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Gypsum plasterboard can be mounted on any surfaceDrywall can be installed on any poverhnostMnogie people prefer to carry out the installation of gypsum ceiling yourself. Decorate the ceiling of the data simply material. Suffice it to adhere to the instructions and choose quality materials. Plasterboard sheets may be mounted on a wooden or metal frame. Each technology has its own set of features. The basis of gypsum material is cardboard and filling - plaster.

Installing drywall to wood ceiling

Wooden ceiling serve as a framework for plasterboardWooden ceiling serve as a framework for plasterboard

Installing drywall to wood ceiling can be done without the use of frames. Attach sheets to the ceiling with his hands is easy. It is worth noting that decorate the ceiling of gypsum boards without the use of the framework can not, if the surface is uneven.

Installing drywall without a skeleton in the following order:

  1. First mark mounting location on the ceiling gypsum board.
  2. Attach a sheet from the ceiling and in the drill 8 surface cracks.
  3. The holes, insert the dowels.
  4. Glue a piece of foam sheet.
  5. Attach the drywall to the ceiling, and secure it with screws. Do not forget to put on his goals.
  6. Depart from 3-4 mm screw and drill a hole diameter of 5-6 centimeters.
  7. The resulting fill hole assembly foam.
  8. Lock in the same way all the sheets
  9. Once the foam has dried, remove the screws.
  10. Zashpaklyuyte holes.

Mounted to the ceiling plasterboard sheet also possible by means of the mastic. Remember that when you use this method, you need to clean the ceiling of dirt and rub on the surface of the primer.

Technology mounting on drywall ceiling sibling

Sibling ceiling - economical option for your roomSibling ceiling - economical option for your room

If you started a major overhaul, and do not want to spend much money on the ceiling trim, sibling plasterboard - this is what you need. To produce such a structure can be alone. Before you install the plasterboard ceiling, you need to clean the surface from dirt and dust.

Before the work you need to check the level of the ceiling horizontally. If the surface is relatively flat, it is necessary to put on the net. It will help you better navigate when installing the frame.

How to install a one-level ceiling:

  • Attach at the intersection of line markings hangers. To do this, use the hammer and dowels.
  • After that should be attached to the wall of the U-profile. It can be done with dowels. Do not forget to install the profile drill hole in the wall.
  • Using screws attach guide profiles.
  • Check the quality of the carcass.
  • If the frame is made correctly, then proceed to the skin structure.
  • Attach drywall sheets to the frame. With screws fix them. To carry out this procedure alone is difficult, so use specialized clamps.
  • Once you have sheathed structure, apply drywall putty. Do not forget to remove any unevenness.

Repair ceiling of plasterboard with their hands

Often, plasterboard ceilings are deformed during operation. This can occur due to improper operation. Also cause deformation of the web can be a flood.

Before proceeding to the design of repairs, make sure the frame is securely attached. If he also underwent deformation, it should be to strengthen or replace the defective items. In some cases, the appropriate solution is to dismantle the entire structure.

Instructions to remove cracks in the plasterboard ceiling:

  1. First you need to expand the crack with a hacksaw. As a result of this operation, you should have a recess with a triangular cross-section.
  2. Then apply the primer does not crack.
  3. Next you need to wait until the primer has dried.
  4. Then apply the seam first layer of putty. When it dries, apply a second.
  5. With the help of a fine-grained sandpaper grinding make the seam.

The sequence of the repair of the ceiling after the flood:

  • First it is necessary to remove from the surface finish sheets.
  • Then remove the plasterboard sheets that deform under the influence of moisture.
  • The room needed airing. This operation will remove any remaining moisture.
  • Next you need to install the new plasterboard on frame.

Installation of the two-level ceiling of plasterboard: step by step guide

Two- and three-tiered ceiling will look very beautiful. With such a ceiling can come up with interesting lightingTwo- and three-tiered ceiling will look very beautiful. With such a ceiling can come up with interesting lighting

Trey ceilings looks in the interior of the apartments is quite extraordinary and futuristic. Set multilevel plasterboard very difficult. First you need to clean the ceiling of dirt and eliminate irregularities.

Before you start, be sure to prepare the lamps. Also, do not forget to draw a diagram of the design and make the ceiling layout. During marking, note that the fixtures will be placed between the layers.

Installation of the two-level ceiling is carried out in the following order:

  1. Attach to the walls of the main UD-profile. Step attachment - 30-35 centimeters.
  2. Fix the intermediate CD-profiles. Connect them together by means of screws.
  3. Install hangers. They need to install subsequent levels. Should attach them to the main frame using screws.
  4. Lift the CD-profiles.
  5. Pull the twine across the auxiliary frame.
  6. Set the auxiliary profiles.
  7. Secure the support profiles with screws.
  8. Secure the plasterboard sheets on the first level. For fixing drywall using self-tapping screws. Do not forget to pre-wiring.
  9. Set gypsum sheets to the second level.
  10. Once you're done with a shell, set the lights and start finishing.

Driving drywall to concrete ceiling

In the picture you will see the materials used for fixing plasterboardIn the picture you will see the materials used for fixing plasterboard

To install drywall on a concrete ceiling, you need to first of all, to acquire the necessary materials. You will need drywall thickness of 9-12 mm, carrying profile, screws, hangers, dowels, wedges. Also, before you begin the installation, calculate the perimeter of the ceiling.

Before you start, be sure to make the holes for the lights. Also, you need to take care of the wiring. After the work is necessary to compulsorily applied to the joints of sheets of cardboard-gypsum putty.

Driving drywall installation on a concrete ceiling:

  • First you need to secure the perimeter of the surface of the UD-bar.
  • Then use the CD-hangers fasten straps.
  • Install the main and auxiliary ceiling profiles. As a result, you should get a thick sheathing.
  • Pin gypsum boards to the frame. For fixing desirable to use screws. During the frame plating try to join the sheets neatly.
  • Strip all the joints of the structure using emery cloth.

Installation of drywall on the ceiling with his hands (video)

Prices for installation of gypsum ceiling in Ilyichevsk - 100-120 hryvnia per square meter. In larger cities, for example, in Kiev - the price starts from 150 hryvnia. That's why it makes sense to install the product yourself. Mount plasterboard ceilings yourself is easy. The main thing - to make a durable frame and clean the surface of the base of the ceiling from dirt. 

Installation of drywall on the ceiling with his hands (photo)


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