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By the choice of wallpaper should be taken with full responsibility into the corridor, because this room - the first thing they see visitorsBy the choice of wallpaper in the corridor should be taken with full responsibility, because this space - the first thing guests see pokleit wallpaper in the hallway - means set the mood throughout the apartment. Even in the corridor tiny big mission, he seems to be met, it plunges into the atmosphere of the home. So, you will have to try in the selection of wallpaper.

Wallpapers for hallways and corridors: general requirements

This place is the most susceptible to contamination, and seen a cluster of mud faster than in other rooms. But this does not mean that it is better for the corridor dark wallpaper and be done with it.

Logically, if you purchase a washable wallpaper. Wet cleaning, and they are as good as new. This is a practical modern version, so simple paper can not even be considered. Fit into this room, and now the popular liquid wallpaper, but just be sure to cover their fixing a protective layer, the same varnish.

Modern washable wallpaper - the best option from the standpoint of practicalityModern washable wallpaper - the best option from the standpoint of practicality

Wallpaper for painting - also a reasonable solution, so you can change the color surface of the walls up to seven times! It happens that the corridor take even light, white wallpaper, from time to time just embellish.

Wallpapers for a narrow corridor in the apartment: what approaches

If you are in a narrow and long corridor, choose dark, even the most beautiful wallpaper, it will be even longer. Corridor already lacking sunlight and darken it even more not worth it.

It is not desirable for a narrow corridor and wallpaper with stripes, but a good option would be wallpaper-imitation. Imitation wood, under the skin, stone or fabric.

Visually expand the narrow corridor of light colors will help the wallpaper or wallpaper with imitation wood or stoneVisually expand the narrow corridor of light colors will help the wallpaper or wallpaper with imitation wood or stone

A good choice for a narrow corridor:

  • Wallpaper warm, pastel colors with dark pattern - drawing masks dust and dirt, well, light background will help the room appear adequate lighting;
  • Wallpaper, in harmony with the floor and ceiling;
  • Bright wallpaper with a small figure;
  • Neutral warm tones with a very discreet, almost imperceptible patterns.

Discard the dark wallpaper, from the motley pattern of lines and streaks, and then visually narrow corridor will be a little wider.

Wallpaper in the hallway in the Khrushchev: solutions

Corridor dimensions in Khrushchev rather modest, not clear. Make a small room that can be in contrasting colors that will also still practical. In this case, the lower part of the wall is pasted wallpaper dark, and the top - light, but in the same color scheme.

For a small corridor Khrushchev could not be better suited two-tone wallpaperFor a small corridor Khrushchev could not be better suited two-tone wallpaper

To focus not dwell on the dark side, you can hang a few lights that scatter light up. They must be fastened on the joint line of wallpaper. This technique helps the top of the corridor to gain more volume, well, at the bottom of the shortcomings just become less visible.

And if you take bright wallpaper with a fine pattern contrast, hallway visually increase and dirt droplets and dust are not particularly noticeable.

Wallpapers for a small hallway in the apartment: how to make it wider

If the corridor is necessary to visually expand a bit, the pattern of wallpaper should be of small horizontal dashes or strokes.

If the narrow corridor, it can be far wall wallpaper paste over with a darker background than other walls. But let it be the same pattern.

For a small corridor is better to pick wallpaper with a pattern of horizontal lines or linesFor a small corridor is better to pick wallpaper with a pattern of horizontal lines or lines

Well, if one of the walls you paste wallpapers with sailboat on the waves, the river running such story wallpaper will also work on the visual expansion space. And to emphasize the volume of the figure, provided spotlights.

How to choose wallpaper for the hallway in modern style

If you close it, this interior style, the design of the house in this style, you can just start with a corridor.

Making the corridor walls in modern style:

  • Wallpaper with large flowers;
  • Wallpaper with heraldic patterns;
  • Art painting on plain wallpaper;
  • Textured paintable wallpaper.

Wallpaper Art Nouveau will make notes of vintage and luxury in the interior corridorWallpaper Art Nouveau will make notes of vintage and luxury in the interior corridor

The lower part of the corridor can be arranged with wooden panels, which color will be combined with the floor covering. Preference is, of course, better to give warm tones. The colors of modernity is characterized by the following - ash-pink, pearl, pale lavender, golden, light olive, opal, etc.

Wallpaper for the hall and corridors in the style of Provence

Corridor or lobby in the style of Provence often light. This does not mean that you need to glue the white wallpaper flower, and thus expose the corridor numerous, almost endless wet cleaning.

You can choose, for example, heat-gray wallpaper with a light faded floral pattern, be sure to skirt their light. This may be a white ceiling moldings, molding, etc.

Provence style involves design space in light pastel colorsProvence style involves design space in light pastel colors

Often, designers, making out in the hallway Provence style, stands out zone - where we shake off the dirt from shoes, remove their shoes, undress. And the bottom of the walls in this zone is made to match the tiles to wallpaper. It is very practical and it looks natural at the tender Provencal interior.

Finishing stone corridors and wallpapered: how it's done

Artificial stone in the interior is used more often as an extra accent. Framing the doors in the hallway so the stone looks spectacular, unusual, elegant. These building blocks are always attract the eye.

Before a finished stone wall base is prepared. If the walls have smooth and clean, you feel lucky, you do not have to bother. But usually the old finish is removed.

Note: If the wall is already pasted wallpaper, under the stone is cut place with some margin inside the stone (a couple of centimeters). Excess adhesive removed with a spatula and washed away.

Finishing with stone is used, as a rule, in addition to wallpaper as a decorative elementFinishing with stone is used, as a rule, in addition to wallpaper as a decorative element

What should pay attention:

  • Always before working stone spread on the floor, because you have to maximize the natural surface.
  • Place the tile so that the elevation changes were not very sharp to avoid cracks and holes.
  • Glued tiles on liquid nails or special gypsum adhesive. You can also use a universal adhesive based on cement, but to work with him very carefully, can stay stains and dark spots.
  • Doorways are finished with stone always from a corner, and from the bottom up or top down - is not so important.
  • To finish with decorative stone look more volume, you need to make the top and side supplemental lighting. But the front wall lighting, on the contrary, avoid.

Decorative stone is uniquely will last longer if you processed semigloss or matte acrylic varnish. The varnish is applied or airbrush, or spray. It is important to do so in the contact zones, where the walls are most often hurt.

Decorative stone is combined as a wallpaper, and with decorative plaster. The variant of wallpaper before painting.

Where to begin to hang wallpaper in the hallway: the rules

In the hallway, there is usually no windows, so it is a reference point on it is canceled. Much more important to take a vertical reference point - it could be a doorway. Using level, draw a line perpendicular to the floor.

As a guide when wallpapering in the corridor is better to use a doorwayAs a guide when wallpapering in the corridor is better to use a doorway

It is also important not to glue in the corner of whole cloth - can form folds or altogether band fall off. It makes more sense to glue adjacent blade overlap, so that the result was certainly of high quality.

So in the corridor, devoid of windows, wallpaper glue can from anywhere, but do it with the vertical guide - and that door.

Wallpaper in the hallway and the hallway of the apartment (video)

Making the walls of the corridor - it is an opportunity to decorate your home even from the threshold, make it cozy, friendly, adorable. Buy high-quality wallpaper in the proven place, always evaluate the wallpaper is not in the tube, and in unfolded roll, evaluate the performance of wallpaper.

Have a good choice and a great repair!

Design wallpaper in the corridor (photo)


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