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ceiling unit requires special attention. High-quality material, the choice of the board and correctly executed steps will effectively and quickly deal with this problem. As to the construction of the blocks, to isolation and skin treated with due diligence.

What do the ceiling in the bath: boards for headliner

Bearing wood structures should be strong and durable. Kinds, or rather grades of wood that will be used for this purpose - a larch, cedar, conifer, aspen. For ceiling mounting ladder advised to use planed or planed board, its thickness - no less than 50 mm - this will allow the ceiling to make the design suitable for the attic.

When it comes to choose the board, carefully inspect the material on the subject of knots, cracks and various other strains.

And, of course, preceded by the work of wooden structures antiseptics. So you better protect the wood from spontaneous combustion, rotting and damage by insects.

Types of ceilings for bath

Today, mainly in the construction of the bath are selected three types of ceilings - plank, podshivnoy, panel.

What ceilings can do:

  • Grazing. It is recommended to set a ceiling in a small bath-house, with a span of not more than two and a half meters. Themselves need to strengthen the board directly on the wall in the bath, joint to joint. It turns shield to be steam insulating cover layer and the insulating layer. Then you need to fill a simple soft insulation (peat, for example), and close it croaker. But this method has a drawback, it is not compatible with the installation of loft. Or rather - the movement of the attic.
  • Panel. This ceiling mount the need of pre-prepared sheets, of which have formed the following types of construction: two supporting beams inner finishing + + vapor barrier, insulation, waterproofing (cake) + outer gangway (there is only the part of the attic). Laying of the ceiling is economical, frequent trimming of lumber used to it.
  • Podshivnoy. This ceiling, which beams sheathed clapboard. Then you need to put all the insulating layers. After waterproofing roof is sheathed with boards from the attic side.

In the latter case, all you can build with their own hands, but the purchase of materials will cost a pretty penny.

Insulation and waterproofing ceiling baths

Waterproofing - a standard device, it is necessary, after condensation during use the bath. Waterproofing protects the insulation and the roof.

The best material, according to many experts, is considered impregnation insulation. It has a high protection factor.

Waterproofing may be transparent and translucent structure is not complicated to apply. Good layer creates oily clay, however, it must be pre-mixed with sawdust.

A good alternative to vellum and film, full of moisture resistance organizes foil waterproofing.

As a vapor barrier is often used IZOSPAN.

The warm ceiling and walls bath

Ceiling insulation can be made of different materials.

It can be:

  • expanded clay;
  • Mineral wool;
  • Bazalit;
  • The clay and sawdust.

Insulation of clay - a national way, so to speak, to make high-quality thermal insulation of the ceiling. With longer side loft board processed liquid clay-sand mixture. But the ceiling is filled in the bath shavings, sawdust and leaves.

The ceiling in the bath: a step by step instruction manual

Bath - is not just a floor, roof and walls. This is a great design for health and leisure, made by a special frame technology. Around paid considerable attention - convenience in the dressing room, the quality of a log house, washing area (washing), the presence of a shower.

An example of arrangement of the bath may be the installation of suspended ceiling:

  • In the wall structure bearing beams are mounted, the cross section -. 5 and 15 cm around the chimney is also created furring.
  • Lining the inside ceiling sheathed, or else shpuntovkoy. Mounting the trim to beams, mount a not in the center of the boards and in the grooves.
  • On the skin need to raise the vapor barrier, it is attached to the beams stapler. Insulation must go to the wall 15 centimeters exactly. Places joints fasten aluminum foil Adhesive.
  • Thermal insulation is inserted between the beams. This layer closes waterproofing.
  • Flooring planks laid on top, fastened with nails with a broad hat board directly to the joists.

If you use as insulation foam or mineral wool, suspended ceiling assembly is carried out on the reverse scenario - first put the beam, and have them attach an external flooring and insulation between the beams stacks. To secure the beams as a special vapor barrier stapled to the joists mounted rails, and the very bottom of the fixed casing.

Bath Design: tips on arrangement

Beautiful ceiling in the room do not surprise anyone, so why aesthetics and beauty of the ceiling surface in the bath and sauna, are often considered to be something amazing. Rough ceiling can sheathe, pretreated with antiseptics. The highlight can be done lighting - authentic, eco-style.

So it is with masonry can find decorative solution, respectively, to present the logs and ceiling. Even today issued ventilation arts. By the way, ventilation is very important - because of it, or rather, because of its poor quality, often sweating ceiling in the waiting room.

The wooden bath or a bath of foam blocks can gradually make quality ceiling, so to be comfortable in any department. Why not explore all options for the construction of the ceiling, to choose the best, and financially too.

Successful construction!

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