not require treatment: varnishing and paintingThe perfect furniture for the style chalet does not require treatment: varnishing and painting

Furniture should give the impression of hand-made furniture. In the living room of a large size, you can set a beautiful round table made of wood, preferably solid, and chairs from the same set. To add an original interior, on the floor you can lay carpet of dense material that matches the shade of the interior. Especially recommended to use carpet for those who opted for the flooring stone. Here, the carpet will perform not only decorative, but also for insulating function.

Chalet chalet not without suitable accessories. As an added decoration, you can use an old watch, animal skins, weapons, forged accessories, textiles with Norwegian patterns (pillows, blankets, bedspreads), photographs included in the massive frame.

Following these guidelines will make your living room really cozy and festive place at any time of the year.

Tips to design a living room-kitchen in the chalet-style

To furnish a living room with a kitchen, you can use all of the materials listed above. trim the principle is absolutely the same, except that you can use the stone not only for the flooring, but also for decorating the walls. Only natural materials Try to choose. Style chalet does not like fake.

With the help of this style can be zoned kitchen-living room, you can turn any room into a magical Christmas place.

Style chalet takes only utensils made of cast iron or copperStyle chalet takes only utensils made of cast iron or copper

How to make a place in alpine cozy and beautiful:

  1. Furniture is better to choose in plain colors or with bright extravagant designs.
  2. Sink and faucet should decorate bronze or copper.
  3. Table and chairs should be made of solid wood, and the back of the chair should be covered with leather to match the tree. These are the main elements that should be contained kitchen.
  4. The living area can be used as a decoration of trophies from hunting or carpets.
  5. Objects lighting should include the wrought-iron or wooden parts.

In addition, you can use the pottery, and in a variety of stucco figurines fit as decoration.

The cozy living room, chalet-style (video)

Living to truly reflect the style of the chalet, it is necessary to mask the entire technique. For example, a TV in the living room it is best to hang on the wall and frame it from the wood frame. If you can not hang your TV, "hide" it into the TV stand in the rack. In this case, the rack must be completely in harmony with the overall style. You can be surrounded by books or TV special boxes, which are disguised as books. There are now very much in various souvenir shops, and they could not be better convey design books for the chalet style. Achieve comfort in the living room chalet is very simple, if you pay attention to every detail in the design.

living room design in the style of a chalet (interior photo)


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