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Interior walls of gypsum board is easy to install their own handsInterior partitions from drywall easily mount your rukamiRano or later everyone is faced with is not a simple matter of how to repair. Of course, when the grand want to repair, how can radically change a flat or house to change the ceiling, install new flooring, combine the room, or vice versa, to divide a large room into two. The last option is certainly not easy, but quite possible. Install the interior walls with his own hands is also possible, just enough to get acquainted with detailed instructions where to start and how to start.

How are the interior walls of plasterboard

The most optimal one room divider is plasterboard. First you need to determine why the barrier is better to install this material.

Plasterboard has several important advantages:

  • This lightweight material;
  • It is not necessary to spend a lot of time during installation (it is enough just one day);
  • Plasterboard is inexpensive material;
  • Appearance resembles the usual maximum wall;
  • In the framework of the drywall just enough to hold all the necessary wiring;
  • The walls of this material is very good sound insulation;
  • During the installation does not require the use of water, respectively, dirt is very small.

Interior walls of plasterboard have a number of advantagesInterior walls of plasterboard have a number of advantages

The first step is to calculate the number of the desired material. Make it simple. It is enough to measure the length and height of the room, in which the future will show off a wall.

It is also recommended to draw a sheet of paper on a conventional scheme in which the next mark and a doorway. Further it is necessary to set the profiles, which are installed and drywall sheets. It is important to remember that before you install each profile glued using sealing tape. This will provide additional tightness and sound insulation. Profiles are set using rotary hammer drill and also during the installation you want to use is not routine, and dowels, nails.

Internal dividing wall of plasterboard with door

When installing the room divider is necessary to think in advance about the next door, without which it simply can not do. Even if the door is not planned as such, the connector for it to be mandatory, or to another part of the room there will be impossible. In preparing the plan, the walls should be noted on it, and the doorway, too, it is necessary for convenience, so you do not install the door "by eye". Once the modules have been installed you need to cover their gypsum boards.

It is important to know that each of the sheets are installed in a vertical position to the same as in each case, there is also need to follow a few rules:

  • From the floor covering must be left in a distance of 1 cm from the ceiling - 0.5 cm, between the sheets - 2 mm;
  • Do not install the drywall "overlap" (the joints should not be);
  • You need to consider facing sides, they are installed opposite to each other, given their direction.

Based on these rules, you need to very carefully to install drywall sheets. Sheets secured via screws need to be equal to 25 mm. It is worth noting that they have to twist perpendicular to the profile. Of course, we must understand that the drywall sheathing is made on both sides of the future wall.

If the room is planned interior walls with a door, the plasterboard should be mounted so that it does not fitIf the room is planned interior walls with a door, the plasterboard should be mounted so that it does not fit

When one side is completely covered, it is necessary to fill the space with a special sound-proof material. In appearance it resembles layers of compacted wool.

Such a material is set to such an extent that between gypsum boards was no free space. Once all the material is laid, you can install drywall on the other hand is almost finished wall. Thus, as it were clamped sound-insulating material sandwiched between two layers of drywall sheets.

Recommendations how to make the interior walls of plasterboard photo

After installing drywall sheets too early to celebrate, there is still waiting for one of the dirtiest jobs. To perfection of interior walls is necessary to perform a number of actions.

So, the following steps will be:

  • plastered;
  • Grout;
  • Grinding.

When installing drywall joints between them can not be avoided. Therefore, all joints should be putty mixture of gypsum. Every corner of the doorway should be well treated, but rather reinforced by a perforated angle profile. It is worth remembering that all the seams and cap from each of the screw must also putty. The wall must be perfectly flat and smooth.

Once installed interior walls should carry out the process of putty, jointing material, grindingOnce installed interior walls should carry out the process of putty, jointing material, grinding

After a putty process is completed, you need to treat each side wall primer. This is done to ensure that the surface easier to wallpaper paste or special fabric for decorating the walls.

After the primer layer must be sufficiently thick putty wall and keep it dry for an hour or two a day and a minimum. After all the walls dry out, including the corners of the door, you need to start grouting and polishing. Do it better with your own hands, or special devices can greatly damage the surface.

We should not forget that when grouting and polishing it is important to wear a respirator, otherwise you can easily clog the airways. The resulting dust must be instantly suck vacuum, so the room will be less contaminated. So, after all these processes interior wall is ready, it remains only to start its decoration.

Fire resistance drywall partitions

Of course, before installing plasterboard partition walls just need to read and find out what all the same it is the fire resistance of plasterboard partitions?

Generally, gypsum board device is quite simple:

  • Gypsum;
  • Crystalline-bound water is determined by the chemical formula;
  • Clay;
  • Fiberglass.

For example, a single sheet can contain up to 2 liters of water. When exposed to high temperature water which is contained in the sheets begins to evaporate as vapor.

Gypsum plasterboard partition walls, fireproof, but also provide additional sound insulationGypsum plasterboard partition walls, fireproof, but also provide additional sound insulation

Also, clay and fiberglass allow to maintain the strength and durability of structures exposed to fire long enough. From all this it can be concluded that the gypsum thus provide passive design degree of protection against fire in case of fire. But we must remember that the drywall construction can withstand fire, but still relatively not long. Exposure time can vary from 20 to 45 minutes depending on the intensity of the fire, as well as additional materials included in the gypsum board.

It is worth noting that with the help of gypsum boards can not only set the partition walls, but also to cover their load-bearing walls. This will provide additional sound insulation and fire resistance premises.

Build partitions interior of plasterboard with their hands (video)

As it turned out, with the help of interior walls, you can update the design of the room, as well as provide it with fire properties, for example, all the walls of sheathing sheets GCR. This installation does not require excessive effort and cost. Afterwards look at such beauty is a pleasure, and as it later turns out to build this type of construction of the drywall is not so difficult.

Design of interior walls of plasterboard (interior photo)

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