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Three-section ladder today is quite popular because it is often used for domestic purposesThree-section ladder today is quite popular because it is often used in household tselyahNavernoe, you have repeatedly seen how easily wielded electrician climbing a strange but interesting design, in which one part as an arrow shoots into the sky, or workers in black -Red jackets standing on a strange-looking ladder, changing the canvas big boards. "And it does not fall out?" - there is the first thought. But then you realize that the design of a very comfortable, and not a bad thing to have the same in his backyard. But how do you choose the most appropriate model for themselves ladders or manufacturer? Try to understand this article.

3-section ladder: as it happens

When a man is tired to fall from the objects piled on top of each other to reach the desired goal, it took three logs, a saw, a rope ladder and invented. When he realized that he had nothing to fasten the ladder, he put a ladder to another ladder and pushed the construction of the base. So I get the step-ladder, whose name suggests that it tends upwards. But not everywhere people could get the ladder, and it irked him. I had to invent something else, and this invention was the three-section ladder.

Ladder Triplex - it's for the most part, the improved model of the ladder - ladder, which besides the two sections joined together, there is another - the third section, the added. It is intended to use it to simulate the construct in any convenient manner.

Choosing a reliable ladder in the store, experts recommend pay attention to its structureChoosing a reliable ladder in the store, experts recommend pay attention to its structure

But there are also other models of three-section ladders. they all perform one function - the function of the opportunity to work at height. Each of the three-section ladders used in different cases, depending on what type of work you need to perform.

Three-section ladder are different in structure and names, as follows:

  • Three-part foldaway stepladder;
  • 3 sectional retractable ladder;
  • 3-section ladder knee

All these types of ladders are composed of three sections with different numbers in their steps. The difference between them in the structure and method of application.

Flip 3 Sectional ladder: scope

At home Triplex folding stairs - an indispensable tool. The main thing - it is right to choose a model and the height of the staircase. It is not necessary to chase the high ladder parameters. The largest three-section folding ladders are professional and are mainly used in enterprises, constantly working with high-rise buildings.

Folding ladder 3-section are of different heights. The smallest of them allows you to work at a height of about 4 meters, while the highest - 15 speed reaches a height of almost 11 meters in the unfolded form. The height of the sections is different depending on the number of stages in each section.

The most commonly used sectional staircase in the repair and construction worksThe most commonly used sectional staircase in the repair and construction works

Three-section folding ladders are: 3x5; 3x6; 3x7; 3h8; 3h9; 3x10; 3h11; 3x12; 3h13; 3h14. Where 3 - is the number of ladder sections 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc. - the number of steps in the staircase. The latest model 3x15 ladder is just starting to appear on the market. Scope three-section folding ladders most diverse. This staircase will be a reliable partner both in the domestic environment, and the seasoned professional career.

Scope three-section folding ladders:

  • Repair work at home;
  • Construction work on elevated objects;
  • Pruning, both at home and at the industrial enterprises;
  • For harvesting in gardens;
  • In carrying out their duties by public utilities;
  • Work in warehouses;
  • Electric installation work;
  • Work at different height planes (porch, steps, stairs)

To work in the domestic environment better acquire stair steps with the amount of 5 to 10. When folded, they are no more than 2 -x meter. The higher the ladder - it's irreplaceable helpers on construction and assembly enterprises.

How does the 3-section stepladder

Currently, for convenience in operation lestnitsy- three-section ladders are made of extruded aluminum sections, good quality. Crossbar sections or stages also operate from profiled aluminum. All self-respecting manufacturers of aluminum ladders necessarily take care of the safety of those who will use it and equip stage rubberized pads, providing a safe ascent and descent

Ladder ladder rider platform - an advanced household ladder, we used not so long ago. The bottom two ladder sections are interconnected is mounted and fixed connection cable.

High-quality three-section ladder can easily be transformed in ladders and in the LadderHigh-quality three-section ladder can easily be transformed in ladders and in the Ladder

The third section is extra, playing the role of an enlarger height of the stairs, if necessary, be attached to one of the sections and is fixed on it at a certain height. 3-section extension ladder, it is very comfortable buying. By purchasing a ladder, you get just 4 useful in everyday life things.

What can transform a folding three-piece universal ladder:

  • Duplex stepladder;
  • Ladder;
  • Three-section ladder - ladder;
  • Ladder-platform.

Thus, a three-section stairs will be enough to secure all types of work at different heights.

From what make three-section stairs, ladders

The main material of which are currently producing three-section stairs, ladders - an aluminum profile. Ladders, made of this material is easy to operate. They are light, with their domestic versions can easily cope by one person. Due to the ease and folding capabilities, they are easy to transport from place to place. To store these ladders do not need a lot of space.

Special attention when buying a ladder should be paid to the quality and the material from which it is madeSpecial attention when buying a ladder should be paid to the quality and the material from which it is made

Three-section ladder lestnitsy- produce and different in texture and cost of materials. But the most common aluminum three-section folding ladders.

Stairs made of other materials, it is generally fixed ladders at sites where a permanent job at the height required.

Tehsektsionnye folding ladders - ladders are made of:

  • Aluminum profiles;
  • wood;
  • Become;
  • Fiberglass.

Is unlikely to work in the domestic environment will suit wooden folding stairs or a ladder made of steel.

The concept of a ladder retractable three-section and features of its use

Second place on the use of ladders, among gigantrov takes retractable three-section ladder. Feature of its design is that the ladder sections are attached to each other and are adjustable in height by means of special cables. This staircase is also known as a construction.

Ladder retractable three-piece - is a stronger version of a ladder that allows you to safely and successfully operate at very high altitudes. retractable ladder successful design allows it to be much higher than the stair ladder and thus, allows you to work on even greater heights.

Using a three-section ladder, you can easily perform the repair work at height in a country houseUsing a three-section ladder, you can easily perform the repair work at height in a country house

Due to the ropes, adjustable height of the stairs, you can quickly and efficiently analyze it, and make the desired design. Pull-out section in the last section of the fixed hook latch that excludes spontaneous folding ladder length. The reference ladder rack guide profile and is equipped with built-in lining, which provides special stability.

Scope of application of the three-section retractable ladders:

  • Construction work on the facades of tall buildings;
  • On summer cottage;
  • The storage areas;
  • The book archives.

Retractable ladder as step ladders, also have a huge demand in the market of household goods.

Three-section ladders narrow purpose

Sometimes there are situations when you simply need to climb high and fast. Such a need first of all have firefighters who need to react quickly, efficiently work, and in a matter of seconds to be an unattainable height. In this case, to the aid of the professional ladder.

Three-section ladder, as a rule, is an indispensable assistant fireThree-section ladder, as a rule, is an indispensable assistant fire

Three-knee ladder is the ladder that allows you in a few seconds and dismantle it without risking their lives to climb up on top of her.

Do not confuse the terms. Three-section ladders is not trehmarshevoy and what else of the three-section ladders. This ladder purely professional, and is used mainly by people with a narrow range of occupations.

Such as:

  • Firefighters;
  • Rescue teams;
  • Utility services.

The only drawback of these ladders is that they are almost impossible to spread on its own. In order to bring the ladder into the operating position, a minimum of two people.

Criteria for selection of high-quality three-section stairs

In order to provide themselves or their subordinates safe operation at high altitude is necessary to competently and responsibly in choosing the stairs.

Three-section ladder made today in large numbers, but not sve producers seek to properly secure the ladder durability and reliability.

The most relevant and popular today are three-section stairs from the Eiffel producerThe most relevant and popular today are three-section stairs from the Eiffel producer

We are responsible manufacturers, for example, in Krause, the stairs are always accompanied by instructions that indicate: maximum mass of those who rise, drawing, how to perform the installation and assembly of metal parts stairs, the calculation of the tripartite load, whether the product is the first test passed, whether the tool platform , if equipped with a ladder stabilizer height and of course its length.

Among the manufacturers of three-section ladders huge demand following domestic and europroizvoditeli:

  • Eifel;
  • Krause;
  • Granite;
  • TTX;
  • vira;
  • LRTMP;
  • KRW;
  • Krosper;
  • Sibrteh;
  • svelt;
  • DWG.

Labeling of stairs depends on the number of steps with the sections, and the sections themselves. Their mark on the similarity -5309 hundred means - a ladder three-section of 9 degrees in sections 5310, 5311, etc.

Installing three-knee ladder (video)

When choosing a ladder, remember that before you make a purchase, read reviews. For your own safety you also need to buy the product, not only beautiful, but also strong on kosour.

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