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Headlining sandwich panels - the least expensive and the most pure version of finishing any roomHeadlining sandwich panels - the least expensive and the most pure version of the trim any pomescheniyaMnogie people prefer to use for finishing the ceiling PVC panel. This material has many advantages, among which are the low cost and practicality. In addition, make a ceiling of PVC panels can be their own hands, provided manufacturing high-quality carcass. The sandwich panels are used as an alternative to plastic panels. This material, too, can be easily mounted to the base surface.

Is it possible to make a ceiling sandwich panels

For a long time it was thought that the sandwich panels can not be used for finishing the ceiling. However, this opinion is erroneous. Sandwich panels are not worse than the classic PVC tiles.

Prior to installation of sandwich panels, you should align the ceiling using the primer mixture. Also in the panel must be cut holes for spotlights.

The scheme of installation of sandwich panels on the ceilingThe scheme of installation of sandwich panels on the ceiling

Technology installation of plastic sandwich panels:

  1. Fix the wooden slats on the ceiling in increments of 40 cm. Remember that wooden slats should be placed perpendicular to the panels.
  2. Fasten the first panel is strictly in the groove. After you secure the first panel on the ceiling, make sure that it is installed exactly as curve panel can lead to deformation of the whole structure.
  3. Attach the second panel to the sheathing similar manner.
  4. The last panel should be slightly shortened because the plastic tends to expand.
  5. Install decorative moldings.

Advantages and features of the sandwich panels

If you choose to install in a room sandwich panels, then you should consider a number of features. Remember that before you make a ceiling of this material should be properly decorate the base surface. To trim the rough ceiling use with water-based sealer and a high quality primer. Desirable to prime the base surface in 2-3 layers.

The advantages of sandwich panels:

  • The installation of this material you will not need to buy expensive fasteners. To install the sandwich panels, you will need the usual screws.
  • Low specific gravity. As a result, the sandwich panels can be used to create multi-level ceilings.
  • High sound insulation characteristics.
  • Durability.
  • Easy installation.
  • Low price. This material is much cheaper than glossy fabric and plasterboard.

Rating sandwich panels provided cancel their performance, various colors and high strength propertiesRating sandwich panels provided cancel their performance, various colors and high strength properties

Sandwich panels require careful treatment. To clean ceilings made of this material is strictly forbidden to use abrasives since they cause injury panels. Also not recommended for cleaning tools of sandwich panels, which contain acid.

How to install PVC panels yourself

Decorate the ceiling itself can be by conventional PVC panels. Before starting the installation, you need to align the base surface and walls. In addition, it is recommended to remove all cracks using a sealant or putty.

To make a smooth ceiling of PVC panels, must be applied to the base surface markings. When applied to the markup using a laser level. Between opposite corners of the room, you can pull the line.

Prior to installation of PVC panels produce base surface marking using a laser levelPrior to installation of PVC panels produce base surface marking using a laser level

Installation is carried out in several stages:

  1. Install CD-profiles. Better use of articles made of aluminum or steel.
  2. Fasten the ceiling profile of L-shaped configuration. To lock the product should be used exclusively screws.
  3. Cut the plastic panel with a hacksaw.
  4. Obsheyte frame with plastic panels. Connect the panels together by means of screws.
  5. Install ceiling moldings and fixtures.

How to choose high-quality PVC panels

Select high-quality PVC panel is easy, if you follow a number of simple rules. The first thing you should notice is the smoothness of the surface. If the panel has any unevenness or deep scratches that do not need to buy it, as it can be deformed during installation.

Also during the selection panel must pay attention to:

  • ribs rigidity. They should not be visible from the outside of the panel. In addition, we must remember that the ribs should have a greater thickness.
  • Color paintings. If you notice that the edges of the leaf has white lines in front of you shoddy goods.
  • Product slots. They should be straight and not deformed when lightly pressed.

Before buying the panel to bend it. If you notice that the panel during the folding remains intact, and it does not constitute a crack, the high quality product to you.

Installation of plastic panels on the roof (video)

Plastic panels - an excellent finishing material. It can be used even for the decoration of ceilings in the house from a bar. Install plastic panels on the base surface is a snap. The main thing - to build a solid crate and put the exact layout. Also do not forget about the surface preparation as unevenness and deep cracks can lead to deformation of the structure.

The ceiling of the plastic panels (photo)


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