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Wallpaper is still popular, despite the many options apartment decorationWallpaper is still popular, despite the many options for finishing kvartiryDlya those who decided on their own pokleit wallpaper, immediately raises several questions: how to begin to hang wallpaper, when you can open the window after gluing, first lay a laminate, and then hang wallpaper, or vice versa? Indeed, so eager pokleit wallpaper is perfect, so that they are smooth and free of bubbles. How can properly prepare the walls and wallpaper paste? Answers to the most frequently asked questions for wallpapering and some tips for the repair can be found in this article.

How is the preparation walls for wallpapering

After selecting and buying wallpaper is necessary to prepare the wall. First you need to remove old wallpaper. If a quality glue, the work takes more time was used during their installation. Wallpapers can be wet before use, you can also use a spatula or knife.

After removing the wallpaper must remove the old plaster. It is possible that at some point it will fall off by itself.

Before you begin to wallpapering need to prepare the walls. Remove old wallpaper, putty and primed surface of the wallsBefore you begin to wallpapering need to prepare the walls. Remove old wallpaper, putty and primed surface of the walls

All holes need to putty and primed. Be sure to prime the rough walls, otherwise the wallpaper will dry unevenly formed bubbles, even the wallpaper can fall off and do not stick at all.

In general, the entire preparatory phase consists in aligning surface. As a result, clean and smooth wall should get, which can be pasted wallpaper. All holes, debris, dirt must be removed. Once the walls are completely dry, you can start wallpapering. To do this, dilute the glue, make a layout and start carefully glue material. Distribute the glue evenly necessary, using a brush or roller.

When you can open the windows after wallpapering and why

During the gluing of wallpaper you need to close all doors and windows to avoid drafts.

After pokleit wallpaper, it is not necessary to open the doors and windows for 48 hours.

To achieve a good result, Wallpapering only with the windows closed and without draftsTo achieve a good result, Wallpapering only with the windows closed and without drafts

Draft is the biggest danger for the newly pasted wallpaper. Due to temperature changes and drafts wallpaper falling off, so the best solution would be to make repairs in the summer, during the warm season wallpaper quickly dries without bubbles.

During and after wallpapering need to close the window and leave them in this position. If you open the windows, the wallpaper will dry unevenly, somewhere wallpaper has dried up, and somewhere will remain raw. This difference in drying leads to misalignment of the material. You need to open windows after the complete drying of the material, it takes at least a day, but the time depends on several factors: temperature, humidity. If the wallpaper is glued to the cold season, it is best to wait two days after the gluing, and in any case do not open the windows, which will lead to a temperature difference.

The process of drying wallpaper must pass slowly and evenly during dry wallpaper can not use the air conditioner, fan or heater. In addition to windows and doors need to be closed, after being pasted wallpaper need to tightly close the windows and doors, not to go to the room for 1-2 days.

About where to begin to hang wallpaper in the room

Where to begin to hang wallpaper? It depends on the method of bonding and the thickness of the wallpaper.

Currently, the building materials market offers buyers a huge range of different wallpaper:

  • Paper wallpaper;
  • Vinyl wallpapers;
  • Non-woven wallpaper.

Wallpaper is meant by the seams between the paintings during gluing. This means that you can begin to wallpaper paste from anywhere in the room. However, many remained habit begin to hang wallpaper from the window, because it is convenient. 

Often the window is also used as a vertical line, which allows for smooth lines.

It is convenient to begin to hang wallpaper from the window, door or corner. They are used as a vertical lineIt is convenient to begin to hang wallpaper from the window, door or corner. They are used as a vertical line

The same line can be considered smooth or door of the room. By the way more and more professionals are advised to take for start gluing corner of the room, but unfortunately, not all rooms equal angles. If you want to save on the angular alignment, then begin to glue the wallpaper should be a vertical line drawn on the wall using a level with a stop at the corner. All the same, it is necessary to check the vertical, the angle is not "slid". The joints will be evident because of the thickness of wallpaper, so start to glue the material can, in principle, from any area of ​​the room.

As wallpaper glue from a window or window

Previously, it was very important to choose the right direction during wallpapering. Thick wallpaper covered each other and cast a shadow at the joint, so people pasted wallpaper in the direction away from the window so that the light fell on the edge of the top sheet and did not create a shadow. In the reverse situation if the wallpaper glue in a direction towards the window, the top sheet and the cast shadow broad bands were visible.

When wallpapering overlapping must start from the light source. When wallpapering butt, begin gluing it is necessary with the least significant place in the room.

When wallpapering overlapping should begin to glue on the windowWhen wallpapering overlapping should begin to glue on the window

The latest version of the joints will be less noticeable, but in the end may remain too large a piece of wallpaper, which is to be clipped, and the pattern may not match up with the rest of the room. Therefore it is better to start and finish to hang wallpaper in an inconspicuous place, such as behind a wall or other furniture.

If you start to hang wallpaper from the corner, then you need a lot of time to pay proper interfacing wallpaper. If the wallpaper is glued with his own hands, it is better to retreat a few centimeters from the corner and begin to hang wallpaper.

That the first glue wallpaper or laminate lay - professional advice

Professionals work in different ways, some of the first glue wallpaper, and then lay the laminate, and vice versa. If the repair is carried out independently, the professionals are advised to first install something that leaves a large amount of debris.

If at first to hang wallpaper, and then put the laminate that:

  1. During wallpapering various dust can spoil the laminate, so you need to prepare in advance the floors, and then hang wallpaper.
  2. Some species are sensitive to wholemeal laminate adhesive, so the coating can be damaged after pokleit wallpaper.
  3. Before mounting your laminate you need to lay special film to prevent damage to the coating. It should be remembered that the film can move out of any furniture, so you need to carefully monitor the safety cover.

When repairing flats often first glue wallpaper, and then lay laminateWhen repairing flats often first glue wallpaper, and then lay laminate

Experts say that the first thing you need pokleit wallpaper, and then lay linoleum.

In this case, the sequence of work must be as follows:

  1. Prepared surface, which will be glued wallpaper.
  2. Done counting, diluted glue, try on wallpaper.
  3. Pasted wallpaper with the necessary parties.
  4. After drying, the wallpaper must attempt to install the laminate, and then attach the plinth.

Yet it is this sequence is the best, in this case, a perfectly smooth coating as the wallpaper and floor. However, we must take into account the different circumstances during repairs, so the owners themselves have to look at the situation and make a decision.

Wallpapering Wall (video)

In conclusion, it should be noted that the wallpaper paste is independently possible, just need to follow some rules, properly select materials and carefully carry out repair work. After wallpapering should not open the doors and windows to prevent drafts and temperature changes, which will affect the final quality of the wallpaper. Gluing first laminate or wallpaper? The choice depends on the circumstances, but better to apply wallpaper. In any case, we do not need to slowly and carefully, then the wallpaper will not bubble and last for a long time.

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