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Provence style will create in your kitchen a cozy, warm and romantic atmosphereProvence style will create in your kitchen a cozy, warm and romantic atmosferuOn bit romantic, a little naive and sentimental. What he does not take away, it's the feeling of comfort and warmth, summer notok even in winter. We are talking about the style of Provence, which, to date, an absolute classic. If you arrange your home in the style of Provence, much attention should be paid to the kitchen. And form a common image, of course, the wall.

Wallpaper in the style of Provence for the kitchen: what prompt designers

This style is not new, but each subsequent era that touches a new wave of love for Provencal, distinguishes something fresh. Today's promise is inclined to think that the rustic coziness, the absolute "domashnest" style so resonate with high-speed signs of the times. This style of unhurried and cheerful existence. In short, if present - is LED, straight lines, lots of glass and metallic, modern in Provence - a lampshade over the table with floral pattern that perhaps you made yourself.

Same story with the wallpaper - no graphic quality, the abundance of straight lines and gray, white and black scheme.

Provence style is not new, but even now it is fashionable and popularProvence style is not new, but even now it is fashionable and popular

The designers stress that the wallpaper in the style of Provence:

  • For the most part come with floral patterns, prints;
  • Natural colors - summer flowers, green meadows, apple trees or lavender fields;
  • Small drawing - fine as Sitchikov grandmother, and this is its charm.

But this is only common features, support the style of Provence can be wallpaper and other subjects.

Wallpaper for classic cuisine in the style of Provence

If we talk about the type of wallpaper, and then allowed the classic paper, and textile fibers.

For classical kitchens perfect Provencal styleFor classical kitchens perfect Provencal style

The images on the wallpaper may include the following:

  • Any kitchen utensils - small teapots, wishbone, saucers, spoons, cups;
  • Bead geometry;
  • Rural landscapes or village houses;
  • Small cell in pastel gentle tones;
  • Stylized animals;
  • Flowers.

We can say that the wallpaper in this style are an alliance of rural motifs, small cell, floral patterns. Comfort, warmth, comfort of home - that are required to create these wallpapers in the kitchen. It is therefore inadmissible to use rough and textured wallpaper.

Types of wallpaper for Provencal cuisine

As mentioned above, often use cellulosic wallpaper and textiles. But there is no strict rules, as long as the overall thrust was a compliment style.

For the style of Provence, there are many different types of wallpaper, which is better to choose to your tasteFor the style of Provence, there are many different types of wallpaper, which is better to choose to your taste

Cellulose or paper

Affordable and beautiful, the range is almost always wide. But in the kitchen of their use may not be perfect - fade, absorb odors and will not withstand cleaning. But there is still a compromise, this two-layer pattern with waterproof impregnation. However, and this option does not last for long.


it does not wet on contact with water at high temperature is not "low". For the kitchen, choose the type of data washable wallpaper. Caring for them is simple.


This seal wallpaper, not afraid of moisture, not very expensive.

Embossed paintable wallpaper

Used in this style often. But if they have a beautiful decorative painting, chic option. True, glued them no more than the entire kitchen and the central wall in the dining area, for example.

Perhaps, this list looks attractive vinyl wallpaper with embossed pattern. They are very believable simulate the floral arrangement or landscape. Wallpaper last a long time, and at a price they are not wasteful.

Wallpapers for the kitchen in the style of the country: is there a difference

Laconic simplicity and comfort, rustic motifs - it would seem, in Provence all the same. But no, and if you say it is very rough, then a more complex style of Provence, is not so straightforward. Country is not prone to such decorations and love to small details, like Provence.

Country style and the style of Provence are very similar, but still they have a lot of distinctive featuresCountry style and the style of Provence are very similar, but still they have a lot of distinctive features

What is typical for the country:

  • Natural calm tones - most dominant color of the wood;
  • Muted tones;
  • The absence of bright colors;
  • The combination of simple, a little rough shapes with more elegant, for example, a very simple "clumsy table" and chairs with superfluous decoration.

As for wallpaper, the preferred vinyl or textile, preferably - with a textured pattern. Small floral pattern often occurs in the interior of country. Of flowers often choose cream, beige, pale yellow, dull brown, pale blue. Sometimes a wallpaper and replaces all the brickwork.

Wallpaper in the style Chebbi-chic: similar to Provansal

Shabby-chic many believe, if not family, then certainly cousin "brother" Provencal. Between them, there are some similarities, but the difference is even greater. Although, judging by the wallpaper, then close to the style is still evident.

Shabby-chic style is very similar to Provence, that leads to confusionShabby-chic style is very similar to Provence, that leads to confusion

Superb attrition as the essence of style is increasingly becoming the subject of interior worship. And if before the style used in the design and children's bedrooms, porches, today he is confident and got to the kitchen.

It is in this kitchen wallpaper can not be at all, and with a decor wall to the right places cracked plaster. But if you're not a supporter of radical solutions, you can buy all the same flowered wallpaper in pale tones. Classic floral pattern, swirls, too, accept the style, but the wallpaper do not need to be bright, vivid, colorful. They are aristocratic pallor.

Provence style in the kitchen wallpaper (video)

Provence style - a favorite style of many generations, whose popularity today is due to a sense of unhurried life, tranquility, relaxation, comfort and the quiet conversations of herbal tea to the sound of rain. Like? Join now!

Wallpapers for the kitchen in the style of Provence (photo)


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