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With frameless mounting plasterboard can align the wallsWith frameless fixing plasterboard can align stenySeychas in most cases the drywall is used for leveling the surface of the walls and ceilings. The standards of the last century is not acceptable, as the slightest discrepancy is calculated in centimeters, can put an end to all repairs. Frameless mounting method can be applied if the surface is relatively smooth. This method allows you to save extra centimeters of living space, elegant quadrature which boast not everyone can. What are the advantages of this method is that it will take to work and step by step installation guide - later in the article.

Decorating the walls of plasterboard without frame and profile: the advantages and conditions

Most often, the drywall on the walls are fixed carcass usual way: a metal profile or wooden slats going to crate and attached to it the material itself. This method allows you to hide communications, which may not always pleasing to the eye and smooth the surface. However, not every case allows us to apply this method: firstly, it is more expensive, and secondly - takes valuable living space, which is now on the contrary, are expanding in many ways.

Frameless plasterboard installation method allows you to align on the wall surface prior to further their finish.

What are the advantages of this method? Of course, this is a considerable saving on building materials, and more - saving valuable space and speed of execution. Among the shortcomings can be noted that the wall is not very solid. It will be impossible to fix a shelf or hang a picture, and this method is not always acceptable because it implies a number of conditions, which, if ignored may become unreachable.

Decorating the walls of plasterboard without frame - a process that will help to save spaceDecorating the walls of plasterboard without frame - a process that will help to save space


  1. Level wall curvature. If the walls are very curves, have to return to a process with a crate, as only minor defects can be eliminated without installation frame. Plasterboard attached to the wall on special glue or screws, that does not involve the formation of large cavities under the material.
  2. Availability of communications. Of course, to the wiring, this condition does not apply. Reason to take up little space and are hiding in the cellar. But if the wall mounted water pipes or heating pipes, you want to hide - need to build a box. The same applies to the ventilation.
  3. The degree of divergence of the walls around the room. If you plan to install a multi-level, caisson, tension, ceiling or trim his plates, even a slight discrepancy between the walls lead to the collapse of all the works. On the ceiling structure can be seen clearly, any asymmetry of the room. This will help to avoid, again, the installation of the FCL on the frame.

If the walls are not very curves under the drywall is not necessary to hide pipes and installing major constructions ceiling in the room is not planned (even if there is a discrepancy that occurs quite often) frameless method is quite acceptable.

Installing drywall to the wall without a frame: a preparatory stage

Before embarking on the procurement of the material, it is necessary to determine its amount. For this it is necessary to measure the area sheathed surface. This value will be sufficient to purchase the required amount of GCR plates and fasteners.

Drywall on the walls without a frame mounted in two ways:

  • On putty or adhesive;
  • On the screws.

Depending on the chosen way of fasteners, and materials are purchased. Besides plasterboard need dowels, screws, washers, putty mixture, thick foam rubber, expanded foam and glue.

Drywall can be attached to the wall using screws or putty, but first you need to carry out preparatory workDrywall can be attached to the wall using screws or putty, but first you need to carry out preparatory work

From the tool to work you will need:

  • Roulette;
  • Pencil or marker;
  • Otbivochnogo thread;
  • Building or jigsaw blade;
  • Putty (wide and narrow);
  • mallet;
  • Fine sandpaper;
  • Building level;
  • Electric drill or rotary hammer and screwdriver as in the case of self-tapping screws.

Drywall without frame can be fixed only on dry walls. If the room is a high level of humidity or wall quite raw material will not hold on to the wall for a long time.

How to align the wall plasterboard without a skeleton with glue

Before fasten drywall to the wall, it is important to prepare the surface. To do this with a wire brush dust scraped from the wall and plaster exfoliated residues. If the surface is porous walls need to handle its primer.

Further actions:

  1. Cutting sheets. Before mounting on the wall, you need to consider the location of the sheet. The main condition here - avoid cross-shaped joints.
  2. Preparation of the adhesive mass. Depending upon the wall roughness, composition solution may vary. If the difference is up to 4 mm, the selected filler "Funenfyuller", when the difference is applied to 20 mm "Perfliks". Filler is mixed with water to a consistency of sour cream.
  3. The application of glue on the drywall. Again, depending on how many curves of the walls, the glue is applied razymi ways. When passing the mixture to 4 mm is applied to the entire surface of the sheet with a thin layer. To 20 mm adhesive is applied to individual points spaced no more than 35 cm If the difference is even more -. Used ten centimeter strips GCR, they are fixed to the wall and to direct them already assembled sheets.
  4. Bonding sheet. Plasterboard is pinned to the wall neatly and quickly. After aligning plate along the bottom edge, the sheet is pressed tightly to the wall.
  5. Correction. Long spirit level or rule adjusted convexity. Speakers places tapped with a mallet.

gypsum boards must be glued to the wall quickly and very accuratelygypsum boards must be glued to the wall quickly and very accurately

After all the bulges are eliminated, to secure the sheet is supported on a few hours wooden board

Instead fillings, drywall can be mounted on the mounting foam (if its expansion coefficient is small). The foam has good adhesion, but until it is securely pour sheet must be fixed, otherwise there will be uneven.

If the curvature of the wall exceeds 40 mm, the walls in places of strong deviations are fixed rails. Also, in the field of strong depressions should be applied more glue. Longer handled joints and made rough finish walls.

Fasten drywall to the frame without screws

This mounting method is more reliable, though somewhat more complicated previous. It has been successfully applied on very curved walls, but there is a condition: the ceiling height must not exceed 3 m (technology does not include horizontal joints).

Drywall screws on the frame can be attached without the room, the height of which does not exceed 3 metersDrywall screws on the frame can be attached without the room, the height of which does not exceed 3 meters

After preparing the walls is done as follows:

  1. The sheet is applied to the wall and it nasverlivaetsya 8 - 10 holes at equal distance from each other. Thus on a wall put a label.
  2. The holes in the wall anchors are hammered.
  3. On the reverse side of the GCR bonded foam at a small distance from nasverlennyh holes. He needs to amortize.
  4. The sheet was then attached to the wall with screws and washers. The width of the washers should be at least 1.5 cm.
  5. Vertical checked. For this level is applied to the wall and divergences, screws are screwed or twisted.
  6. After all sheets are fixed at each of the screw on the plates is done small holes, they are filled with foam.
  7. After the foam hardens, the screws can be removed and zashpatlevat holes.

The whole process is completed the preparation GCR under the decoration (coloring, wallpapering, etc.).

How to glue the drywall on the wall without frame (video)

Frameless installation of the FCL on the walls - a complicated process that requires a certain knowledge and skills. We need to understand the material, to select high-quality filler or foam. For self-installation can proceed, confident in their abilities and knowledge. Also can not do without assistants, because drywall sheets are quite heavy and bulky. Believe in yourself and you will succeed!

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