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The furniture in the hallway in a classical style reflects the good taste of the ownersThe furniture in the hallway in a classical style reflects good taste hozyaevKlassichesky style in interior design is very popular, it gives the room personality and elegance combined with practicality. For this reason, it is like no other in the hallways for apartments and houses, because it is the first room in which guest gets. That hallway biggest impact on the overall impression of the room as a whole. Arrangement of rooms in the classical style favored held individuals who seek order and precision, sparing no time and money to achieve their goals.

What features has the hall in classic style

Classic style in the design of the room is considered to be universal. Its advantages lie in the continuing relevance and simplicity of creating color combinations and decorative solutions.

Against the background of other styles, classic looks more noble and elegant, therefore ideal for hallways in homes and in the homes.

Classic style furniture is characterized by sophistication and simplicityClassic style furniture is characterized by sophistication and simplicity

hall design in classic style has its own characteristics:

  • Minimum vivid colors and details;
  • Preferred pastel colors and shades;
  • Welcome stucco on the walls and ceiling;
  • All the furniture, drapes and carpets should be soft and pleasant to the touch;
  • Welcomed the presence of living plants;
  • The presence of antiques;
  • The maximum number of light sources, such as lamps, chandeliers and sconces.

The hall should be located items of furniture such as cabinet, rack or cabinet for shoes and hats. Also relevant is modular and angular furniture.

It fits perfectly into the design of the entrance hall of the Italian firm furniture Siena, which has a high build quality and durability. One of the main advantages of this brand is a classic design that is relevant always and everywhere, because Italy - one of the leading countries in the world of fashion.

Fans of domestic production can pay attention to the furniture brand Ventana, which has an excellent range of high quality and reasonable prices. You can also buy furniture hallway from China. This option is available for many conditions because of affordable prices, while it is not inferior in quality to the more expensive furniture, the more that China is one of the main exporters of goods around the world.

It should be noted the relevance of the hallways in the neoclassical style, which involves a more peaceful and practical option classics combined with modern elements and details. Neoclassic focuses on an easy and airy decoration. This style is dominated by beautiful pastel colors and high-end white.

Corridor in classic style: the design and features of arrangement

Before you develop a corridor design, it is important to take into account its width. Typically, the corridor does not take up much space. Narrow room is necessary to extend the visual. To do this, apply bright colors on the walls and ceiling. It is important to choose the right furniture and other decorative items by means of which in a classic style corridor will look perfect.

In a small hallway in a classical style furniture are arranged along the wallsIn a small hallway in a classical style furniture are arranged along the walls

To visually expand the hallway and use the following steps:

  • Flooring tiles large or different size, layout mosaic;
  • Laying of laminate across the room;
  • Installing mirrors without a frame on the wall.

The furniture in the hallway should be small-sized and stand along the wall, not obscuring the space.

The corridor should establish a sufficient number of lighting fixtures. Lamps can be built into the furniture if necessary.

 Choosing a classic console in the hallway

Console - this elegant table small size, which is placed in the hallway or in the office. From time immemorial it has been used as a stand for different decorative elements: figurines, miniatures, table clocks, vases or candlesticks.

in a classic style console differ in attachment type:

  • Attached to the wall;
  • Put on the legs;
  • Attached to the wall and have legs.

The console fits well in any classic interior hallwayThe console fits well in any classic interior hallway

Thanks to the huge selection of consoles for the hall, everyone can find the piece of furniture, which perfectly fit into the interior, and complement it, as well as emphasize the style of the room. Materials for the manufacture of such tables are very diverse. Most often you can see the console of wood, natural stone and wrought metal.

The console is mandatory element of the interior hallway in a classical style.

In most cases, it comes bundled with a mirror. Especially popular and refined console that are forged or carved legs and the original podstole. They are ideally emphasize the noble design of luxury. For registration of exhibitions and collections can be used narrow pristennaja console classics - it is ideally emphasize originality and expensive objects standing on it. The presence of the table can be supplemented with a mirror, a painting or a rug, which will be in harmony with each other.

How to choose a wardrobe in the hall in classic style

Wardrobe in the hallway in a classical style is an integral part of the design. He just needs to hold the top of things, shoes and hats. Typically, classic style assumes a spacious wooden cabinet, the size of which is selected depending on the size of the room. If the hallway is large, then it is necessary to choose the massive monolithic cabinets or niches, decorated with mirrors.

All items and furniture in the hall must comply with the cabinet in a classical style and harmony with each other.

Wardrobe in the hall in a classic style should be in harmony with the rest of the home furnishingsWardrobe in the hall in a classic style should be in harmony with the rest of the home furnishings

To the closet looked spectacular in a classical setting, you must adhere to certain rules of design:

  • Color cabinet for the hall better to choose the same color as the doors leading into the room;
  • If the hallway is necessary to put a bedside table or sofa, it should match the color and style of the cabinet and the entire room;
  • Parquet on the floor tiles can be replaced with simulated wood flooring for the most spectacular in conjunction with the cabinet;
  • The color of the ceiling and the cabinet should be in harmony with each other, the ceiling can be self-colored or with elements of painting, underlining the thread of classic wood cabinet.

In the classical interior is given preference cabinets made of wood and expensive materials for finishing. For this reason, the furniture of this style are practical and durable.

What to look for when choosing classical closets in the hallway

With each passing day it becomes more popular modern replacement for conventional two-door cabinet - wardrobe in a classical style. It has a rectangular shape and is made of wood. Very effectively looks closet with simulated pattern on the doors and drawers with built-in mirrors.

Wardrobe: natural color best suited to a hallway in a classical styleWardrobe: natural color best suited to a hallway in a classical style

Wardrobe in a classical style has a number of advantages:

  • Practicality;
  • Ease of use;
  • Security;
  • Capacity.

The color range of wardrobes, which is used most frequently, is calm colors, close to natural oak, cream, walnut, alder, apple, cherry, etc.

Very often, closets in the classical style is further decorated with various decorative elements or inserts of gold, silver or bronze color to give the effect of antiquity.

What features has the chandelier in the hallway in a classical style

Often, in the hallways of houses and apartments do not have enough natural light, so it is important to choose the right artificial light sources. It can be as chandeliers, and additional decorative illumination. It is important to observe compliance with all elements of the overall style of the room.

The level of lighting must match the brightness of light in the other rooms in the property at any time of day.

chandeliers the size of a hallway in a classical style depends on the size of the roomchandeliers the size of a hallway in a classical style depends on the size of the room

Ideal for white or bright hallway chandelier with frosted or clear bubble. Its size should be selected in accordance with the parameters of the room: the larger hall, the greater the luster. As a rule, in a classic style chandelier in the hallway should have a simple design, not dazzle the eye and provide a uniform lighting in the room. All these requirements correspond to the chandeliers and lamps brand array, which has an excellent quality and an elegant, classic design.

Two types of chandeliers are suitable for the hall: ceiling and hanging, choosing who should pay attention to the following factors:

  • size of the room;
  • What colors prevail in the interior;
  • The need for additional sources of illumination;
  • The ceiling height in the room.

Places for undressing at the entrance, near a mirror or cabinet can be equipped with additional lamps or sconces.

hall interior in classic style (video)

hall design in classic style, ideal for large rooms, but also a small room will look great when to choose the right furniture, accessories and accents. Not necessarily to invest in a classic interior a lot of money. In the presence of design capabilities, you can build a cheap entrance hall in the style of a classic.

Furniture design for the hall in classic style (photo in the interior)

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