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Application of the plaster on drywall to make the surface flat and smoothApplication of the plaster on drywall to make the surface smooth and gladkoyRemontiruya premises with the existing gypsum board surfaces, often the question arises - whether you need to plaster drywall. Do I need to, whether it is possible to do so - for what to serve the application on the plaster mix GCR? This is necessary to understand in more detail.

Do I need a plaster drywall

There is no consensus on this issue no. There are experts who claim that to do so and can not be categorically. And their arguments are quite convincing - there will come a time when the drywall will begin to crack under the influence of the mass of plaster and moisture out of it.

If drywall plaster, the work is done in compliance with all regulations.

Apply plaster need only high quality sheets of plasterboardApply plaster need only high quality sheets of plasterboard

But listen, and another opinion - can be applied to the plaster on plasterboard, provided that the slab quality, sturdy, and the plaster is applied correctly.

Properly applied - this means:

  • Apply the plaster need to own hands (not literally, of course), controlling the whole process, and only on the waterproof sheet;
  • Be sure to use deep penetration primer;
  • Weight is distributed in thin layers over several steps.

But the decorative plaster can definitely be applied to the sheet. Thus, it can of drywall plaster, moreover, precisely because of sheets and brought to the final finishing. To this end, decorative plaster and designed.

How to plaster drywall and whether there is a need

It can be concluded that such a plaster - not the easiest process. It is necessary to determine whether there is really such a need in the plaster walls of plasterboard. The sheet can very quickly start to deform, and may defend so many years under the plaster.

In order to properly apply the plaster and plasterboard not spoil, it is better to seek help from professionalsIn order to properly apply the plaster and plasterboard not spoil, it is better to seek help from professionals

How to determine the need for plaster:

  • You had to sheathe the walls, and this has serious paneling curving or bias. Do you think that would be cheaper to plastering a wall. This is a misconception, do not fight with the investigation and eliminate the causes. It needs rewiring, and, on the moisture-proof sheets. So that the plaster instead of rewiring - not your option.
  • If the irregularities in the skin are small, can be plastered. It makes sense to apply the plaster on top of dents and seams, which are pre-plastered.
  • Finally, when it comes to decorative coating, as mentioned above. In this case in fact there are no restrictions, as decorative mass is applied very thinly, and the composition of the material ensures a rapid polymerization and fast drying.

Yet in most cases, solve the drywall putty instead of plaster. But whatever you decide, the next step is to choose a high-quality mix.

application of technology: how to plaster the walls of plasterboard

Observe the technology of work is crucial. Even a minor violation can put all the work for nothing. So do not spare the time and effort.

If you decide to plaster drywall on their own, then be sure to adhere to the correct application technology special mixture to the surfaceIf you decide to plaster drywall on their own, then be sure to adhere to the correct application technology special mixture to the surface

How to plaster drywall:

  • Be sure to clean the surface from dust, and it will always be the installation of drywall. Well, if you have an industrial vacuum cleaner, but also simple means at hand will also work.
  • Next, you need to putty seams, bumps and joints. For putty often used dry mixture to be reconstituted. But it is available for sale and ready, which, however, will not withstand long storage.
  • First cavity filled with filler welds and serious irregularities, and after hardening of the filler, a leveling layer is applied.
  • The next step - the primer. In this case there can be used acrylic primer having vapor-permeable properties. The primer is applied by brush or roller.
  • After the putty and primers can proceed to the plaster. Applied weight necessary to thin layer, no more than 3 mm wide metal spatula or trowel.
  • If you Plasterer alignment, then it should be done in several stages. It is better to do it in 3-4 layers of a few millimeters, than one thick layer.

Not any plaster will be good for the event. Use a mixture based on gypsum binder, a pleasure to work with the same Rotband and similar compositions. And so the plaster is better to keep, use reinforced steklotkannuyu grid.

Comparison: which is better, plaster or plasterboard walls

And if you are facing a dilemma - drywall or plaster? It is a matter of preference, but there are some factors that can influence the choice. These factors tend to favor the drywall.

To finish the surfaces in the room is better to use high-quality gypsum boardsTo finish the surfaces in the room is better to use high-quality gypsum boards

Why drywall plaster is preferable:

  • The quality of the walls does not matter. If the walls of the curves with large defects, it is easier to sheathe their plasterboard. If differences of more than two centimeters, the plaster will not help.
  • Another reason - you will save time. With plasterboard everything goes faster, no need to wait until the plaster will dry layers.
  • Great skill is not necessary, plasterboard can be installed independently. Use a metal or wooden crate.
  • No need to Stroebe walls, you can further insulate the walls.
  • Plasterboard provides good sound insulation. Also, you should not be afraid of cracks. Specific conditions for installation is also not necessary.

Finally, drywall construction will make any form. Its scope is definitely higher than that of plaster. Well, about the naturalness and plaster and drywall made from natural materials, because the materials are here.

Finishing drywall, plaster as a (video)

Plaster or drywall plaster - depends only on your preferences and capabilities. Consider all risks, predicts the result and do not spare effort and time.

Good repair!

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