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Curtains made of thick material perfectly suited for suspended ceilingCurtains of dense material are ideal for tension potolokDlya stretch ceiling is best suitable curtains of dense and translucent fabric. Tulle may be used, if the sides window is covered with curtains, but such an option - not the best for false ceilings, as the width of the cornice for fixing curtains is too large.

What are the curtains look better with Stretch Ceilings

It is better to choose just on the curtains that will be complemented by some curly lambrequins. And it will all be held on the same plate. Furthermore, to strengthen the fabric itself better against the curve of the box. Thus the recess below the ledge at all will not be noticeable, and the impression that the curtain goes straight into the ceiling.

Choose curtains for suspended ceiling is necessary in the color of the fabric tensionChoose curtains for suspended ceiling is necessary in the color of the fabric tension

Based on the foregoing, it is recommended to choose the curtains of the following materials:

  • silk;
  • velvet;
  • atlas;
  • jacquard;
  • thick organza;
  • Suede (parernaya).

Tips on how to fix the curtain to Stretch Ceilings

Attach the curtain to Stretch ceilings can be through a hidden ledge. In fact - this is the usual metal profile with a groove into which the hooks are inserted, but it is located in the ceiling of the recess (about 3-5 cm).

Of course, you can use some large decorative cornice, but look all the sum is too pompous and "expensive". It is already creating too pretentious environment that does not decorate the interior.

Very nice look curtains, which are mounted on a hidden ledgeVery nice look curtains, which are mounted on a hidden ledge

So, to fix the curtain to Stretch ceilings can be as follows:

  • a hidden ledge;
  • on a stretched string;
  • on plastic fasteners;
  • on aluminum mounting (the cheapest and most unreliable option, especially if the curtains are heavy).

Hidden curtains on a tension ceiling: installation

On the ceiling under the curtain is mounted hidden box-groove. The best thing to do to use the most ordinary plasterboard primed and glued film. You can even install it on a regular screws or anchors, only caps should also be hidden (the ones that are part of the profile).

The hidden niche in the suspended ceiling is done with wide rims only 5-10 centimeters. You can do more if the curtains will close it window opening or, for example, access to the balcony, loft ladder. They are installed and ceiling cornices, which are the most common metal profile with a groove.

The design may be suspended if it allows you to set aside for this space. the bending of the film itself if it is possible to hide a smooth transition up also indoors film (simply tension).

Hidden curtains on a tension ceiling will not detract from the overall picture of the interior spaceHidden curtains on a tension ceiling will not detract from the overall picture of the interior space

It is necessary to pay attention to the so-called baguette cornices.

From the usual, they are different:

  • presence decorative front side;
  • curtains wound onto the ledge in several layers;
  • the sides are projecting parts of baguette (and the characteristic curve of the tree).

But this option is suitable only if you are installing on a very wide window or balcony face hides. In the latter case it will be necessary to carefully select the composition of drapes and curtains to exit and was comfortable, and hid behind a decorated canvas.

Niche under the curtain in Stretch Ceilings: Options

If you plan to hang the curtains is a hidden niche, then mount the cornice in this case, the ceiling on capital. Close it can whitewash or that of the film itself (better to glue based on polyurethane). You can generally leave the slot just a few centimeters, which will be closed by a wooden beam or oil paint.

Another simple option for niche - is the installation of a piece of wood. Fastened to the wall it is not, namely the ceiling. In the cavity of the metal profiles is easy to install wooden beam and attached to it the right ledge. Deepening niche in this case will be minimal.

But to tie a hidden eaves-profile screws for better concrete (or brick). That's only necessary to choose the color such that it completely when combined with a touch of stretch film (or plaster ceiling finishes if it was done).

In this case, will be:

  • open access to the window (where you can place potted plants);
  • the possibility to open the window;
  • also set and blinds (to adjust the sunlight in the room).

The optimal distance from the window opening to the niche is the distance of 20-30 centimetersThe optimal distance from the window opening to the niche is the distance of 20-30 centimeters

Deficiencies in the hidden niche only one - the difficulty in attaching the curtains themselves. The procedure just takes a lot of time, because the hooks will be located in a small and narrow niche.

How to create a niche itself? Of the same metal or plastic profile rails with grooves (when the film assembly carried thereby). The easiest option - to set the profile perpendicular to the capital ceiling. Empty his chamber at the same time turned into the ceiling. If the width between the film and the substrate is too small, the transverse profile groove is created with the selection of the thickness (no less than 12 millimeters). But when the projection is scheduled to make less - the better of him and did refuse to pay attention to the design of other eaves. What fit in this case? If you want to get the result when the curtain falls down without a gap to the ceiling, it is best - Framing option.

Niche inside recommended decorate building foam or mineral cotton fiber. If the ceiling recess, it will improve its sound insulation. Otherwise, it will fall drastically in the apartment.

You can create a niche and on the basis of wooden decorative timber that is mounted on the ceiling. With its back side mounted ledge that represents the same metal protruding above the groove in the tongues. In such constructions mount curtains advantageously performed on the rivets.

At what distance from the ceiling to hang the curtain: the choice

In principle, you can hang the curtain at any distance from the ceiling. When using open eaves do not have to guess - there indent adjusted automatically (because the ledge is attached to the ceiling and not the wall).

If you use a hidden niche out there to fix the curtains should be at the highest possible levelIf you use a hidden niche out there to fix the curtains should be at the highest possible level

That is, the external fasteners in general will not be visible and will have an impression that the fabric falls straight from the stretched ceiling film. Allowed to indent only in the case of baguette eaves. But he will still be concealed trim strip (wood or plastic).

So, when choosing curtains fixing distances can use the following guidelines:

  • Ideal - the same level of a stretch ceiling.
  • Hidden niche too close the curtains, close to the box.
  • Himself cornice can also hide stretch film. In this case, only the groove is visible. There will be no padding at all.
  • If the composition is supplemented with lambrequins, then there is better to consult with the designer. For example, the decorative cloth is better to hang up, whereas curtains or drapes can be omitted below. There is already to consider the style of the interior.

Installing curtains for curtains for suspended ceiling (video)

What generally use all these "hidden" cornices? Visually, it significantly expands the space in the room. And it is ideal for lovers of minimalism and strict forms in the interior. 

Curtain design for curtains for suspended ceiling (interior photo)


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