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In the absence of experience is best to begin with simple circuits, which show the simple geometric shapes or elementsIn the absence of experience is best to start with simple circuits, in which geometric shapes are depicted or simple element of many modern creative girl and not only give their preference to various kinds of crafts. One of the most common hobbies is embroidery. There are various kinds of embroidery. This includes the embroidery stitch, stitch and half-cross (called gobelenovskim sewing), ribbons, chenille, silk, gold (ie gold embroidery used threads, beads), Richelieu embroidery (This openwork embroidery), embroidery Orlovsky call list, Izon. Particularly popular cross-stitch. It is also a large number of species, depending on the materials used in the process of creating images.

What is cross-stitch

Embroidery cross - a type of crafts, which is an image of a special pattern on the fabric bearing the name "canvas", with a needle and thread. The needle can be a conventional and specialized, yarn - a certain kind of sewing thread usual, and can also be used a variety of woolen thread - it depends on the size divisions on the canvas. Embroidery has its roots in the distant past. The history of many cultures captured a mention of the embroidered patterns on clothes, household items on post-mortem bedspreads, etc. Embroidery also used as warding.

The standard set will include:

  • embroidery instruction;
  • Canvas;
  • Scheme embroidery;
  • thread;
  • Selected specialists in harmony with each other shades of different colors;
  • Some kits also have embedded a special needle for embroidery.

For beginners it is best to use vinyl canvas, as its hard edges and corners do not breakFor beginners it is best to use vinyl canvas, as its hard edges and corners do not break

In addition, at the present time, the person concerned pictures and diagrams embroidery to them can be found on the Internet, free of charge, but here if you need a good understanding of the schemes and be able to pick up organically under the selected image thread for embroidery.

Special floss, depending on the manufacturer has its own specific number or names that represent a particular shade of any color.

For example, such a designation may seem like 06,337 or words, such as navy. Also, floss and divided by the production companies, for example, dome, Gamma, etc. You also need to know that the very embroidery can occur both in color and in rows. If a man embroiders by color, it means that he takes the thread of the same color on the canvas and embroiders according to the scheme all the places that are listed according to color. To a greater extent in this way are already skilled embroiderers. Passage through the rows of embroidery - a way desirable for beginners. With this method of operation, is sewn the entire selected range of fully using all the colors of the threads that are involved in this series, even if some color is used only for the sake of the cross.

cross stitch pictures: schemes for beginners

Anyone who wants to learn this craft, like cross-stitch, it will be necessary to start somewhere. There are special schemes for beginners. Few people dare to start with the first steps of the big picture with a huge number of used colors and their shades. For the first time, you can get off and get lost in the scheme, it is possible to mix colors and then have all dissolve and get to work from the start. And someone can understand the process of embroidery, cross-stitch that - not for him. That is why it is best to start training with picture diagrams for beginners.

In general, these small drawings with diagrams:

  1. Such schemes are simple and small sizes;
  2. Images usually combine 4 to 6 colors;
  3. All circuits are divided into squares with a side of 10 crosses.

It is recommended to begin to embroider on the side where most of the crosses of the same colorIt is recommended to begin to embroider on the side where most of the crosses of the same color

Novice creators are also encouraged to cut and canvas, which will be carried by the painting itself. At the same time, in stores, specializing in the works, including embroideries, you can find a special outline of a scheme of the picture printed on it. In this case, the embroidery will pass directly under this scheme. Such a canvas with a color scheme is a kind of stencil.

If the scheme is separate, it is best to opt for mastering the art of embroidery scheme constructed in the form of colored squares, where each color square corresponds to the color of certain threads, that is, if the layout of the symbols shown in red box, then among the set of threads is red hank / ligament, and so forth, respectively.

Also, be sure to watch the video, you can watch as skilled craftsmen share their experience and knowledge with the novice embroiderer. These lessons will be a good helper to learn the art of embroidery cross.

embroidery scheme for beginners to some extent overlap with the schemes for children's creativity.

The original cross-stitch: baby pictures

Due to the fact that more children are looking at their favorite moms, grandmothers, sisters, light embroidery and cross stitching in particular by requiring that they have been taught to embroider too. Of course, it is difficult to persuade a child to sit embroidering some of the big picture, a variety of ancient ruins of icons or engage in embroidery. No, in fact children need a completely different approach and set it child pictures. That is, should choose those drawings that like a child.

For beginners, it is necessary to avoid long broaches on the wrong sideFor beginners, it is necessary to avoid long broaches on the wrong side

Among the pictures and charts for embroidery, designed for children's creativity, popular motifs are:

  1. Stylized fantasy characters wild or domestic animals, whether Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Puss in Boots, etc.
  2. Any funny pictures simple, uplifting child.
  3. Characters cartoon: Disney princesses, Smeshariki, Fixiki, fairies, Machinarium, etc.
  4. Older children and more experienced can offer small portions of any of landscapes, animals, no longer stylized, beautiful fairies are a little complicated: to increase in size and consist of more shades of colors. In addition, children may have already tried to create a small embroidery on shawls, decorating their clothes.
  5. In adolescence, we can already offer embroidery depicting human emotions: joy man and smile, a sad picture and tear, etc.

Small embroidery on children's clothes look stylish, eat more when the child himself will make a decoration on your shirt or blouse, he immediately noted that elements of the old boring wardrobe just got interesting. They are fun for the child.

The initial stage of counted cross: pictures with schemes

Schemes can be colored, it is convenient for children and beginners creators of beauty, but also can be black and white. If a picture with the scheme are made in black and white, which are required to disassemble the color is very difficult for embroidery. Therefore, for such monophonic schemes we developed a series of symbols.

It can be:

  • Various tick;
  • diamonds;
  • toe;
  • Arrows, and so on.

It needs to be practiced in the schemes, where a string of one color is usedIt needs to be practiced in the schemes, where a string of one color is used

All these symbols are entered in the box. Each such square marked with a cross in the diagram shows a particular color or combination of colors.

Black and white schemes are best suited for people with experience in embroidery, for the simple reason that the minor legend is easy to get confused and embroider of the products with the wrong color to be.

Besides all this, the picture for embroidery can be not only colored, but also self-colored. That is, the whole picture will be performed in one color. To do so can be almost anything, from popular at the time the female profile to the decorative patterns in the style of the Middle Ages: the heraldic lily, lions, crowns.

Small pictures to cross-stitch

Pictures and diagrams for embroidery can be found not only large and complex, which can be used as a picture, which can be hung on the wall and admire, it can be small-sized paintings, which will also find its application in interior decoration, and for decoration household items.

Embroider must be in good light - ideally you should use a desk lampEmbroider must be in good light - ideally not use a table lamp

Small pictures for embroidery are well suited for those who are just starting their way in the art of embroidery, and for those who choose to decorate your home or clothing, to make it more exclusive. After all, with hand-embroidered clothing will not only be the only way, but also will attract the attention of others.

The use of cross-stitch in the design of clothing

Instead of buying clothes from the designers, it is possible to sew and embroider on it any pattern or picture, for example, a butterfly, a flower, a boat or something else, thereby decorating. It is very popular among fashionistas blouses that have embroidered cuffs or collars.

How to begin to embroider scheme (video)

In the past, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers themselves come up with all the patterns, for example for decoration rims products for festive collar on neck, cuffs. Now, modern needlewoman can choose their favorite set of embroidery in specialized stores and start to create.

Schemes for cross stitch (photo)

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