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Italian wallpaper can be called a model of impeccable style and eleganceItalian wallpaper can be called a model of impeccable style and elegantnostiItaliya ... one word synonymous with elegant and understated style, rich colors, long history. Already for a long time, with this country, is defined by the fashion tone and eye-catching style, whether it's cars, clothes, furniture or shoes. All of these items are exquisite touch of fashion and taste, soaked time. No exception and wallpaper collections are represented in large numbers, each of which displays an interior high fashion and style.

Wallpapers of Italy: the distinctive properties

Italian wallpaper famous not only for the great name of the producing country, but also excellent quality characteristics of the material.

Special features of wallpaper:

  • Rich and varied colors;
  • The highest quality of raw materials used in the production;
  • Durability of the canvas;
  • Eco-friendly material;
  • Broad pricing structure;
  • Wallpaper can be cleaned with a brush;
  • On canvas applied to special inks. They have for a long time do not lose their properties.

Wallpapers of Italian manufacturers can boast of regular completion of collections with new models. And the price is quite large assortment of tapestries available to the ordinary citizen, it all depends on the brand and collection.

Italian wallpaper renowned for not only great design, but also an excellent European qualityItalian wallpaper renowned for not only great design, but also an excellent European quality

The collection features a variety of materials - this Italian wallpaper on paper, vinyl, non-woven backing, as well as textiles. they all meet the stringent requirements of world standards.

Give preference is famous brand, the existing more than a decade. Thus you protect yourself from buying low-quality wallpaper or fake.

Made in Italy: Wallpaper for walls

Italian wallpapers - this is a combination of quality and beauty on one canvas. Creating these tapestries is a true work of art.

Choosing Italian wallpaper for the walls, still should consider some important points:

  • Price. Tapestries from the most popular manufacturers are not cheap.
  • Marking. It should pay particular attention to the marking roll. It should be specified clearly and at least three languages. On the label it is indicated: the date of manufacture, batch number, legal address of the manufacturer and the characteristics of the material.

Roll of wallpaper tightly sealed in order to avoid damage. When opening the package in no way should not attend any harsh chemical odors. Wallpaper width is represented in three variants - 0.5 m, 0.7 m and 1.06 m.

It should be noted that these are expensive Italian wallpaperIt should be noted that these are expensive Italian wallpaper

Make a purchase wallpaper Italian manufacturers advisable in certain shopping centers and specialty stores. Thus, in the case of any nuances about the quality, you can make a complaint to management.

Buy authentic Italian wallpaper, did not spare the funds for gluing hire specialists. They will do it qualitatively, and bring the walls in order.

Wallpaper Italy in the interior: the famous photo collections

Italian Manufacturers of wallpaper in addition to elegance, glamor and beauty, paying special attention to the quality and durability of products. Therefore, the possibility of problems with mechanical damage can not worry.

Italian wallpaper different collections will surprise a rich selection of textures and ractsvetokItalian wallpaper different collections will surprise a rich selection of textures and ractsvetok

The most popular and popular are:

  • Portofino (Portofino). The brand produces close to suede wallpaper (Flok) non-woven and paper-based. Subjects presented geometric figures, flora and stripes. Such a material lends itself to moisture and mechanical influence, but noble elegance and compensates for any disadvantages.
  • Sirpi (CIRP). The brand has 24 collections made in an interesting and original graphic composition and soft pastel colors. This is a vertical strip of imitation fabric flowers. Manufacturer uses vinyl wallpaper with non-woven backing. An extraordinary collection of «Sirpi Muralto Decoskin» - naturalistic imitation fur and stone, galloping horse, sneaking wolf and others.
  • ZambaitiParati (Zambaiti Paraty's). Paper and paper basis with a vinyl coating. The canvas is made in matte and shiny, smooth texture and relief. Huge selection represented the 39th collection. Each of them - a harmony of color and pattern, executed in the same motif.
  • EmilianaParati (Emilian Paraty's). Wallpapers of this brand is discharged from a PVC on a paper basis. These tapestries are also used in non-residential buildings - interiors of residences, hotels, yachts and offices. The company cooperates with famous fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin and Roberto Cavalli. These wallpapers emphasize the worth and the high status of the owner.
  • Decori (Inlay). Manufacturer combines good price-quality presented in the 9th collections. The decor uses high-quality printing on paper and vinyl wallpaper.
  • Limonta (Limonta). The brand has 10 collections of washable wallpaper made in juicy colors, floral motifs, abstraction and vertical bands.
  • Esedra (Esedra). The manufacturer has 4 well-known collection, made in a classic style soft floral patterns.

These brands have a good reputation and firmly established in the market of finishing materials.

Wallpaper is impregnated with a special solution, repelling water and dust.

Italian style in the interior

Italian wallpaper occupy the highest rung among other finishing materials, as deservedly gained its popularity due to quality and elegant style. The distinctive characteristics of these tapestries is the perfect combination of colors and some unique style.

Wallpapers of Italy will look great in any roomWallpapers of Italy will look great in any room

Italian wallpaper in the interior:

  • Living room. In this case, generally used natural coating wallpaper or plaster effect. This simple elegance is diluted with luxury accents in the form of a massive chandelier on the ceiling beams or rough.
  • Bedroom. By the calm and relaxing environment bedrooms often use patterns to create the effect of vegetation or varnished planks of old trees.
  • Hallway. Hallway perfect textile wall ethnic motives. This gorgeous selection of original decorate the whole house.
  • Kitchen. Italian style kitchen design is better to issue vinyl wallpaper in warm discreet tones.

A note of comfort and convenience found in many styles of Italian motifs. Wallpaper does not occupy the last place in the design of housing design, so the choice should be taken seriously tapestries. After all, a good selection of wallpaper depends comfort, style, beauty and warmth throughout the apartment.

The basic rules of Italian style is a natural motif and refined luxury.

Luxury Italian wallpaper from Roberto Cavalli (video)

Wallpapers have a direct impact on the organization and creation of comfortable individual housing for each person. They help to make it original, comfortable and stylish. Huge selection of Italian drawings wallpaper to satisfy the sophisticated needs and requirements of each and every customer. Each drawing is distinguished by its original performance and luxurious color palette.

Italian design wallpaper (photos)


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