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Ceiling moldings used for decorative stretch ceilingCeiling moldings used for decorative stretch ceiling Ceiling Molding used for framing suspended ceilings. This is a decorative element. With ceiling moldings can hide any defects and finish decorating the room. When choosing a ceiling moldings need to pay special attention to the material from which it is made, because some models can not be installed in areas with high humidity. Also, when selecting products pay attention to its color.

How to install skirting for stretch ceiling

Finishing the ceiling starts with the installation of the floor. To carry out the installation, you will need a knife, construction tape measure, miter box, a spatula, a cord, a pencil. Before installation, cut a piece of skirting the required size.

Initially, you need to form a corner. After that, take otbivochnogo cord to mark the place for the installation.

Ceiling plinth mounted to the ceiling using finishing puttyCeiling plinth mounted to the ceiling using finishing putty

mounting plinth algorithm on the ceiling:

  1. Begin gluing the plinth at one corner. Attach the product you need with the help of a specialized putty or glue solution.
  2. Fill the crack with the help of putty.
  3. Attach each piece of the plinth butt. Do not forget that you need to lubricate the joint space with glue. So you will provide high structural strength.
  4. Remove excess adhesive using a spatula.
  5. garnish moldings illumination if desired.

How to eliminate the gap between the stretch ceiling and the skirting

Often during finishing the ceiling appear gap between the door and the plinth. They need to be necessarily eliminated. When choosing a method of eliminating gaps refer to the size of the defect.

Eliminate the gap between the ceiling and the skirting is possible by means of:

  • Acrylic sealant. It is necessary to fill in the gap.
  • Putty.
  • Insertion of a piece of the plinth.

Eliminate the gap between the skirting board and the web tension ceiling by using acrylic sealantEliminate the gap between the skirting board and the web tension ceiling by using acrylic sealant

If you intend to use an acrylic sealant or filler, it is desirable to widen the gap. To do this, use a hacksaw. Desirably, after the expansion gap, the defect had a V-shaped configuration.

Which is better to use a plinth for suspended ceilings

It is best to use a plastic or foam moldings. These products are the most durable and inexpensive. In addition, these types of skirting boards can be easily installed.

The advantages of foam skirting board are:

  1. Beautiful appearance. With this product, you can give the room an unusual or presentable appearance.
  2. Low cost. Foam skirting afford anyone.
  3. Easy installation. Attach such a structure could even a novice.
  4. Ability to set baguette on plasterboard ceilings

It is worth noting that of the foam products are very fragile. In addition, such a plinth inappropriate to use when the ceiling surface is uneven. Also, the foam product can be deformed under the influence of certain chemicals, so it is difficult to care for them.

Decorative moldings made of PVC is environmentally friendly, has good ductility, durableDecorative moldings made of PVC is environmentally friendly, has good ductility, durable

Decorative moldings made of PVC has the following advantages:

  • High densities. Due to this, the product is not subject to rapid contamination.
  • Durability. On average, skirting boards made of PVC are 5-10 years old.
  • Variety of colors.
  • Resistance to aggressive chemicals and detergents.
  • easy installation and removal.
  • Ecological purity of the material.

The disadvantages of skirting PVC include:

  1. The small size of the curb. This is critical if you are going to install the product on the high walls.
  2. The inability to use the skirting boards for finishing the narrow ceilings.
  3. Lack of flexibility panels.

Install rubber moldings for ceilings,

Rubber moldings looks attractive. Usually it is used as a decorative element for finishing ceilings in rooms with high humidity. If you need a ceiling moldings in the bath, it is advisable to choose a plinth made of rubber.

Plastic skirting is only available in two colors: black and white. If you need to purchase a ceiling plinth for furnish bright stretch ceiling, you can make your own molding.

Fixing to the tension rubber skirting ceiling is carried out by means of special slotsFixing to the tension rubber skirting ceiling is carried out by means of special slots

Installing rubber skirting on the ceiling:

  • Insert the plinth into the groove.
  • Gently push the molding until it clicks.
  • Using a spatula, you can fix the place where you crookedly attached plinth.

What is needed moldings for curved stretch ceilings

What baseboards need for finishing curved designs? In this case, you must use a flexible extruded moldings. Such articles have a similar cross-section and the relief.

If you use a flexible ceiling moldings to close the eaves, it must be attached to the ceiling with screws. Do not forget to install the plywood strips on adjustable hangers.

When installing the flexible skirting boards take into account such nuances:

  1. Paste products only to the walls or ceiling duct.
  2. To fix, use only water-soluble compounds.
  3. Local gaps between the skirting and flexible ceiling is eliminated by acrylic sealants.
  4. Before installation, do not forget to paint the profile.

Polyurethane moldings for ceilings: features and installation

Polyurethane moldings is widespread. Such a product has a high flexibility, so that it can be used for finishing curved designs.

Flexible polyurethane moldings retain their properties at any temperature, and does not require special careFlexible polyurethane moldings retain their properties at any temperature, and does not require special care

Skirting boards made of polyurethane can be used even in unheated rooms. Products do not deform under the influence of high or low temperatures. Also polyurethane skirting unpretentious care, so they can be used for decoration stretched ceiling, installed in the kitchen or balcony.

assembly algorithm plinth made of polyurethane:

  • First you need to mark the surface.
  • Then follow adjustment angle plinth. To do this, use a miter box carpentry.
  • Apply to the back side skirting adhesive solution.
  • Push plinth to the ceiling.
  • Repeat the procedure until, until you install the product throughout the perimeter of the room.
  • adhesive residue to remove using a trowel.

Is it always necessary to ceiling moldings Stretch Ceilings

Can I do without ceiling moldings? Experts believe that a good alternative to ceiling moldings - plug. It allows you to hide the gap between the wall and stretched canvas.

Scheme ceiling trim moldings in stusloScheme ceiling trim moldings in stuslo

If you want to make a visual distinction between the stretched canvas and the wall, you can use a tissue flap. It is ornate cord, which is made of synthetic materials. Install this plug is possible by pressing parts in the profile groove.

For finishing ceilings can also be used:

  1. L-shaped corner stub. Set this piece is simple enough. You simply snap the cover into the groove.
  2. T-shaped plug. It is used if the wall tile department. The method of installation of this product is the same as that of L-shaped plug.
  3. Coupling. This cap should be used to mask the gap between the walls and curved suspended ceilings.

Decorative moldings made of wood for ceilings

Decorative moldings made of wood is often used for decoration, designed in a classic style. Such products look elegant and can adorn any room. However, the wooden plinth have significant drawbacks.

Fixing a wooden plinth to ceiling carried out by means of screwsFixing a wooden plinth to ceiling carried out by means of screws

Cons plinth of wood:

  • Absorbability. Wood absorbs moisture, whereby it can be deformed.
  • Wooden skirting boards rot.
  • Fire hazard.

Installation of the wooden plinth is necessary to start with the marking. It is desirable to recapture it using paint cord or chalk outline. Do not forget to set the layout after the short bars.

Algorithm installation of decorative baseboards made of wood:

  1. Adjust the angle of the plinth by means of miter box.
  2. Nail the molding to the wall.
  3. If you do not want to nail prints, use screws. Do not forget to pre-Drill holes.

Installation of ceiling moldings (video)

When choosing a plinth for the finishing stretch ceiling take into account the peculiarities of the construction. If you have installed a curved suspended ceiling, use a highly flexible products. In other cases, you can use the skirting boards made of polyurethane, plastic or foam. In areas with high humidity, such as in the bathroom, it is more expedient to use rubber products. 

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