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When buying wallpaper is important to correctly calculate the number, the right to repairWhen buying wallpaper is important to correctly calculate the number, the right to remontaChasche just choose the wallpaper for the walls of refining. When the rolls have already been bought, it is necessary to accurately measure how many meters in one of them. This article will help solve the problem of the length of the roll. When a decision to repair was made to start purchased wallpaper. But first you need to determine the number of rolls needed for the room and the size of the rolls.

preliminary steps

Before you begin to count the length of wallpaper, you need to know the width. It is important to know what your standard size in each country. Buying imported wallpaper, it would be good to ask the long producers.

With regard to conventional wallpaper, produced in Russia or CIS, they have a standard that is most often written on the packaging with a roll. More often than not, most standard length of wallpaper.

Everyone knows that the wallpaper glue width of one meter - one only pleasure. They are wide, lie perfectly around the perimeter walls, as well as have virtually imperceptible engages. But it is worth considering that alone will be very difficult to stick them, because they are too wide for one person. To work was high quality, and the result is a success, you need to take someone to the assistants.

Renovated apartment - a serious matter, so sometimes alone to handle this difficultRenovated apartment - a serious matter, so sometimes alone to handle this difficult

The roll of wallpaper how many meters - correct calculation

As mentioned earlier, each producer and the country using their own standards coil sizes. The most optimal option for the CIS -Wallpaper in meter form. Generally, before the purchase of wallpaper must be very good to measure the dimensions of your room, and be sure to take into account the distance from the ceiling to the floor. Also, it would be nice to know, and area of ​​the room, because it is much easier to find the required number of rolls.

Also, here are two major Russian standards, which are currently widely used also in the neighboring countries:

  1. 530 x 1005.
  2. 1060 x 1005.

If the store had presented the wallpaper of a different size, it is likely that they are made or in another State, or in Russia, but for the license of a foreign manufacturer. The guests on one tube of wallpaper should contain 10.05 meters. If the wallpaper has a width of half a meter, then, most likely, their length is ten meters. If the shop are half a meter wide wallpaper, it is likely that the buyer came to a narrow model. When you purchase is necessary to consider all the symbols, as well as the weight of the rolls.

The size and number of wallpapers is also dependent on the materials from which they were made. Not to be mistaken with the number of rolls needed, it is necessary to take an interest in the size of the store bought wallpaper.

It is important to take into account the windows and doors, when it's a roll of wallpaper time of purchase. This is in order not to buy too much fabric and cut costs. More often than not, take into account the area of ​​doors and windows. Still need to know exactly what kind of room you need to paste: a long or narrow.

Wallpaper with a pattern must be customized, while maintaining image integrity. The calculation is made based on rapport, ie the distance between pattern elementsWallpaper with a pattern must be customized, while maintaining image integrity. The calculation is made based on rapport, ie the distance between pattern elements

We find out the size of a roll of wallpaper

Wallpaper sizes in a roll - this is a very important aspect when you need to calculate the necessary amount of rolls in order to fully paste over the room.

In Russia and the CIS, there are two basic types of wallpaper, the amount of which is calculated in rolls:

  1. Standard, who have half a meter size.
  2. Wide, or more commonly known in the "meter" people. Based on their names, you can see that they are a meter long.

The first appearance was always the most popular due to their small size and easy to transport. But in recent years, wide wallpaper also started to gain popularity. Generally, in fact, wide wallpaper is much more convenient, and people started to understand it. Such wallpaper pokleit easier and faster, and the number and visibility of the seams will be minimal. But it is worth considering that alone such pokleit wallpaper - it's not easy. It is necessary to take someone to work with, and act according to the instructions and advice of experts.

When it comes to the number of rolls, their number can pick up with special formulas or calculators, or go the easy way and find a table that will be presented to the size of the wallpaper and the required number to the number of square meters.

Exact calculation - the key to successful repairExact calculation - the key to successful repair

With regard to the textile wallcoverings, with the selection of their number should contact, or to a counselor or doctor.

Often you can meet and imported products. More often than not, produced in the vast European countries. But, I must say that such products often has a limited edition and get them can be difficult. As for the price, in most cases more expensive than imported goods domestically.

How many meters per roll wallpaper width of 1 meter

Rolling wallpaper width of one meter are standard. You can find them at any hardware store, and they are suitable for decoration of almost every room. Still, many are beginning to be interested in the length of wallpaper. And rightly so, because to properly renovate the room without any extra cost, you need to choose the right amount of rolls.

Basically, if the wallpaper domestic production rather than imports, their length should be, or 53 meters, or 106 meters.

As mentioned earlier, it is narrow and wide wallpaper. Recently, demand more extensive, but if the repair is carried out by only one person, then, for more convenience, you need to take a narrow wallpaper.

Calculate the amount of wallpaper for the room you can own, but you can seek the assistance of a consultant in storeCalculate the amount of wallpaper for the room you can own, but you can seek the assistance of a consultant in store

What you need to consider

When buying wallpaper should pay close attention to markings or markings on the roll. So you can determine exactly what the buyer wallpaper and how they should be used. Also, these markings can provide a lot of useful information, such as the rules of care for the web.

Basic notation on the wallpaper

  1. Wave. Wave means that the wallpaper are suitable for washing (all modern wallpaper can be cleaned). If two waves, then just be washed with water. In the case of three waves, may also be washed and special means or soap.
  2. If the wave is shown, and next to it the brush, these wallpapers can be perfectly clean off with brushes. They are dense and will suffer even such a test.
  3. sun sign indicates that the wallpaper does not fade, resistant to the sun. These wallpapers are perfect in the event that the room is located on the sunny side.
  4. The arrow indicates the direction in which should be glued wallpaper. Basically, the arrow will indicate the direction from top to bottom, as this standard. If the two-way arrow, each strip of wallpaper is to be glued in a different direction.

Symbols help you choose the right action with wallpaperSymbols help you choose the right action with wallpaper

All wallpapers are different, their weight and density necessarily related to their composition. There are paper wallpapers, vinyl, etc .. In fact, the weight is very important because it points directly on the density of wallpaper. Basically, each coil weight is divided into three types: small; standard; big. As has become clear from the small to the large density it will increase.

Calculator for counting the number of rolls of wallpaper (video)

Wallpapering - a very important period during repairs, because the wallpaper is not glued to the year, and not even two. It is necessary to approach this matter with the mind and accurately determine the required size of the roll, the amount thereof, and a suitable density. Only strictly observing all rules and caution, as well as listening to the advice of experts, it is possible to accurately determine the necessary parameters bought a roll. The more effort has been invested in the search for the perfect solution, the better will be the result of a lost, that will affect the entire atmosphere of the room. 

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