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Technique of painting the walls is much easier than it seemsTechnique of painting the walls is much easier than kazhetsyaChasto the question arises: how can we bring the wall in decent look without the help of wallpaper? This article will present the most popular ways to paint the walls without the help of wallpaper.

Using different colors for wall decor can be made out of the apartment without the aid of a piece of candy and wallpaper. paint application technology is fairly simple, and compared with the wallpaper takes much less time. The richness of colors and the possibility of drawing on the wall of his drawings will make your room unlike the one or the other.

Painting the walls instead of wallpaper using decorative paints

Decorative paint created precisely in order to use it instead of wallpaper. ease of application, a large selection of colors make a decorative paint indispensable aid in repair.

Painting of walls alternate replacing wallpaperPainting of walls alternate replacing wallpaper 

Decorative paint in addition to the above advantages, a number of other advantages:

  • Paint keeps on a wall about 9 years old, not showering and obluschivayas.
  • Decorative paint resistant to mold, mildew, scratches, bumps, does not fade in the light.
  • Walls, painted decorative paint is very difficult to contaminate, but it is easy to wash. Unlike paper wallpaper to paint hardly soiled.
  • Due to the richness of colors can be combined to give unusual beautiful shades.
  • The wall is not gathering dust thanks to antistatic coating.
  • Painting makes the wall perfectly smooth without hollows and irregularities. 

To paint the walls in the apartment instead of wallpaper, they must be carefully prepared. Before applying the paint the wall should be perfectly smooth, without roughness, cracks and other. It should be remembered that the application of paint itself does not take much time. But the preparation of the wall, its alignment will cause to sweat.

Is it better to paint the walls or wallpaper

When choosing between wallpaper and paint itself raises the question: what is best. It is no simple answer. And the wallpaper and paint there are pluses and minuses. For example, the paint easier to apply, but it is necessary to carefully prepare the wall. Wallpaper glue more difficult, but the preparation of the wall takes less time. 
The use of paint allows you to experiment with colors, patterns, while the wallpaper choices are limited to what is presented in the store.

Matte paint hides fine irregularities on the wallMatte paint hides fine irregularities on the wall

Wall paint is easy to apply, for the application is sufficient to take the roller, trowel or sponge. Also, they can be used to achieve different patterns and textures.

Paint the walls is best to take a matte paint, as it will be able to hide all minor irregularities. If the choice falls on the high-gloss paint, you need to devote a lot of time leveling wall. Glossy paint enhances any deficiencies and irregularities.

Plus decorative colors in the absence of malodor. Professional decorative paint can change color like a chameleon. Walls, painted decorative paint can be subjected to wet cleaning.

There are several types of decorative paints: paint, plaster and coating. Itself can be thin-layer plaster and embossed. With the help of a relief plaster can achieve a beautiful textural surface.

For decorative effect paint may be mixed with a decorative plaster.

The process of staining the walls

To the wall acquired the desired design, you need three steps to prepare the wall:

  • Apply a first layer - the soil, which will align and dedusted wall surface;
  • Apply second coat of paint-soil;
  • Apply decorative layer special roller or spatula, which will create the desired effect.

These actions can be done entirely without the help of professionals. The main thing - carefully examine the procedure and strictly follow it.

Which is cheaper: pokleit wallpaper or paint the walls

Painting of walls will surprise with its intensity,Painting of walls will surprise with its intensity,

When choosing between wallpaper and paint plays an important role the cost of a particular method. rolls of purchase may vary in different price ranges, depending on what kind of wallpaper you choose what material, from any manufacturer, how many meters of each roll, and so on. d. Then the paint itself is worth much less than the rolls of wallpaper. Although it is likely that a large area require a huge number of colors that can get expensive.

Again, the paint can be of varying quality, quantity. There are expensive decorative paints, specially designed for painting of walls.

There are water-based paints, which are cheaper, almost no smell, but the effect will not be as bright. Professional decorative paints are saturated with bright colors and looks much more original and interesting. But with water-based paint, you can achieve interesting effects on the wall to know the specific technology enough. Painted with latex paint walls may look expensive and qualitatively, if only to know how to apply it.

Wallpaper or painting the walls: the "pros" and "cons"

As mentioned above, there is no unequivocal answer to the question: which is better, or cheaper. If the choice is made in favor of the professional decorative paint, it will cost much the same as the wallpaper and, especially, if it is a large area.

Using both paint and wallpaper on the wall, you'll be happy with the finished workUsing both paint and wallpaper on the wall, you'll be happy with the finished work

Many people use a combination of wallpaper with paint. One room Wallpapers and another painted with paint. This allows you to make a variety of interior.

To select the cheaper option of paint is enough to study the market carefully and compare prices on the paint with wallpaper prices. Due to its durability paint is more expensive can fully recoup the costs.

What to do instead of wallpaper and painting: looking for an alternative

Paint and wallpapers - this is perhaps the only way to design the walls. Those who are fans of a brick wall, just remove the finish and leave a bare brick wall retouched.

Wallpaper paint is the most convenient way to decorate the wall. Here it is not necessary to try to discover something new and special, when it comes to repairing the apartment.

Use wallpaper or paint in their repair can endlessly experiment with colors, patterns, combine incongruous. It all depends on the imagination. Decorative paint - it's gorgeous tool to realize their potential in design and enjoy them every day. Wall covered with paint is the perfect canvas for creativity, which you can always paint over.

Pokleit wallpaper is also a wonderful way out, because there are many combinations of colors and patterns in the apartment, which will look great in your home.

How to paint the walls in the apartment instead of wallpaper (video)

A distinct advantage of decorative coatings is that they give a lot of room for activities. Any pattern that comes to mind can become a reality on the wall. With the help of a decorative coating can be applied to the most incredible effects that help interior tune up with new colors.

How to paint the walls in the apartment instead of wallpaper (photos)

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